Western Hognose, The Best Pet Snake?

Western Hognose, The Best Pet Snake?

Hi there! I’m here today with one of the greatest snakes in the world. One that we’ve already covered in our video five of the best pet snakes and that is the Western hognose snake and We give the Western hognose snake an overall score of 4.2 out of 5 and that’s going to come down to our five categories handleability, care hardiness Availability and upfront costs and if you’ve seen our other videos, 4.2 is a very high score And they deserve it, and we also want to talk to you about why they didn’t get a 5 out of 5 So let’s start with handle ability for handle ability. We give the Western hognose snake a score of 5 out of 5 honestly It doesn’t get any better than this. They are just amazing snakes to handle for starters They’re very unlikely to bite They’re a venomous snake So you wouldn’t want to get bit by one but if you got bitten by one you get a little bit of venom in there and Your finger to swell up like a banana and have a little banana finger for a while wouldn’t be a big deal But that is not what they do when they get scared at least not very often first thing It’s gonna puff up, and it’s gonna try to look big and it’s gonna hiss and make a scene if that doesn’t work It’s got a phenomenal plan B which is strike at you with its goofy nose cuz the hognose snake is named the hognose snake because it’s got a face like a shovel and I love that goofball face for the hognose snake And they will start striking at you with their mouths closed and just poke you with that nose, and if that doesn’t work There’s a Plan C Which is to roll over onto your back show off your belly Which is in some hognose snakes not so much in her but in a lot of Hognose snakes has a little bit of bright coloration like orange and black bands. They’ll roll over. They’ll open their mouth. They’ll Stick their tongue out let out a nasty smell What is probably going on with them though when they roll over and play dead is that they are probably Advertising the fact that they are full of toad toxins So in the wild and we’ll talk about this a little bit more later on Hognose snakes eat a lot of poisonous Amphibians a lot of people don’t know the difference between being poisonous and venomous So I wanted to make sure you knew that if it bites you and you die it was venomous And if you bite it, and then you die, it was poisonous, so if you eat a toad you Might die so don’t eat a toad toads are poisonous Hognose snakes are venomous, but the thing is they eat toads, but as is the case with every known poisonous snake There is the possibility that the hognose snake Keeps some of that toxins called sequestering it sequester’s that toxin in its own body and what? It’s doing when it rolls onto its back and letting off That smell is it’s letting things like crows and dogs and opossums and raccoons things that smell really well It’s letting them know hey I’m full of toad poison And you probably shouldn’t eat me and that’s something actually that we still need to test in the scientific community to know one way or another But there’s a very good chance that hognose snakes are venomous and poisonous and for that reason They don’t tend to bite which makes them wonderful wonderful wonderful captives beyond that their behavior And you can probably see that with this girl here is That they behave a lot like a very big snake They just sort of plot about they’re not quick and dirty They just are wonderful, and they just sort of hang out with you and explore Honestly the freakiest thing they do when you’re handling them is every now, and then they’ll sort of nuzzle into you with that nose because they’re trying to dig that’s what they do with their shovel faces and That can sometimes feel like is it starting to chew on me because a hognose snake doesn’t tend to strike at you But they do love food, and so if you ever get bit by hognose snake It’s probably because you smell like a mouse or something and it’s come up and gone On to you this hog, nose snake actually is a fairly good-sized one This is a female males will never even get this big Females will get a little bit bigger than that that is a very manageable size to handle they pose absolutely no Danger to you at all the only negative really as far as their handle ability well I guess there are a couple one of them is that they’re small And so you know a child or something could squeeze them and hurt them very badly so As with anything small you got to be careful that you don’t crush it, but the only other negative I know about hognose snakes is they all seem to go through this like adolescent Grumpy phase and during that phase they tend to hiss a lot, and do those little mock strikes and then all of a sudden they grow out of it and They become the perfect snake So we’re still giving them a score of 5 out of 5 no during that adolescent phase it drops down to a 3 out of 5 for like 10 minutes when it comes to care we give the Western hognose snake again a score of 5 out of 5 Assuming that you get a captive bred individual and not a wild caught individual They’re going to be very easy to feed and the reason I make that distinction is Because in the wild they’re going to be feeding on things like amphibians Toads and things like that and as is the case with a lot of species of hognose snakes You’re going to need to have a supply of toads to feed them, and that is not an easy thing to do But if you get a captive bred individual they eat stuff You should be feeding them primarily a diet of rodents. They do very well on a rodent diet You don’t need to set them with toads or anything like that to transition them on to rodents. They usually start off. Just great They’re also going to need a very reasonably sized enclosure because they’re not big snakes And they’re not super active snakes now a larger enclosure is still going to be better for them But you’re not gonna need an enclosure like you would need for a boa or even a corn snake and that is fantastic And that enclosure can be relatively simple It’s going to need a good basking spot, which can be provided by something like an under tank heater They’re gonna need good substrate a locking lid water bowl Hide and that’s about it as always We’ve got those kinds of things down in the description if you want to check them out Those are some that we recommend when it comes to hardiness again the hognose snake gets a score of 5 out of 5 This is as good as a reptile is gonna get they are solid solid little captives really They should do phenomenally well for you especially assuming that you have a captive bred individual Which we always recommend And you’ve got it from a reputable breeder and good health that snake is going to do well for you The only the only reason it wouldn’t would be if you’re just not giving it the things that it needs to live if you’re not Giving it food if you’re not giving it water if you’re not giving you giving it an acceptable basking spot You could lose your hognose snake short of that. They’re probably going to thrive for you. They’re just phenomenal It’s going to be really easy To maintain proper humidity for these guys because they come from parts of the United States where the humidity is low but manageable Basically all you’re gonna need is a water bowl in order to maintain proper Humidity in the enclosure you definitely don’t want it wet but that’s the case for almost everything when it comes to availability This is where the hognose snake lost a few points we give the hognose snake a score of two out of five and Some of you might be thinking What in the world I have seen hognose snakes all over the place that is true in some places hognose snakes can be relatively common at the same time in other places Hognose snakes can be completely impossible to find Some of this comes down to the fact that they are a venomous snake and so some areas have laws that prohibit them from being sold or owned or even transported through those areas and So if you live in one of those places you need to be aware of your laws And you might be aware of the fact that you can’t get one even if you’re looking for one in Other areas. They’re relatively common, but not Everywhere, you know that these these snakes are fantastic people are having a great deal of success with captive breeding there Also a lot of morphs available for hognose snakes. Those morphs are gonna be harder to find than say ball python morphs or Corn snake morphs or leopard geckos those sorts of things that have lots and lots of morphs on the market There are a lot of morphs You’ll probably need to go directly through a breeder to get most of them when it comes to upfront costs And then we give the hognose snake a score of four out of five We honestly almost gave it a score of five out of five Because their enclosure that is going to be one of the least expensive setups that you can have for a reptile of Course you could do it really really nice and really really beautiful and spend a lot more on it But the basic setup that the snake is going to need to thrive is not particularly expensive and even the snake can be obtained at a very reasonable price, and the only reason that we Ducked them a point on upfront cost is just if you want one that doesn’t look like a a wild-type hognose snake You might pay through the teeth for it hundreds even thousands of dollars for the animal now You can even buy a wild-type hognose snake for fifty dollars and They’re beautiful, I think they’re just one of the most spectacular looking snakes out there frankly they look a little bit like rattlesnakes and Rattlesnakes are one of the coolest snakes on the planet so once again overall we give the Western hognose Snake a score of four point two out of five because They’re amazing this is One of the best pet snakes you can possibly get we love them you will love them as always Like and subscribe, and we hope to see you real soon You got it Will. Yeah, you know your way around a clacker. Awkward. Look at that snoz, the snakes name is Darkside she’s super dark for a wild hognose snake, and she’s got like a perfect Jedi symbol on her head, but She’s honestly way too dark to be a Jedi

100 thoughts on “Western Hognose, The Best Pet Snake?

  1. You are one of the reasons I’m getting a Western Hognose. I love your videos so much!!! Please never stop posting! You are so much fun to watch and I have learned a lot from you 🙂

  2. This video is what convinced me to get a western hognose. I’ve wanted a snake for years and recently fell in love with western hognoses.

    I was worried at first that they might be hard to take care of, but my little guy is so relaxed and handleable. He snarfs down pinky mice like a boss and only puffs up his cute little stupid face when I move very quickly right above him.

    I think I could have been lucky with the breeder I ordered from, but I can’t tell you how much I love my goofy looking shovelfaced worm-XL.

    It’s so fun to watch him dig and explore. The way he pushes aspen chips around with his snout makes me smile just thinking about it. He’s even adorable when he’s gobbling down baby mice! My girlfriend, who had no interest in snakes before I showed her pictures and videos of western hognoses (this video included) has fallen in love with our little guy and cannot get enough of him.

    As a first-time snake owner, their characteristic hissing and bluff strikes initially startled me and made me reluctant to approach or pick my guy up, but after having him for a few weeks, we have completely adjusted to each other. Now, if I approach from the side, I can grab him from his enclosure without him even puffing up his cute little squishy shovel face.

    He hasn’t tried to bite anyone yet, but I wear a pair of wool mittens whenever I pick him up to move him to his feeding tub and use hemostats—while still wearing those wool mittens—to feed him, so I think he has no association between human hands and food. Just in case, I have a eye drop bottle filled with vodka on hand, mounted in a little pocket I attached to his enclosure. Reptiles are weird, and I know there is always still a chance that he will choose to do a BIG MONCHY on me. I read that the smell of booze startles them, making them realize they are not currently doing that big munch on food, causing them to release almost immediately after you put a drop of booze in front of their nose.

    If there are any other prospective first-time reptile owners out there, I can’t tell you how much I recommend this species. Make sure you do your research, buy proper equipment to keep them at a comfortable temperature, and get them from a breeder who you deem trustworthy. With that out of the way, you will experience the greatest and most adorable low-maintenance pet in the world!

    Another benefit of getting a western hognose that I should mention is that tons of people who were previously afraid of or creeped out by snakes fall in love with western hognoses! I can’t even tell you how many of my friends, family and acquaintances have seen pictures of my goofy little drama noodle and have said something along the lines of, “holy cow, I didn’t know that snakes could be so adorable!” (No one has actually said the phrase, “holy cow,” but I figured I would paraphrase them in a YouTube friendly manner.)

    Thank you Clint and crew for leading me to purchase my adorable little guy. Thanks to you, I have what I consider the best possible adorable and playful low-maintenance pet. Plus, now lots of people I know who were previously afraid of or disinterested in snakes are seriously considering following my lead and getting their first pet reptile.

    I’ll probably get more reptiles and other types of pets in the future, but for now, my adorable, scaly cuteness-tube has filled the pet-shaped hole in my life.

  3. Ur vid is amazing but I do have a concern?
    You say it’s venomous, but I’ve researched this and don’t get me wrong it has modified saliva (venom) similar to snakes that are harmful/deadly to humans; but they really can’t do anything so why are they considered “mildly venomous” when the rear fangs or teeth help walk its prey and is basically like the Amylase enzyme.

  4. I getting one of these in a month I literally can’t wait they so cute 😂and they look like cobras when they puff up

  5. I am paying off my first Western Hognose from Lumina Reptiles. She is a albino het toffee. <3 She is beautiful and one of only two that made it. I am so excited to learn about Hognoses first hand. Because she is a morph, I am paying $360, like you said, a bit spendy (I have bough thousand dollar price tagged ball pythons though…), but she is worth it. I am naming her Nidhoggr, like in North Mythology, so that her nickname can be Hoggie…because she is a …hognose. 😉 Punny!

  6. Yay. Because of you and your amazing videos, we brought home a sweet little male hognose snake yesterday.

  7. I got a Hognose from Repticon, and he ended up being the first snake to bite me and a feeding bite at that! He was a very chill juvenile snake which is one of the reasons we picked him, and he just decided to start eating my finger after trying to dig around in my hand. In his defense I had handled a variety of things including frozen rodents that day and hadn't washed or sanitized my hands yet. A few minutes and some sanitizer in his mouth later and he let go, my finger was immobilized from swelling for about 6 hours before it let up and was back to normal by the next day.

    Still love him and it's an interesting experience to talk about with anyone not squeamish about that kind of thing.

  8. We get wild hognoses where I live. They are amazing and they are super hilarious when they play dead. They are drama queens! I don't harass them to make them do this. They usually puff up and play dead when I try to relocate them if they are in the way.

  9. To a snake owner, having a hognose snake is like owning a Bentley or Rolls Royce. They are rare for the simple reason that everybody wants one!

  10. I’ve got two! One eats almost everything she can reach. The other just isn’t interested. I’m so confused! Do you have any suggestions for getting a tiny hognose snake to start eating consistently?

  11. I absolutely love my hognose snakes, I have 20+ now and am hoping to produce super anaconda albino, axanthic and snows next year. They are easily accessible in the UK being a pretty popular snakes amongst reptile owners here

  12. Im not sure if this is true with all hognose snakes. But I heard something about if you spook one that they will fart? Is this true? Lol

  13. I was heavily considering a western hognose for my next snake and then I saw this video, my mind is completely made up.They are so cute, I can't wait!

  14. Great video! My favorite snake and still haven't been able to spot a wild eastern hognose in ohio. Its great how passionate you are about these animals. Please keep doing what you're doing.

  15. Me and my boyfriend are moving soon. We have a family of ferrets, tarantulas and a frog. This video helped us finally agree on a species of snake we both want. I can't wait for my future pig noodle.

  16. I just got my lil boi in April, he’s just about 11 months old and his name is Percy

    And I know the phase…I’M IN THE PHASE

    He’s so pissy, and hissy and mad all the time- all puffed hood and fake striking

    But as soon as I pick him up he’s good

  17. One more thing you should warn people about. Not only availability but also shipability? Was all set to spend $200+ on a pretty hognose. The seller wouldnt bother to answer my email but right before i was going to order i stumbled across their live arrival guarantee hidden in their shitty site and if the temps are not right they wont guarantee live arrival. What a let down, really wanted one of these. Ohh well, i just found out where we have rubber boas here. Going to start looking this weekend.

  18. I wanted a western hognose, and still do, but I looked at the laws in my state and they are illegal. I live in Illinois so I'm pretty sad.

  19. When I looked at that amazon terarium I was like wow so cheap here in our country it cost around 200$ in stores so I was like I will buy it but then saw 338$ for shipping -_- are they nuts ? I got my enclosures from random online store from some company and it was shipped for free they ship free on orders over 40$ I guess ..man 338$ shipping I would get 2 more of those enclosures for that 😶

  20. You know man, you are not trying to sell a car, you can stop smiling every once ina while! Great video though, my hognose is much much tinier than this.

  21. I just fed my hognose, but this video makes me want to get him out lol. Now I miss a snake that’s literally chilling ten feet away.

  22. In Wyoming for example its illegal to keep native wildlife , not a very enforced law , but it exists , they're mostly concerned with crazies that take black bear cubs or try to keep a mountain lion or something endangered , ppl here keep wild bullsnakes and prairie rattlesnakes all the time , so it would be illegal technically for me to catch a wild hognose here , but our exotic animal laws are loose as heck , it would be totally legal to have a snake from say south Dakota or Colorado , or something provably captive bread regardless of species more or less , theres no law stopping me from ordering a king cobra or gaboon viper or something .

  23. Hognose are the best snakes in my opinion ☺️ I've kept them for many years have been bitten once the surrounding area just felt numb and kind of like a bruise for about a week would highly recommend a hognose as a first snake.

  24. To me it is not the perfect snake because there are many rodent lovers out there and I am one of them. I think that Green Snakes and Ribbon Snakes are the best.

  25. if you look on morphmarket eu there are less then 7 hognose snakes avaidble and even then no where near the netherlands or belguim nor do the other country's ship to the netherlands or belguim they are impossible to get
    love your channel and how you smile when handeling any reptile

  26. I've had a Hog for years now and she's the sweetest thing, and I got lucky getting a female for $50. Females in my area usually exceed $120 for a normal "wild type", and males are pretty close in price too. They're known for being rather theatric when it comes to bluff striking though, so that was initially why I'd thought you'd lowered their score, and obviously I have a few disagreements with your score, but Hognoses are my favorite type of snake hands down

  27. I have 2. One scares me cause she is very hissy and fake strikes a lot. However, the other one loved being curled up in my hand.

  28. Are the western hog-nosed snakes picky eaters?
    I was going to get a ball python, until I found out about their eating problems.
    Then I thought about corn snakes, and I was able to handle some, but they didn't want to be held like a ball python does.
    Is there a snake that is chill and will hang out like a Ball Python, but that has a good appetite like a Corn Snake?

  29. they are the Bearded Dragons of the reptile snake world. Perfect beginner snake. I have 2 and they are awesome snakes.

  30. idk about the last rating, I've seen them all over the place on my travels for 20-30 dollars at least, so id give it a 4/5 rating on that

  31. I can promise you that w. hognoses are not a 5/5 for feeding. 1: When they are young they are horrendous to feed, they refuse meals regularly and fight you every step of the way. 2: They decide to go into "breeding mode" at some point and start refusing meals for months on end. I love these snakes to death but they are more than a handfull to deal with. Please don't buy one as your first snake, like I did and get thrown into the deep end.
    PS: Rango and Errol (my first two snakes, both hognoses) are still alive and well.

  32. Clint dead serious here buddy….your videos are probably the best I have ever watched. I look forward to them. Their informative. Accurate. Are you going to Tinley in October this year? I would like to meet you.

  33. Honestly I've wanted a snake for a while and i was thinking about a corn snake but these goobers are so cute I think I might get one of these instead! Love their little snoots!

  34. Your hognose is so chilled. Mine’s crazy! He’s about 11years old now and he’s a loon slithering around, sometimes upside down. He’s rubbish at playing dead as won’t stay still.

  35. Hognose snake- rolls on its belly
    Clint's reptiles- Pats the snake on its belly Now this baby is full of toad toxin.

  36. I’m ready to get one of these, or a sand boa! Thank you for the amazing videos!

    You’ve really helped me make the right choice to not get in over my head.

  37. I really really really want to get an axanthic hognose. They're so pretty!!! Looks like you have a conda in this video.

  38. The answer is YES, they are. (There are other awesome snake species to keep for sure, and I have a soft spot for a number of other species, but W hoggies are my numero uno favorites.)

  39. A thing that I’ve noticed is that many animals goes through “adolescence”.
    My lovebird had that “phase” too!
    He was the sweetest boy in the world, but when puberty arrived, he became a demon. He used to bite, scream and…”make love” with his toys lol
    That phase lasted a couple of months and after that, he was again a sweetheart.
    I have a baby hognose and I hope he won’t turn into a monster 😂

  40. I am really considering a Western Hognose Snake to join my family. I am learning all I can about them. I love their personality and I think they are lovely.

  41. This reminds me of another species of snake that eats poisonous frogs and there's been an evolutionary arms race between the snake's tolerance and the frog's poison. I can't remember the species, but they're in Oregon.

  42. Hognose snakes are too cute for words! Even when they try to look scary, it's adorable. Death by boop. 😆 I just love them! ❤️

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