World Farm – New Jersey

World Farm – New Jersey

[Opening music] [Opening music]>My name is Morris Gbalo, I’m from Liberia, West Africa. Came over here through Ghana from the refugee home where we took refuge. My first job at U.S. was landscaping. Later on, I was looking for the Department of Agriculture – I know the place, but do not know anyone, and so I just wanted to see someone to talk to.>I came out and I talked with him for a little while. He was very curious. He wanted to – he kept saying “I wanted to farm, I want to farm, I want to farm.”>These are Habenero, Green Peppers. I grow what we call Bitter Ball, other countries, like West Africa calls them different names, but, I refer to the single fruits, the single plants as lovable. We eat it raw. You cook, fry, stir fry, add ingredients to it, whatever you want to do – it’s delicious. My visit concern is not – not about money. How much I want to make, no, it’s to satisfy my countrymen, it is to satisfy my people. >We recognize early on that Morris had a certain passion for farming. He came to us early in his farming career for operating funds. And, I think this example of farm ownership loan is a prime example of the cooperation between the cooperative extension service, FSA, and Morris, because we’ve helped finance Morris throughout his career. And, this was a perfect opportunity for us to help Morris live his dream and become a farm owner.>I appreciate every bit of help that they have given me, especially the Farm Service Agency which is a big sponsor for this project. >He’s not only a good farmer, but, he’s also a humanitarian, he works at a shelter that helps the homeless, and he’s just a fine individual all the way around.>Through the help of the Farm Service Agency, here we are – Farming. [Closing music – Closing credits]

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  1. Great work and comfortable environment creating a dream come true, I love how he was able to achieve his dream and become a success full farmer, when immigrants some they look for hard works and that gets payed off like this.

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