World’s Largest Wind Farm | China’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: Part 6

World’s Largest Wind Farm | China’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: Part 6

By now you’re seeing the trend here: the
world’s biggest city, the world’s longest canal, biggest airport, longest high speed
rail network and underwater tunnel. So the fact that China is building the world’s
largest Wind Power Farm too shouldn’t surprise you. The Gansu Wind Farm Project will produce
20 Gigawatts of power by 2020, and will cost nearly $20 billion to build. Turbines are
going up at the staggering rate of 35 per day across the three areas that make up the
power base. In 2012, Gansu’s capacity surpassed the total wind-generated-electricity produced
by all of the United Kingdom, and it’s just the largest of six mega-wind farms currently
under construction throughout China. But China isn’t embracing wind just to reduce
its carbon emissions, it’s doing everything it can to simply keep the lights on. Some
parts of the country with booming middle class populations suffer persistent electricity
shortages because, just like us, people want refrigerators, dishwashers, washer and dryers,
and computers in their homes, but there’s only so much energy to go around. So China’s State Council is pushing for
an across-the-board renewable strategy to reduce its dependence on oil, coal and gas,
the finite resources of the 20th century whose extraction and consumption are subject to
constant geopolitical tensions. Since 2013, China has led the world in renewable
energy production, with a total capacity of 378 installed Gigawatts, coming from projects
as wide-ranging as Gansu to hydroelectric power plants like the Three Gorges Dam, which
spans the Yangtze River and is the world’s largest power station of any kind. In just
the last 10 years, China has increased its solar panel production 100-fold to become
the world’s leading manufacturer of the technology. With China now pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere
than the number two and three emitting countries – the US and India – combined, it’s vital
for the future of the planet that it continues using MegaProjects to create a lot more Megawatts
of clean, green power. Thanks for watching. Click the like button
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  1. Part 6 in our series on China's MEGAPROJECT building boom examines the country's push to transition its energy production from dirty fossil fuels to renewable sources.
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  2. awesome my friend thanks for the information glad to see China is starting to do something for the world and not just keep burning coal, thumbs up my friend have a great week

  3. Great information ! faith in humanity restored! get rid of ancient oil ways that's ancient technology, time for self giving energy, free energy for all!

  4. Great information ! faith in humanity restored! get rid of ancient oil ways that's ancient technology, time for self giving energy, free energy for all!

  5. Talking about CO2 emissions, it is important to mention the idea of CO2 exportation. Other countries exported their CO2 emission to China by buying goods from China, instead of make them in their home country. China produces super high CO2 emissions for other countries, not for China itself.

  6. It's amazing to see the United States falling behind on such an important facet of our growth as well as sustainability. We need people in government who work to put us in front of the green revolution.

  7. Awesome video as usual. Have you thought about doing some global mega projects? Apparently we are living through the biggest construction boom in human history

  8. The world's first hydro powered irrigation system was built in China in the 10th century, the Song Dynasty. approximately ahead of the rest of the world by 1000 years.

  9. Just because we don't have the world's largest wind farm doesn't mean we're doing anything about renewables! The world's largest solar farm is under construction in Monterey California. Infact 8 of the worlds 10 largest solar farms were constructed in the United States just these past 3 years! China may be doing the wind stuff, but California/ the U.S is leading the solar revolution :). Also 3 of the U.S's biggest wind farms were constructed in the past 8 years. Also, many of the wind turbine technologies, solar technologies, and new fuel cell tech originates in the US. People like to equate capacity with being revolutionary, but I say the US is the leader in the green revolution. Also, this channel is deceiving. They are failing to mention the chronic debt by China's irresponsible and illogical infrastructure spending. The IMF calculated that China so far has WASTED 4 TRILLION USD$ in underutilized infrastructure.

  10. this channel is deceiving. They are failing to mention the chronic debt by China's irresponsible and illogical infrastructure spending. The IMF calculated that China so far has WASTED 4 TRILLION USD$ in underutilized infrastructure.

  11. Why is Taiwan included in that High Speed Rail Map Of China? Taiwan is not part of China! Please choose your pictures carefully.

  12. the western influence is diminishing. The rise of china is the redemption of the asian nation. Thumbs up if u agree (Y)

  13. This is a mega project I can really get behind. I am very envious of this; if only the US would be this aggressive on the renewables front.

  14. Remember ,China only started using massive fossil fuel only the last 25 Years , before that ,99% of the road traffic were on bicycles . while most of the Western countries were totally addicted of burning fossil fuel for the last 125 years .

  15. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people are suffocating due to unclean cars, dirty coal plant and industries, and you're worried about their release of plant food?

    This sounds as insane to me as a starving country's biggest problem isn't lack of food, but that they haven't sacrificed enough children to the big deity of rice. Yea, sacrificing all the children will eventually make more food available, but it's just as stupid as building billions of wind farms before making the air clean enough (which is MUCH cheaper) so that the factory workers don't become sick.

    CO2 has no proven effect on the climate except that there is a huge greening effect on the Earth, especially in the dry areas. A war in CO2-emissions is basically a war on the food production in NIger (an extremely unsuccessful and expensive one, of course).

    The political organization IPCC are building their policies on fraud, false data, mass hysteria and especially the Obama administration's war on climate science where all scientist who don't confirm to the disproved theories lose their jobs.

    And kids keep on dying due to bad air and lack of power. Due to CO2-hysteria.

  16. Despite being industrialized around 100 years ago , USA is still the world's second largest carbon emitter . With a 300 million + population they are the second largest where as they blame the developing nations like China which has over a billion population , many in poverty and also India which has over 1.2 billion population large number of which are in poverty . I mean India is behind the US on carbon emissions and still it is trying to put up large number of solar farms . A country whose average GDP per capita is $1500 vs a country whose GDP per capita is $50000 . How can you compare the two countries and still US is ahead of India in carbon emissions despite its industrialization , despite having all the technologies and despite being pioneers in all the technologies. And now that India has launched a plan of 200GW of Solar Energy by 2030 , the US starts pushing India to the corner to buy US solar products as well . I mean why should India buy solar panels from US if it can produce itself. I think USA is acting a bit hypocritical . First they blame the developing countries for something that they started , and even then when they are changing they pressurize them to buy their products so that the corporations earn big money . What is the use of protecting the environment when millions of people live under $1 a day and many are dying . People from the US should visit India and see the millions of people who are deprived of electricity . I feel there is a tremendous injustice going on . If the OECD countries really think of a better world , they should make the energy technology really cheap so that quick implementation takes place. They are the one who emitted things in the first place and at the same time exploited the Asian nations , they are the ones who dropped the nuclear bomb and now talks about disarmament . I think an incredible amount of injustice is going on amongst the developed world against the developing world .And at the end what you see . CHINA is the leading solar energy producer in the world and way ahead of Germany . CHINA has industrialized in the last 3 decades after years of Colonial exploitation and Maoist rule and having over a billion population and despite not being pioneers in renewable energy , they are the top producer of solar energy while the US bullies all the middle east countries for oil inspite of having large amount of oil in their own country and Canada. What is the point ? Remember China is a country of $6500 GDP per capita which is 7 times less than US and India GDP per capita is 40 times less than USA yet the Pollution per capita of US is the highest

  17. This may work fine for China, they have the land to spread out these "fans" but it wouldn't work for other countries like the U.S.. We don't have the land to waste as it would take the ENTIRE state of Texas to power just part of the western side of the US with a big MAYBE! I'd love to put solar on your home, as we get great sun light the entire day, but cost wise we can't afford it and the US government won't give tax free breaks for people to do so.

  18. You didnt even mention their movement on "thorium" based reactors. I implore you to look into what that entails and how the US is going to fall severely behind if we don't start working on our own thorium projects.

  19. 甘肅發電過剩 造價5千億風電基地停擺

  20. California actually got a lots green mega projects in developing as well, meanwhile in other states…. they are racing backwards….

  21. Good video but 1:55 the rankings do not make sense. Why is the European Union even noted if individual EU countries are present.

  22. America is rich but the wealth is in the private hand of the 5% of billionaires for their luxurious life stile The Chinese Communist government spends its wealth on infrastructures, and improvements for the poor citizens and minority gro

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