Wheelman Flex Install – John Deere 7600 Upgrade!

Wheelman Flex Install – John Deere 7600 Upgrade!

hey everybody its Ryan welcome back to
how farms work so as many of you know we mounted a wheelman Pro in the 4644 time
this spring and I used it to chisel plow my 25 acres of hay ground this year so
what we’re going to be doing today is we are going to be mounting a wheelman flex
in our 7600 so I’m gonna pull all the parts out of this box and I’m gonna time
how long it takes me to mount this I’ll get to talking a little bit more as we
get to putting it on but the last time we mounted it it took just under two
hours to mount the Perot in 46 40 and being is that have a little bit of
experience now with it I think I can make that a little bit shorter yet so
I’m gonna start my stopwatch and let’s start turning into this box and see what
we find alright so here we got some wiring this
is the kit for the 7600 it is for non premium tractors there’s a whole list of
tractors that this kit will work with basically it’s for John Deere 6000 7000
series and it works on specific ones and you can mount it anywhere from 7600 up
to a 78 10 or even a 70 to 30 so pull that out we got power switch a little
bit warmer out today just hit 90s for the first time so not used to the heat
yet in this box were a bunch of spacers what
the spacers do are allow you to position the wheelman flex far enough from the
steering wheel that you can turn the steering wheel so I’m not totally sure
if I’ll be needing any of these yet but I’m going to keep them on hand just in
case I do here is the positioning globe this just sticks right on to the top of
the tractor set this off to the side last but not least is the wheelman flex so this is the wheelman flex this unit
is similar to the wheelman perot the benefits of having the wheelman flex is
that you can actually purchase different kits from wheelman
and mount them into several different tractors so let’s say we have this in
the 7600 if we want to buy a kit for the 4640 then we could mount the kit in
46:40 and then just mount remove this from the 76 and then move it over to the
46 and it’s once you get all the kits put on it is really quick to swish so it
actually saves you money if you only need to run that one of these at a time
that you want to use it for several different tractors so we’re gonna set
this off to the side now that I have that out we’re up in the 7600 now so
here is the kit for the 76 so what it does is essentially just clamps on the
steering wheel like that the wheelman flex fits behind the steering wheel on
the wheelman flex there is no need to remove the steering wheel whereas with
the wheelman pro and like we did on the 46 yeah it does require changing the
steering wheel so how this clamps on is that there’s a little tab in there that
I inserted between the column and the actual steering wheel essentially what
this does is it kind of helps the bracket from spinning it helps brace it
so that clamp is going to go on there like that and then this bracket is going
to fit on the bottom so there is our anti-rotation device so I’m gonna go
ahead and put the bolts in this I got the other kit that I’m sitting on right
there that should reach out and is what the wheelman flex uses to keep from
spinning or you this is what it torques against when it’s turning the wheel so
this is actually a fitted top ring which means that I shouldn’t have to use one
of these but they’re provided just in case essentially what they are there
additional rings to make it fit better in the case that this one does not work
so it’s like let’s say this doesn’t fit I would put this on here like that and
then tighten the gear on to it seems like this should fit I’ve got the main
gear and the fitted top ring mounted on the steering wheel I’m gonna go grab the
wheelman flex and I am going to put it on here just to make sure that
everything fits properly to make sure that I don’t need any other of these
rings so what you got to do is there’s this little latch on here just latch
that up and then unhook it Newman flips up like that bring it up
and around if it’s pretty snug cool alright so I’ve
got the top ring mounted on properly now and I made sure that it’s centered so if
I spend the steering wheel then it’s equally spaced so now we have this anti
rotation pin which is essentially just what keeps the wheel in from turning I
am going to insert it up through this here bushing like so now when I mount
the bushing on to the bracket which keeps it from turning so I don’t have to
do that yet before I mount the wheel and flex on I’m
gonna go ahead and install this on there so that way I can just insert the pin up
through and hopefully it should be perfectly lined so flex turns on there
pin well that’s cure that’s pretty tight now we’ve got the Flex installed it’s
time to move on to the next step now it’s time to install the rim you which
essentially has a bunch of gyros in it to tell the unit how the tractor is
moving so that it knows how to accurately tell the tractor where to go
so by having the rim you want here the rim you always knows where you’re at and
it’ll tell you where to go as well so I’m gonna install this somewhere secure
and that way there is any vibrations in there to affect the gyros typically what
people will do will mount it on the floor or next to the seat somewhere
that’s out of the way we’re at just under an hour now and it really isn’t
taking all that long so I’ve got a little adhesive mounting
plate here I’m gonna take the protective plastic off and where I want to put this
is directly over the axle so the axle on the 7600 is actually like way back here
in this area so I’m gonna place it right about here I want to be in the center of
the tractor so I don’t have any offset and as you miss there she’s pretty
secure so now the globe mounts right on to it so I’m gonna wire this up now I’m
gonna run a wire up to here run it to the unit to the rim you which I mounted
in the floor and 7,600 and then I got to run it to the battery which then will
allow it to work keep on moving and their voices came and I could
I attached the wiring harness to the battery what I did was I ran it out the
back window along with all the other cables and I snuck it down and then ran
it underneath there’s basically a channel for wires and it goes straight
to the batteries which are right up by your right foot so I’m gonna fire this
up and just kind of run it through the Diagnostics make sure that it’s all good
to go first thing we’re gonna do is we got a power switch down here
I haven’t it actually comes with a mounting bracket but I have not screwed
in it we’re gonna flip that on like she’d come on and then there’s a button
on the wheelman well what do you know so looks like I put this in at one hour in
26 minutes which is about 20 minutes faster than I did with the wheelman Pro
so I’m speeding up a little bit so the next time I go to put this into another
tractor when I get another kit for it it would take even less time because all
I would have to do is install the kit and a new tractor which would be the
anti-rotation bracket so that would be even shorter yet and then the next time
I actually wanted to switch swap them back and forth between the two tractors
it would be even less time I’m not totally sure how short it is but I’m
hoping to get another kit here and I can show you guys just how fast you can move
this thing between tractors I just got a new update from the world app and
download it automatically and it’s got me ready to go just like that so I
connected the wheelman to my phone now what I’m going to do is the 7600 so
we went from run-up firmware update it needs to be installed do you want to
update your current wheelman yes to do so update
the update was transferred successfully I got a cycle the wheelman on and off I’ve got the 7600 down here in the
pasture at Rockville and I’m going to take it through a series of calibration
tests which are essentially just a bunch of turns that the unit wants me to do
so the first calibration that we’re going to do is a left turn the unit
needs to calibrate out tightly the vehicle in turn left so we’ve got it in
the left loop right now I’m gonna hit start calibration
it says bring the speed between 1.2 and 3.1 miles an hour which we wrote about
2.5 so that’s good maintain speed and turn the wheel all
the way to the left and then tap next so now the unit is calibrating
left-turn measure makes successful so now we’ll Mindy needs to measure how
tightly the vehicle can turn right so I’m going to get it into a right loop
now it’s right turn successful so let’s set the vehicle on a straight line and
see if auto steering can zigzag tap engaged keep hands off the wheel I’d say she’s doing her job zigzag successful right back where we started the wheelman
flex is now set up and ready to use I am going to take the more out to the
pasture and do some mowing out there but I’m gonna do that on the next part of
this video so I’ll see you guys in a little bit so I spoke to wheelman and if
you guys are interested in purchasing an auto steering system for yourselves when
you go to checkout enter the code July Pistor 50 and you’ll get $50 off plus
free shipping when you order a wheelman unit it’s a new day that hasn’t rained
in over 24 hours whoo so we’re gonna take the Rhino out
and we are going to ball out at the client pasture and we’re gonna find some
grass to cut down got the wheelman installed she’s all calibrated we’re
gonna take her out and take her for a test run we’re out here in the pasture all along
this fence line we are gonna start mowing this way so I’m gonna go ahead
and set up the wheelman now when you first log into the app you’ll log on to
it and there’s dialog that says tap here to say your way line your heading
indicator and you’re across track indicator as well which shows how far
you shifted away from your way line so we’re gonna go ahead and and okay we’re
gonna hit the upper right corner to go into the auto steering mode we are going
to do now we do a straight line
so we’re gonna go ahead and set our 0.8 where we are at now I’m gonna drive to
the end of the fence line down there and I’m going to set my feed line so that’ll
give the unit the heading that it’s gonna take every time that I make a pass
so we can go ahead and fire up the mower and start driving now we are going to set our point B we
just set our a/b line so in our next pass it’s gonna be straight back and
forth when I was coming down I had to do some maneuvering around trees and holes
and rocks and whatever else that were along the fence line so this last pass
wasn’t the straightest but now that I’m gonna let the auto steering take over
once I get going it’ll be straight back and forth so
let’s go ahead and turn around and make our next pass go ahead and hit engage Auto steering and the wheelman flex just took over we’ve at the end of our pass spin around going to hit engage Auto steering the
wheelman took back over looking down at the end of the wing I
would say were within one inch accuracy right now obviously it’s not gonna keep
up that much accuracy as we go but right now it’s dating within two inches with
all these bumps and everything never going over
that’s really good look at all those chickens on this last pass I noticed that I was a
little bit too far to the right wheelman has been adding new updates every month
to improve the world app and looking at the app what we can do is we can nudge
the way line since we’re four inches too far to the right we’re going to nudge it
about four inches to the left I just did a skip pass spin around and
let the auto steering do its work it’s right on the money the cows had to come out and poke around
try to get some of that fresh grass underneath it’s one of the reasons I
like to come out and mow some of the grass out here in the pastures once it’s
all headed out that way there’s room for new growth the cattle
will have more to eat they really don’t like to touch your ass once it’s headed
out they’d like to have that fresh stuff Oh baby oh I just bought a submission for stuck
Sunday one of the new features that I want to
show you guys is the steering options where you can adjust the 7th sensitivity
the attack as well as the backlash so the sensitivity is like adjusting how
sensitive the unit is to getting back on track when it’s in close proximity to
the line whereas a TAC is how aggressively it’ll pursue the line when
you’re not anywhere near where you need to be and then there’s also backlash
where backlash is adjusting the slack in the system if you have an older tractor
with a lot of slack in the steering system so a lot of us have driven these
old tractors where you turn them to the left and the wheels are turned but then
you try to turn up to the right and there’s slack in the system on the 7,600
there is no slack but on an older unit say but older John Deere 4000 series you
might have a little bit of that because over time the parts where in the
steering mechanism so by being able to adjust that backlash when the unit turns
it’ll compensate for slack in the system to help you stay on track a little bit
better we’ve done everything we can for today I
wanted to do a little bit more but it is still played too wet I don’t want to get
too crazy and go and get stuck so in the short term we’re looking at cutting the
hay out here in the pasture and then I’ll be able to take this out and get to
a little bit more brush that’s way back in the pasture provided that it does
stop raining so we’re gonna pack up and head back to the farm we got the wheelman flex all set up and
she’s running good we’re gonna be using it more in the next coming weeks to cut
hay and cut oats it’s getting a little bit later in the year than I would have
liked to cut the oats but with the weather the way it’s been it really
can’t be helped but the reasons you might want to have an auto steering
system in your tractor especially one like we do for the 76 is because we use
this tractor for seriously everything and by having an auto steering system in
the 76 it’ll help save passes out in the field it’ll help us save time really
it’ll just help you be more economical and especially for the larger farmer
these days auto steering is almost a must if you’re spending a lot of time
out in the field if you’re spending a full day out there having an auto
steering system is really going to help you reduce your fatigue while you’re out
there and in the past I’ve noticed that by using auto steering you really do
notice a difference at the end of the day on how tired you are especially if
you work in more than one job I stay up late at nights working on videos and
making pictures and going out and doing photography stuff like that and by
having an auto steering system in the tractors the days where I have an auto
steering system I can definitely tell especially when we’re all doing tillage
this unit the wheelman flex you can get for under $4,500 there’s no subscription
fees with it and you don’t even need a monitor you can just use your phone like
I do if you’re looking for a lower cost auto steering system wheelman is the way
to go so after installing it I mean that sucker is secured on there I don’t have
to worry about hitting it when I’m climbing climbing in and out of the
tractor I’m really not worried about it it’s definitely farm proof all that play
that you see in there is just in the steering wheel the wheelman itself is
very secure to the steering column that’s about it for this video I was
hoping I could get some more footage but unfortunately I don’t think I can get
across some of those lower spots to get out to the rest of the pasture I don’t
really want to look risk it and becoming a stuck sub Sunday submission so with
that thanks for watching this video be sure to check out all of our other
ones be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and be sure just check us out
on Facebook Instagram Twitter and snapchat all hot farms work and with
that I’ll see you next time you

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