(slow music) (knocking) (woman laughing) – [Woman] Wow, okay so the
last time I came to visit, this was full of chickens. – [Man] There was about
45,000 chickens in this house. – To imagine what to do
with this space instead is exciting, like to think
you’ve got this huge warehouse, what can we do with it? – [Man] Yeah. – [Woman] And you’ve imagined something. – [Man] I’ve decided to convert from raising broiler chickens to trying to raise industrial
hemp in these buildings, and I have a friend in
Franklin who has cancer and he’s been through radiation
and chemo and all that, and he was in terrible pain
in his joints and everything, and none of the drugs helped him and he started taking
CBD and he said he feels like a new man. – What’s your vision for this? What do you see in the future could happen with this area of West Virginia
for this kind of product, what could it do for rural America? – I hope it creates a
whole lot of new jobs and new revenue for the farm. You know, farmers in
America are in bad shape. – Who is big animal ag benefiting? Why is it perpetuating–
– Wall Street, mostly. Pilgrim’s Pride, who I
raised chicken’s for, in 2015 and 16, they
paid their stock holders 1.2 billion dollars in dividends. It had been almost 20
years since their growers had had an increase in pay. That’s wrong, I don’t
care what anybody says. So I’m trying to do my
part to get that changed. – If we were walking
through here a year ago, what was here? – There was chicken litter
four or five inches deep and it was covered with chickens. – Wall to wall. – Yep. (chickens twittering) I went through three different
kinds of colored lights because in addition to
white, the plants have to have colored light.
– Look at this, alright tell me what we’re seeing here. – These are my second
round of indoor plants that I started from seed. – [Woman] Okay. – Smells like marijuana. I’m putting a thousand in each section, and I wanna get it to
where at least once a month I’m harvesting a thousand plants. I’m gonna try to make it
available to the common folks, which means 50 dollars an ounce or less. For poultry, when they were big birds, they were drinking 8,000
gallons of water a day. When I get the houses
set up full of plants both houses, that’ll
probably be half that. – How much more money would
it make, you think, net? Have you worked the math out? – Once I get up to know
what I’m doing, it should be somewhere in the two
million dollar a year range. And my net’s gonna be 40 to 50%. – That’s great. And in comparison to
chickens what were you? – Oh, I think the best year I had with chickens was I netted $7,000. (gasps) – I gotta get like a selfie of me and you ’cause I’m just blown
away by this right now. There we go, good. So you’re gonna use half the water, you’re gonna make way more money. – [Man] Uh huh. – [Woman] And you’re
gonna employ five times the amount of people. That’s a pretty good deal. Seems like a win win. – If it all works out. I’m gonna do a pet CBD line too. – Oh yeah I’ve heard about that for pets. – Oh yeah, a lot of people
give it to their pets, older dogs and horses. I talked to a guy the other day that’s giving it to his horses. – What happened to that
horse you had here? – They’re in the field over across the road there.
– Oh yeah. Is there any judgment
about it being hemp or no? – Well a lot of ’em were
raising their eyebrows every time I say something you know, they’re thinking it’s something illegal that I’m doing.
– Right. – You know, I was a
law enforcement officer for 34 years I’m not all of a sudden gonna become an outlaw. You can see how the flowers
are starting to grow. – Yeah show me where the flowers are. – It’s all these little
buds coming out here. So each one of those is a flower. – [Woman] You can really smell it. – [Man] See all the flowers on here. – Yeah there’s a ton in here.
– All of these get big and fat hopefully and be full of oil. It forms a clump–
– Oh yeah. – Around the top. People call buds, what they
call a marijuana plant. Like it smells good.
– Yeah it’s a nice smell. It’s revolutionary what he’s doing. It’s the future I hope for for farmers, for rural
America where it’s not just about tearing down the farms that exist. It’s about building something better. Building something that
takes in consideration the farmer and what they need to live, the environment that these farms are in, the products people actually want, and of course the animals. (slow music)

45 thoughts on “Why This Farmer STOPPED Killing CHICKENS | LIVEKINDLY

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