Young man attends auction to buy back family farm: Astonished when entire hall goes dead silent

Young man attends auction to buy back family farm: Astonished when entire hall goes dead silent

facts first presents farmers stay silent at auction to help a young man reclaim his family's lost farmhouse we don't want you to stay silent though let the world know that you're watching our videos by clicking that like button and also be sure to subscribe and click the notification bow so you don't miss our future videos every family has a story some stories are happier than others but there's always a story many children inherit family heirlooms some are lucky enough to inherit the family home things today are different years ago it was common for children to inherit everything that belonged to their family for generations and choosing their way of life wasn't really an option if your father was a shoemaker you inherited the shoe making business and you would become a shoemaker when your parents were gone it was up to you to take over and keep the family business going this was supposed to be David's future as well he grew up on a farm in Nebraska and for years his family lived on this land he was passed down from generation to generation David expected to spend the rest of his life on the farm and then pass it down to his children and then hopefully to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren unfortunately though the wrong decision was made the land was willed to another relative who did not consider the interest of future generations David's family farm was 80 acres it was sold to a distant relative and it was no longer in the hands of the family but David's family worked to build for decades was suddenly gone and that broke David's heart he always had a dream of getting his family's land back and then rebuilding it to its former glory several years after the family lost the land it went up for auction when David heard about the sale he spoke with his father the two men decided that they would collect as much money as possible to get the land back during the auction since neither man was wealthy they spent their days and nights trying to find a way to come up with the money to get the land back and day of the auction the men gave up hope close to 200 farmers gathered in hopes of placing the winning bid they thought their dreams for their family and future generations were over when the auctioneer announced the beginning of the auction the father and son decided to place a bid and then pray over it David and his father's bid was the first and then they waited to see which of the farmers would bid next the two men was shocked when the room fell silent there were no other bids David didn't know what was going on and nor did the auctioneer after trying unsuccessfully to get somebody to place a higher bid he called a break and he did this three times but still none of the farmers placed a bid at this point the auctioneer had no option but to strike the gavel and give David and his family their land back for the bid that they gave he wasn't a lack of money that kept the farmers quiet though the farmers stayed silent at the auction because they wanted to help the young man buy back their families lost farm house they did it out of respect for the family each of the farmers knew that allowing this family to reclaim their land was the right thing to do the auction took place in 2011 and it was when David and his family were able to reclaim the land recently David was asked about that day at the auction and he said I've had to profoundly humbling days in my life the first was the day my son was born the second was that unforgettable day at the auction house when David was able to reclaim the land for his family he made a promise never to let it fall into the hands of someone else ever again as touching his David's passion for the family land was what the farmers did was even more touching these farmers barely knew David or his father some didn't know them at all the only reason they went to the auction was to see the land go to which rightful owners one of the farmers says that most landowners like them live by a code the land stays in the families hands when the farmers heard David's story they knew that they had to be there to see this man reclaim his family's land and his family's legacy david says that it's incredible that he'll have something to pass down to his son now he says he'll make sure that his son always understands how crucial it is to keep the land in the hands of the family subscribe for more you

50 thoughts on “Young man attends auction to buy back family farm: Astonished when entire hall goes dead silent

  1. And in Zimbabwe and South Africa the rape and murder of the white race and their children to take their land their farm shall hear that from the white race

  2. Can somebody please explain the legality of being kicked off your own land because a co-owner left it to somebody else?

  3. I wanted to watch this, as it seemed very interested. However, I could not get past the first word. As soon as I heard that all to familiar voice, I had to stop the video!
    Am I the only one, but that guys voice drives me NUTS! I can't stand his voice. It's hard to hear the message when you can't get past that shrill and whining voice!!!

    But, as always, that's just my opinion! :)))

  4. Being a farmer, we always pay attention to who is bidding. If it is a family member connected to the farm or farm assets we do not bid. Usually nobody will bid against them. Some unscrupulous auctioneers have ghost bidders to drive the price up or often out-of towners bid until they realize what is going on and most gracefully bow out.

  5. Nice story, ruined by a cold hearted, disinterested, monotone announcer, with all the passion and excitement of a slug.

  6. This happened a lot during the great depression. Banks were forced to foreclose on mortgaged farms, then auction them. The neighbors would show up, somebody would bid $1. If a stranger made a move to top that bid, he was stared down or roughed up. The $1 bid would buy the place, then it was given back to the original owner, debt free. Neighbors cared for each other.

  7. I really thought that these times of people being compassion over someone else's problems were long gone but I was wrong God bless my American the greatest country in the world !!

  8. Having lived more than half my life in Nebraska I was not surprised. That area of the country is overlooked because they don't make a lot of fuss, they do the right thing. Please take a moment and search 'Nebraska Strong' and pray for them with me. Many families are looking at loosing their farms over the flooding this year.

  9. American values right there. Only in America things like this can happen. And only White people would do like this as well. American values means White values. I am Asian.

  10. Great story. Shows how people can help. Farmers deserve a heavenly blessing. I hope their crops are plentiful

  11. Lucky there weren’t any fuck face iowans there they’d buy the land. They love crossing state lines buying anything like assholes.

  12. Sounds nice but i see only a few picture and you telling some story is it true where is the proof when and where did this happen?
    I have a real overwhelming feeling a lot of the story's you tell are made up.

  13. The best of humanity that should be punctuated! Too much sadness and cruelty in the world. I love this story.

  14. Heart warming and very touching story. Farmers are a breed of there own. They feed the masses they help any body that has broken down or has had a misshap at the side of the road. One day we shall be indebted to help the farmers when they need help. Community spirit can have a deep and lasting Inpact. I for one am grateful for the farmers wether animal food or even vineyards …. THANK YOU , you till the earth that God provided , you work the land that God provided .your hands are instruments of God's will. Some words similar to these were spoken at my grandfather's funeral. I'll never forget that day. My grandfather knew so many people the church was pact. We use to be farmers it's still in my blood unfortunatly I've no land to plant rake an ho. My parents don't have the passion I inherited from my grandfather. My land is lost. The three masons have seen to .let of the demise of my family. Hopefully God shall reveal all when he sees fit. I might be dead by the time the truth comes out. But boy have I had one massive fight I stood no chance of wining. Grenville raligh drake would all be stood on my side if they walked the lands still today. Londonderry uk. Heartland.king Arthur's cave . Stollen by an artest who blackmailed and changed the coarse of history with lies greed and deception. His great grandson a master mason still today. I bite My tounge but for what reason I'm uncertain. God bless you all.

  15. I really like this story it shows there still is really good people out their and I’m glad he got the farm and land back.

  16. If the true owner designated another family member then there was obviously conflicts and mistrust. Not all sons or daughters deserve inheritance especially if they are criminals or are just money hungry leeches. There is more to this story than reported here. 😕

  17. This story reminds me of an episode of Little House on the Prairie.

    Those farmers did an admirable deed.

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