Where to farm Railjack Resources: Cubic Diodes, Carbides, Pustrels & Copernic! (Warframe)

Where to farm Railjack Resources: Cubic Diodes, Carbides, Pustrels & Copernic! (Warframe)

Warframe Railjack Construction Resource Locations
In order to build your Railjack via the rising tides quest, you will need to acquire new
resources. In order of use, Carbides will drop from Eximus
units on the Grineer Shipyard Tileset, They have a 50% chance to drop and due to the way
its drop table is set, Loot Warframes & a resource drop chance booster will not affect
drops but a Smeeta Kavats charm buff & the resource booster will. The Interception mission of Barehynia on Sedna
will have a chance for Eximus units to spawn from round 1 onwards and the Dark Sector Defense
mission of Seimeni on Ceres is another but with this mission, Eximus units will start
to spawn around wave 15-20. By wave 30 on my run I had acquired 173 Carbides. Disregard the time shown on screen as I paused
the game throughout my run, it will be significantly shorter, especially if you are playing with
other players as enemy spawns will increase. For Cubic Diodes they also drop from Eximus
units but only on the Ice Planet Tileset, They share the drop chance and loot Warframe
restrictions as carbides, so loot Warframes & the drop chance boosters will not affect
them but the smeeta’s charm & resource booster will. The Dark sector defense mission of Larzac
will have Eximus units spawn, with a 30 wave run granting 204 diodes taking 37 minutes. For both of those resources, it just comes
down to running an endless mission and reaching a point where Eximus units spawn consistently. Now we have Pustrels, this is a mining resource
found from Red Ore Deposits in the plains of eidolon on Earth. Based on your distance away from the gate
and the quality of your mine, the amount you get per deposit will differ. I highly suggest only going to the Two Horn
cave, shown on screen and mining every red deposit you find, once depleted, return to
Cetus and repeat until you have enough for construction. My first run was 9 minutes and by the end
I had 81 Pustrels. My Second run was 9 also 9 minutes and I received
89 pustrels. Both runs were without a drop chance booster
or Smeeta Kavat, as both of those work to increase your yield. The fourth and final resource needed for the
rising tide Railjack construction quest is Copernic, and this resource is found while
mining red ore deposits but only in the orb Vallis on Venus. A Smeeta kavat charm buff & a drop chance
booster will improve your yield. The two locations you can clear of deposits
before repeating are the follow; The Cave system in between Ustara Crater and
Central Maintenance. My first run through here yielded 31 Copernic
in 3 minutes 30. The Second location will be the Deck 12 Entrance
and location which can be found at this point on the map. My first run granted 45 Copernic in 5 minutes
and 50 seconds. My second run granted 39 in 7 minutes and
my 3rd run granted 17 in 5 minutes 20. With that shared, obviously it all comes down
to RNG and whether you landed a great mine or not or had the eligible booster & Smeeta
kavat. Either way I hope this video helps and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. Also worth noting that, if further resources are needed after the completion of your railjack, with the drop of emphyrean, astroids can drop some of these resources, ie, Plustrils and Carbides

  2. railjack is useless to build now cus we cant use it yet :C and no new updates this month only in january or february :C so rip new war and all other stuff

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