Where to farm a Vasca Kavat! (Warframe)

Where to farm a Vasca Kavat! (Warframe)

Warframe Vasca Kavat
The Vasca Kavat can be acquired at any point once you have a basic companion Kavat with
at least one leftover imprint. To make a basic kavat, you’ll need 10 Kavat
Genetic codes that can be rewarded after scanning Feral kavats in the Orokin derelict, an incubator
power core that can be built in your foundry after purchasing its blueprint in the market
and a Stasis slot that you’ll need to buy with platinum in the incubator’s stasis
tab. With your Companion Kavat equipped, enter
the plains of eidolon during the night cycle and look around for groups of wild kavats,
I suggest heading to the location shown on screen first and looking around the area for
them. If you do see a pack of Wild Vasca Kavats,
remain still and let one of them attack your companion. If you are having trouble finding Wild Vasca
Kavats, you can purchase a lure for the conservation system at Master Teasonai for 3000 Ostron
standing, this when opened and used out in the plains, will reveal the tracking locations
for the Kavats, once tracked and located, stand still and let one of the wild Vasca
Kavats attack your companion. Your Kavat will become infected and glow red
and at this point you’ll want to return to your orbiter. Head to the incubator, genetic tools tab and
start the imprint process which will take 12 hours and will remove the virus upon completion,
but keep in mind you will need to have a Genetic code Template to do this. You can purchase the Genetic Code Template
blueprint from the in game market and then build each template in your foundry. For a single Vasca Kavat you will need 2 Templates
and a template will take 8 hours to build. So repeat the aforementioned process again
at the next night cycle and wait until you have 2 Vasca Kavat Imprints. If your Kavat has 2 imprints remaining, you
can infect it twice to get both Imprints or you could infect two different kavat’s if
it only had one imprint remaining. So long as the Kavat was infected when imprinted
and the imprint is classed as Vasca Imprint, you can use it for the next step. Once you have two, return to your orbiters
incubator, head to the Kavat breeding tab but before you can continue you will need
another set of 10 Kavat Genetic codes, an incubator power core and a stasis slot, once
acquired begin incubation but when you have the choice between a random incubation or
a combined incubation, you’ll want to select the imprints for the Vasca kavat in each of
the Combined incubation slots. If you have made multiple infected Imprints
you can chose any of them so long as they state Vasca Imprint as shown. Once selected, begin the combined incubation,
confirm it and then you’ll need to wait 24 hours, unless you want to rush it with
platinum. A quick note before continuing, if your Kavat
has been infected and you don’t want a Vasca, you can purchase a cure form Master Teasonai
in Cetus for 500 Ostron standing which you equip in your gear wheel and activate in mission
with your Kavat. This will remove the Vasca Virus. When the 24 hour build time ends, return to
the incubator and you’ll be able to name your Vasca and mature in it so that it can
be used. The Unique Precepts for the Vasca are Draining
Bite, where it will deal 400 damage to an enemy and restore 10% health. And Transfusion where the Vasca will sacrifice
20% of its own health to restore the player from death. This mod does have a cooldown of 120 seconds
at max rank and will put you into the down but not out state before resurrection.

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