Which Portable Tire Pump is Best? Let’s find out!

Which Portable Tire Pump is Best? Let’s find out!

In the United States alone, there’s over 220 million flat tires a year, that’s one every seven seconds so it’s not a matter of if you’re gonna have a flat tire, but when Often times a portable tire pump can help. So the question is which portable tire pump should you keep in your vehicle? Today we’ll be testing nine different portable tire pumps for several different things to see which brand is the best in the first test We’re gonna see how long it takes for each tire pump to inflate this flat tire up to 35 psi We’ll be using this air tag to determine if these tire pumps can handle up to 100 psi I’ll measure the loudness of each pump using this sound meter using this tire pressure gauge to compare the accuracy of the tire pressure pumps I’ve already checked this one for accuracy. We’ll be keeping an eye on the energy consumption using this kilowatt device also I’ll be using a power converter instead of using a cigarette lighter this converts 120 volts to 12 volts near the end of this video we’ll do a teardown inspection on the pumps that broke during the testing since most of these tire pipes require a cool-down period After 10 minutes of use we’re going to limit this test to just 10 minutes the least expensive pump We’ll be testing is the ATE Pro costing only $12.99 this maximum output is 280 psi It has a 22 inch nylon air hose and a 10 foot power cord It doesn’t provide any information regarding the amount of time it takes to inflate a standard sized tire This is why I normally keep an air-pump in the original packaging is to avoid having loose cables in the back of the vehicle according to a warning label You’re not supposed to use this pump for more than 10 minutes to keep it from overheating And you’re supposed to allow it to cool for 30 minutes Looks like it’s around 15 pounds of pressure according to this gauge. I’ll disconnect air hose and use my other gauge Right at 15 pounds of pressure. So it appears that the tire pressure gauge on the pump is pretty accurate Costing $18.99 the smallest tire inflator we’ll be testing is this Audew tire inflator It’s supposed to be able inflate a tire to 35 psi in 10 minutes. According to this manufacturer Their rating is based upon a 195/65R15 tire. The cable length is between 9 and 10 feet Its hose length is 4 to 5 inches I’m really impressed with the compact size of this compressor. The question is can it keep up with the competition? I have to admit I’m really impressed with this little tire pump 24 pounds of pressure at least according to its gauge is Definitely better than the last pump we just tested. I’ll remove the air hose. It’s how much pressure we have in this tire Looks like we have right at 22 pounds of pressure So the pressure gauge on this tire pump seems to be a little bit off costing only nineteen dollars and 88 cents the hyper tough Digital tire inflator is supposed to be able inflate a standard sized tire in just seven minutes It also has a max pressure rating of 100 The nice thing about the hyper tough pump is it includes a storage space for both the hose as well as the power cord The Hyper Tough tire pressure pump We’re going to go ahead and set the pressure to 35 pounds and the way to do this is to hold the plus sign Okay that says 35 psi So as soon as we hit the start button, it should inflate the tire to 35 pounds and then shut off 35 pounds of pressure in under eight minutes with the hyper tough pump I’ma go ahead and remove the air nozzle and get a tire pressure reading. That’s right at 35 pounds of pressure Costing $1.39 this is a Goodyear brand tire inflator It’s supposed to be able to pump up a flat 14-inch tire from zero to 28 psi in just seven minutes The Goodyear inflator 3000 seems to have a pretty good design for Keeping the hose as well as the power cord contained. Since the Goodyear tire inflator doesn’t have a tire pressure gauge I’m gonna have to guess when I think this has reached 35 pounds of pressure and then we’ll stop the test I’m guessing we’re at around 35 pounds of pressure So I’m go ahead and do a tire pressure check, if we’re not will continue the test. Okay, I’m way off We’re only at about 24 pounds of pressure. I’m go ahead and continue the test Okay about 28 pounds of pressure after 10 minutes we may have lost a pound for me connecting and disconnecting So maybe 29 pounds of pressure. To protect the tire pump from getting damaged I always like to keep these tire pumps in the original packaging Look at the difference in size though between the smallest pump we’re testing and the largest. Four of these would fit into the box for one of these. Costing 23 dollars and 89 Cents this Campbell Hausfeld tire inflator is by far the largest pump we’ll be testing. And it says its size for trunk or glove box storage. It claims to have a high volume air outlet for low pressure inflatables. It can inflate a standard sized tire from 0 to 35 psi in just eight minutes Looks like around 31 pounds of pressure. Right at 31 pounds of pressure, so the pressure gauge seems pretty accurate costing Costing $24.99 the CarAir pump made by CZK-3650 includes a digital tire pressure gauge Tire pressure pump will automatically shut off once we reach a certain tire pressure So I’m going to set this up for 35 pounds of pressure All you have to do is hit the plus or the minus to dial in the amount of pressure you want to use According the gauge we’re at 35.6 pounds of pressure in under eight minutes. I think this is the fastest pump we’ve tested yet. 35 to 36 pounds of pressure So this tire pressure pump gauge is pretty accurate. Costing twenty-seven dollars and ninety seven cents the Slime digital tire inflator is supposed to be able to inflate a tire up until it reaches a set pressure and then it’s supposed to shut Off. And it’s supposed to be able to inflate a standard sized tire in just six minutes It has a two-foot air hose light and a power cord length of 10 feet To set the target tire-pressure just hit the plus or the minus and then once the tire pressure is set hit the power button The tire Slime pump was set up for 35 psi, and now reads 34 in achieve 34 psi in under 8 minutes So we’ll go ahead and see how much pressure we have in the tire. Okay, it’s shown right at thirty-five pounds of pressure. Costing $35.99, the most expensive tire pump we’ll be testing is made by Pittsburgh and sold at Harbor Freight. Now Harbor Freight does sell a yellow tire pump That’s a lot less expensive but it’s not designed for car tires It claims it can fully inflate a car tire in just three and a half minutes It has a 5 foot coiled air hose and a 10 foot power cord for total reach of around 15 feet So the Harbor Freight Pittsburgh brand air pump has this nice little carrying case For it’s very small compact size. This is a very heavy tire pump So it’ll be very interesting to see just how well this performs against the competition So the harbor freight pump is definitely the fastest yet well under six minutes I’m gonna go ahead and see how much pressure we have in this tire The dial is not the most user-friendly to read but looks to be around thirty-five thirty-six pounds of pressure Between 35 and 36 pounds of pressure. So the gauge is pretty accurate. Some newer vehicles are now coming equipped with 120 volt outlets So the question is, is this style of pump more durable than a 12-volt pump? The air hose is only about a foot and a half long and the power cord is only a couple of feet long So if your gonna use this for a vehicle, you’re gonna definitely need an extension cord I May have stopped this a little too soon at five minutes and two seconds Looks like this is around 34 pounds of pressure now that I take a closer look at it So imma go ahead and get the pump going again to see if we can get to 35 Looks like it’s between 35 and 36 psi, so the Husky tire gauge is pretty accurate There was a wide range in prices for these pumps but all the pumps tested were under $40 only five of the pumps tested were able to inflate the test tire to 35 psi in 10 minutes or less the tire used for testing was slightly larger than what the pump manufacturer considers to be a standard car tire 120-volt husky pump and the Pittsburgh pump from Harbor Freight inflated the car tire in just five and a half minutes and the CZK 3650 slime and hyper tough pumps needed between Seven and a half and eight minutes as you’ll see in the next segment of the video going past ten minutes can cause catastrophic air pump failure. Depending on what you drive you might need a tire pressure pump that can handle a lot more than 35 pounds of pressure. We’ll be using this 5 gallon portable air tank And we’re going to inflate it all the way up to 100 pounds of pressure and we’re gonna see how long it takes We’ll be testing the ATE Pro first Hey, not bad 55 pounds of pressure for the Audew at 20 minutes 14 minutes and 15 seconds into the test the Hyper Tough pump quit on us and unfortunately It’s losing pressure. Now that the hyper tough pump has had a chance to cool off, I think it’s going to work again Up next we’re gonna test the Goodyear For about the last minute this pump is blowing a lot of smoke in this thing is hot. Over 225 degrees Fahrenheit and it quit building pressure at 65 psi Up at this point the best pump we’ve test has only gotten up to 75 psi. So can the Campbell Hausfeld pump beat that number Looks like the Campbell Hausfeld pump is the pump to beat. It’s up to 76 pounds of pressure in 20 minutes Well it did get pretty hot, I don’t smell any burning plastic like I did with the Goodyear pump Okay, we’re about 12 minutes when this pump failed and as you can see there’s smoke rollin’ out this thing, this thing is very hot. Apparently we’ve run this pump and we only got up to about 69 pounds of pressure It appears that the hoes gave out where it goes into the machine. The best we’ve seen so far is 76 psi from a tire pump It’s not supposed to be used for more than 10 minutes Just like all the other pumps and this one is the Harbor Freight pump costing almost $36 Let’s see if this pump can do any better Okay, looks like the harbor freight pump is stopped at 13 minutes and change at 76 psi, which is tied for the lead So this pump is not damaged, it’s just overheated and once it cools off it can continue pumping. The final pump we’ll be testing is the Husky pump Well I’ll have to say I’m really impressed with the 120 volt Husky pump, it reached 100 psi in 19 minutes and 30 seconds I tried to find a 12 volt pump when I was out looking and unfortunately, I just couldn’t find one So very impressive results by the Husky pump. Let’s tear into this CZK 3650 tire pump to see what broke We saw a lot of smoke come out of this tire pump, it’s definitely the electric motor that failed This little pump has a little plastic piston and a little rubber o-ring. That’s not going to take too much before it fails Quick look inside the tire slime pump. This is where the hose blew out, everything else is still fine So replacing this hose and this thing should be back in order. Just like the CZK 3650 this one too uses a plastic connecting rod and piston and also a plastic gear set. You can see where the hose failure occurred Okay, the Tire Slime pump is back in service and good as new. The Harbor Freight pump is cooled off, let’s see if it still works Let’s take a look inside the Harbor Freight pump The Harbor Freight pump uses an aluminum connecting rod as well as a aluminum piston also has a metal sleeve Since these pumps are not designed for greater than 10 minutes of continuous use Running these pumps past 10 minutes will likely cause failure If you need a tire pump for high Capacity and high pressure the first four brands this chart survived the tire pressure tank challenge without any damage The Husky did the best achieving 100 psi but the Campbell Hausfeld Pittsburgh and Hyper Tough did great by inflating the tank to over 70 psi. While all the pumps are noisy the Harbor Freight pump was The least noisiest of the brands depending on the vehicle a tire pressure pump could draw too much energy resulting in a burned-out fuse for full size pickup in SUV owners You want a pump that has enough reach from the power source to the tire that needs inflated Harbor Freight came out on top with 16 feet of total length which includes the air hose and power cord Goodyear Campbell Hausfeld and Slime all had at least 13 feet Which is more than enough for most vehicles. If weight is a big factor the Audew is the lightest weighing in at only 419 grams which is less than one pound while the heaviest pump weighed just under four pounds. If storage space inside your vehicle is a big factor, the size of each pump within its original packaging shows just how much difference there is among the nine pumps tested with the largest pump more than five times the size of the Smallest pump. When it comes to portable tire pumps one thing for certain something is better than nothing I always keep a portable tire pump in each one of my vehicles. Now None of the tire pumps that we tested failed when I followed the manufacturers instructions Unfortunately when I ran several over past 10 minutes, we had a couple of failures So making sure you buy the right size tire pump up front to inflate that full-size tire is obviously pretty important 100% of the videos on this channel our viewer recommended So if you have a video idea, I hope you’ll take time to leave a comment I read and reply to as many comments as possible Thanks so much for watching the video, please take care, and I look forward to next time

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  1. Thank you all for requesting this one. I plan to give away all the tire pumps to random people I meet when I'm out and about buying stuff to test. Also, sorry it's taken me so long but finally have some new merch: https://teespring.com/stores/project-farm

  2. Viair 88p portable air compressor $60ish.๐Ÿ‘ Have had for years. Top heat sink might get hot inflating all four suv tires but cools quickly. Long lasting pump and inflates quickly, the gauge is kinda useless though i always use a dial hand gauge anyways.

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    I forgot to mention I also have one of the yellow Harbor Freight tire inflators, it does work, its quite a bit slower than the one used in the video and its all plastic. The yellow one would work ok to inflate like a basketball or similar, but for car tires it takes forever and you gotta let it cool down quite frequently, I don't recommend that one, but the larger one in the video is great and with a 20% off coupon it'll drop the price to about $28 before tax…well worth the money for an emergency. Mine came with some other inflation needles and such too which I've got no use for but could be quite handy for some people.

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  9. "Something is better than nothing"
    Absolutely right, if you can at least pump it up to 20psi, that'll get you home if you drive under 50mph.

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    Here's my quick review of the MV50. https://youtu.be/E9JRHsruDjI

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  39. Don't ever…. Ever buy a Harbor freight air pump.
    The yellow ones are total garbage and the metal ones are fairly OK as long as you run them for VERY VERY short times but they either
    A. Melt the cord/12v plug
    B. Blow a fuse in addition to A.

    I don't recommend ANYONE use a inflator that plugs in the 12v outlet get one with alligator clips that allows direct connect to your vehicles battery.

    Don't be fucking cheap when it comes to your emergency roadside kit the shit will save your life. Buy a $100+ pump and a tire repair kit with plugs a quality jump-start pack that's overrated for your vehicles battery.

    My recommendations for emergency gear for those 2

    Superflow MV-50 inflator – Strong enough to quickly inflate 30"+ mud tires and passenger car tires take no time under 60 seconds

    Quickcable Rescue 3000 jump-start pack it's large but powerful as hell.

    NOCO has some nice LiOn packs but they are very expensive for high amp versions the Rescue 3000 puts out 1500CCA for $150 for the pack and battery

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