White South African farmers say they’re living in fear

White South African farmers say they’re living in fear

to police figures, 71 people were murdered on South African farms in the year to March
2017. But farmers say that figure doesn’t reflect
the full extent of the violence. ESTELLE NIEUWENHUYS: One bullet went through
here. It went through there, through the chair in to the wall there. SALLY SARA: In February, armed robbers stormed
this farmhouse and opened fire. Estelle Nieuwenhuys’ partner was shot repeatedly
at close range. BERDUS HENRICO: I was shot two times there.
One there, one here and one the other went in here and it went down the back of my neck. SALLY SARA: The attackers tried to take one
final shot at Berdus Henrico’s head, but the rifle jammed. ESTELLE NIEUWENHUYS: I just, I can’t get that
out of my head because I believe if that shot went down, the next one was for me. SALLY SARA: The robbers escaped and are still
at large. Estelle and Berdus have upgraded their security,
including an electric fence, but they are left wondering at the motive for the attack. Was it an opportunistic robbery or race-based
violence? ESTELLE NIEUWENHUYS: I am very angry because
we haven’t done anything to anybody. Why? What is the reason? BERDUS HENRICO: I cannot explain it. It is
hatred from them and most things they want to do is to disarm all white people. They want our guns, they want our money and
they want our land. That is the main thing. SALLY SARA: South Africa’s ruling party has
denounced the violence. PULE MABE, ANC NATIONAL SPOKESMAN: The ANC
has always declared any acts of terror on other human beings to be acts of criminality. SALLY SARA: Every night, local farmers go
on patrol around Bela Bela. They have little faith in the police, so they
wait four or five hours for the police to come out to assist you, so we decided to do
a neighbourhood watch in our area. It is about 160 square kilometre that our area is and
it works very nice. SALLY SARA: By day, Chris Esterhuizen runs
a local taxidermy business. He’s always armed, even in the workshop. He’s determined to stay in South Africa, but
the fear of being attacked is taking a big emotional toll. CHRIS ESTERHUIZEN: You can’t just leave, pack
up and leave. There are guys that do it, but in a couple of years they are back. They don’t
survive overseas. I mean, you put your life. It is affecting me very seriously. You can’t
leave this place really. I am sorry. SALLY SARA: More than two decades after the
end of apartheid South Africa’s progress is still overshadowed by violence and division
and it is not just white farmers who are the victims. Some black farm workers and their families
are also suffering. In April last year, 16-year-old Matlhomola
Mosweu was found dead after being accused of stealing a sunflower from a white-owned
farm near the town of Coligny in South Africa’s north west. MANGHKHIBIDU MOSWEU (translated): It is very
painful. I cannot erase the memory of my son. This was very difficult for me. SALLY SARA: Two white farmers have been charged
in connection with the killing, but both maintain their innocence. MANGHKHIBIDU MOSWEU (translated): I cannot
forgive them. They have failed to come back to me to ask forgiveness. SALLY SARA: Matlhomola’s parents are former
farm workers. They live in this squatter camp with hundreds of others who are
jobless and landless. Local residents rioted when Matlhomola’s body
was found, lashing out at white residents. STANNY MNYAKAMA, COMMUNITY LEADER: It was
for the first time missing Matlhomola, harrowing. I am telling you, it was for the very, very
first time and it was ugly. It was tense throughout the week. ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTER SPEAKER: They are
rich here because they are exploiting black people. SALLY SARA: White farmers have accused leaders
of some political parties such as the Economic Freedom Fighters of using hate speech to encourage
It is an exaggeration. It is not even an exaggeration, it is a falsehood. There is no white genocide, there is no political
movement to kill white people. ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTER SPEAKER: If they
want to go… SALLY SARA: But the party does call for white
farms to be handed back to the millions of black South Africans who work the land but
don’t own it. (Cheering) ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTER SPEAKER: They must
leave everything, they did not come with here in South Africa and go to Australia. CHRIS ESTERHUIZEN: I mean nobody just gets
land. Wherever you go, you have to buy your farm, you have to buy your land, you have
to buy everything. So, the EFF guys, they just want to take land
over and they say it is their land. So it is a problem. SALLY SARA: The South African government says
it will change the law so it can seize land without compensation. PULE MABE: Land is a matter of pride. The
best way that you can restore the pride of our people is to give them back their land. SALLY SARA: But the suggestion of special
visas for white farmers to go to Australia has angered the South African government. PULE MABE: No one must ever, regardless of
which country they find themselves in, must ever undermine how the people of South Africa
process their own revolution. We are peace-loving individuals. MBUYISENI NDLOZI: So we are not shocked that
such a thing would come from Australia but, white people are running away if they were
to run to Australia, they would be running away from themselves. Because, one, they are afraid of equality. BERDUS HENRICO: It is getting worse every
day, every day. SALLY SARA: Despite the dangers, farmer Berdus
Henrico has no plans to leave South Africa. BERDUS HENRICO: I was born in the bush. I
will stay in the bush. It is in my blood. It is important for me to stay.

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  1. I feel sad for the mom.. but do you think violence is going to prevent things like that from happening again? Ask yourself how can i make this world a better place for the kids

  2. Whites should come to America. It's more opportunity for them . Trying to negotiate over there is a waste of time especially when they have thier own government. This could be solve if they give at least 45percent back.

  3. Why should they ? And no they won't be….

    Sooo does this mean all genetically linked to Africa are deported back to Africa…. hmmmm I wonder what the rest of the world thinks about that, bet there will be a few pissed of Africans around the world – I bet Beouncy and Jfled will love that, they get to be realzz kangzz n queenz n shit "snoop could be thier fan waver and Mc hammer could be thier vodo Priestess" …. but hang on "won't they need slaves to carry their cart" or are they disciples that do that work ?
    Now regarding the wheels for those carts, would that be culture appropriation? You know, since that's the white devils method to mobilise transport … but heay, sounds fair to me…
    Shit, I'd even give Africa the bonus deal of 10 for 1 – and they can keep the traffic light, well the amber part ;)))

    All jokes aside, if they run these farmers off thier land they will turn on those in the cities – it will be racist and spite driven murder.. Then they will eventually turn on themselves, but before that – they'll start a race war "now there's an insight to thier intelligence levels" eh.. just say'n…
    me, I'm all for the preemptive

  4. Arent this the same bastards that invaded south african lands and enslaved, tortured, raped the local indigenous and pillaged all the wealth of that land for centuries? I find it hard to feel sorry for them.

  5. Want to say more, they can patrol your fences so that you are not alone against the White slaughter attacks

  6. Want to say more, there are very strong White women out there and need only a little hope to get on their feet with the children been teach on the farm like all farmers did building a little school not for the black community this time but for your own people

  7. It sounds so hypocritical for this guy to say they want to disarm white people take their money and take their land when they only settled into South Africa lol . I don’t wish for anyone to be hurt or violence but if you take somebody’s land and treat them as second-class citizens for years and years what do you think the end result will be.

  8. Wait, don’t South Africans kill a shitload more South Africans than white farmers? If that’s the case then why are these farmers getting special treatment by even having a news station talking about them? I guess you could say It’s because of racism, but it could be looked at as revenge because of what white people have done to black people, not to mention they got these places from colonalism.

  9. I swear white ppl are the most hypocrites ppl white police pigs lynch black ppl day light in Amerikkka but nobody say nothing but they get lynch in SA they crying

  10. where were all these comments during apartheid when blacks were being mistreated, killed and living in fear in their own country?There was no mass killing of whites in retribution for the torment black south africans face? The whites got the land under a regime which was favorable to white supremacy. i dont condone violence of any form against others but i dont think whites should have land that belongs to the indigenous people of the region referred to as South Africa

  11. The fact of the Matter is that whites started this whole thing,they came to Africa and enslaved us,murdered and treated us like animals.They shouldn't complain they are just dancing to their own music

  12. Am Africa black and am not proud of this it not good for people or this world 🌍 will are all human Will should kill each other that bad and look am black yeah will get are land back it doesn’t mean will have to kill white it not good will want peace ✌️

  13. Am black and am just saying with out white will would not have technology just saying you would have YouTube Or google or social media or cars or phone or computer or laptop or tablet or more technology just saying am very educated

  14. Killing Christian whites is what the problem is. Hold your ground. Many Americans would come help if they knew where to come.

  15. Soon there won't be eating of meat & vegetabool etc.
    We all are going 2 suffar!
    Get used 2 eating putu and myaas! When that is finished, start eating each another! Sheesa nyama!

  16. if you're white and you cant afford to live in white countries, Live in non white friendly countries like Japan, Philippines, Israel, India and most of South americas

  17. You just want your land back, but it also seems that you are preventing them form leaving the country. Seems you want genocide.

  18. It also important to recognize that there's some people (me) amongst other who dont follow this ideas of killing white people…..as much as there's some white people in USA who are actually in support of blacklivesmatter there's black people here who are in the same ideology

  19. I Don't Agree with killing on the basis of race, religion, politics, YouTube likes, or other BS, but europeans went there and Created Apatheid, with All the Horrible Hate, assaults and Killings based on race. It's just interesting to know that the Original dutch Immigrants and Aficans in South Africa got on quite civil, minding their respective business.
    It is with the arrival of other European Foreigners that the Bs began, ironically starting With the europeans And the Dutch Boers. Today Those very desendants used white farmers in the media and typically NOW turns a Bilnd eye.

  20. I think a lot of this is purposely orchestrated. The hate groups that
    is. We have it in America all the time with the black lives matter
    group, occupy wall street, me too, antifa. It just seems like someone is
    funding these black groups and having them go after whites to keep the
    rest of the population divided and conquered. Something much more
    sinister than these groups are doing this.

  21. Am I the only one who thinks it is unbelievably stupid for some people to think this is ok? Ok we get it, the past was shitty. Do people really think it's a good idea to punish the descendents for what their ancestors did? It is not right to whine and cry about equality but actually want superiority. I don't despise black people either as I know some of them get caught in the crossfire because of what these hate groups do. I feel someone is funding these groups. Someone with a lot of money to keep them divided and conquered. They do that in America, too with all of those hate groups that sprout from nowhere. Enough is enough. You cannot change the past. You never will. Just like it is stupid for people to think whites should move from America back to Europe for what was done to native americans. That cannot happen and you CANNOT change it. The only thing you can do is move forward and try to make sure it does not happen again. MOVE ON! Get over it!

  22. Afraid of equality, if they legally purchased the property and they are being murdered. How is this equality? The police don't come to help them. The government refuses to protect them. I'd hate to be a white South African in that country today. ☠️

  23. It's ironic whites are mad at what's happening to them overseas but don't blink an eye when they do same thing to blacks in America just leave like you tell the black Americans

  24. Guyz, some whites don't have enough money to get out. so we are stuck in this situation. Africa is an awesome country but the EFF is the main cause of this violence.

  25. I will never forget June 16 when they shoot school children .Because we didn’t want to lean Africans how can you do that now they are crying. I will never never ever forget

  26. Kick out these black ppl from Europe . African ppl should not be allowed in Europe USA UK .also ban all black ppl from Africa Jamaica Nigeria .

  27. No one deserves to be hurt or killed, white South Africans should not act too surprised at the shocking extent violence can be carried out. They perpetrated worse violence towards non whites for decades

  28. The journalist must have their facts correct when repoting the sunflower murders was a lie those guys is innocent the eyewitness was paid by eff to lie he felt so guilty and he admitted it..those two guys are still i jail..

  29. Who cares….. ..they have and was part of apartheid…how can the minority own over 80 % of the land yet the majority barely has anything. That's why no one cares they lived well…There is a Father up above, " those who put into Slavery will go into Slavery….

  30. White lives matters May God bless You all and protect you from these evils. This really hurts me😢



  32. I'm proud of you my South African brother and sisters keep fighting get they ass out😂 they want our money and our land that's never been ur land u white dirty garbage u guys been still from everyone get they ass out let them live off of fake food they took everything from the natives they are thieves manipulative and killers

  33. Всем белым и законопослушным добро пожаловать в Россию!

  34. I think we are all ignoring a crucial point those guys are just robbers searching for a way to survive most black south Africans so if they could be economically empowered things could be different it is painful to live like a squatter in your own country

  35. Can we please get our land back, we tired of fighting…kanti why is it taking forever coz im almost done with my degree n im ready to feed my own people…….
    viva black nation viva
    stop the killing though coz the generation that oppressed the apartheid is no more n the one that suffered it is also no more,lets all respect tata Mandela's wishes

  36. This is not race base attack but a robbery, stop politicizing things and change, you see they killed a black child. Is that just?

  37. They kill children for flowers, no man, you didn’t buy the land your parents took it, now you kill the children for flowers

  38. They were robbers, why are you having guns, now you say they want your guns, money and land. Start to pay descent salaries and help government to develop the black people, that will solve the problem.

  39. Then go back to Europe. Africans are not allowed to own a farm land in Europe. Go back to Europe where you comes from. Greediness will decimate all you white thick heads. Live our mother land Africa now.

  40. South Africa has an intensely high crime rate, South Africa's farms aren't going to, magically not be affected by the crime rate, yes hate crime murders exist. but fall below the majority of those crimes. in a country where millions live below the poverty line this is bound to happen, with inequality the rich will be bothered by the peasants who want to eat. There is no White genocide!
    take it from a person who is actually south african.

  41. They're obviously racists. They need to bend over and take mtumbu's digging stick as he steals their land. Don't you know previously unusable land cultivated by whites over generations belongs to black relative newcomers?

  42. It's a invasion it's not your land keep thinking like that's,same shit Americans did sa Africa doing too you European

  43. I want to ask those watching this from outside South Africa, what do you think about the Land Act of 1913 where the White Apartheid government (9% of the South African population) put into law the seizure of 75% of our African land for them? And gave the owners of the land the remainder to share with the Coloureds and Asians? So that we are packed in shacks with no land to build us proper and decent places to call home?

    There's no White genocide. All Blacks and Whites are victims of crime. Whites are better coz they control the economy and can pay security companies to guard on them. Blacks can't. The reason the White man says he can't leave is because here, in South Africa, they exploit black masses for their benefit. Something they can't do somewhere else. Hence those of them who have left come back because they don't have it easy elsewhere.

  44. Well all i can say is european ancestors stole the land so technically i guess the Africans can steal it right back. But i have no remorse for the Africans their from a differnt tribe the african Americans which is why they sold some of us to Europeans. Their just getting back what they deserve.

  45. I hate hypocrite you said white racist against you and you're doing the same thing. You need to love someone else and the person will give you love back that is how they're killing Nigerians in
    south Africa. Black south Africans are horrible people.white have to accept to live with other race in peace.
    Another thing is that when the white is not in control they become upset power should not be one sided white people have learn to include other people it shouldn't be about them alone opportunity should share among all citizens.

  46. They're killing Nigerian people telling them to go back to their country.I think white should leave and go to another country. They can't work all they know how to do is stealing.also white people have learn to live with other people in peace they like to live separate and Is not good.

  47. If these guys are motivated by white peoples ancestors colonizing the land, apartheid, and slavery, they have never heard “eye for eye makes the whole world blind.”

  48. Whites should get out of Africa its dangerous times in The world now get out while u still can. Ur skin is youre sin whites they want their land back

  49. We will never forget the millions you've killed since colonialism. And the numbers you've killed during Apartheid. You've done a lot stole our Land. Bring our land.white people don't have any land in Africa you didn't come here with Land it's our land and our forefathers were murdered in cold blood

  50. White people care only what happens to white people. Meanwhile white did/do far more worse things to black people. You guys can't stand the fact that the african people are actually coming together and take back what belongs to them.

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