Welcome To The California Garden In November – Gardening Tips, Ideas, Hacks & More!

Welcome To The California Garden In November – Gardening Tips, Ideas, Hacks  & More!

it’s cold wet and dark here in Southern
California and this is the perfect time to start growing your cool season crops
as well as complete harvest of your summer vegetables in today’s episode we
look at the California garden in the month of November we will begin with a
garden tour we look at all the harvests we made this month we will have some
things for you to do and finally we review some cool gardening products to
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next to the subscribe button so let’s begin with the tour of the
garden starting with the raised beds we have the black Cobra pepper that we
overwintered and is growing very well and right next to that we have some
brassicas cauliflower cabbages that are growing very well in the cool season
right next to that we have the lone hyacinth bean plant and right next to
that we have some beets that are growing as well as some radishes
now the radishes and beets are also cool season crops that grow very well during
this time of the year we have another area right next to that that we just
prepared and there are some beets growing in this bed as well and the bean
plants as you can see are yellowing and dying now beans require warm weather and
it’s pretty cold here right now on the other side we have some pea plants that
are growing on the trellis and some broccoli plants as you can see here and
right next to the broccoli we have some more radish plants these are the long
white radish plants and some more cabbages that are growing and we have
some onions here these are the white small bulb kind of onions and we have
some more chili plants at the back and some more cauliflowers as you can see
here the cauliflowers are now showing up the heads are now showing up and they
are growing pretty well and that concludes the tour of our raised beds
let’s look at our containers now we have Swiss chard that’s growing pretty well
and some cauliflower plants as well as the eggplants which are producing their
final eggplants now we have some more brassicas cabbages and cauliflower is
growing here and some radish the tomato and is still growing but is not
producing any tomatoes now we have some garlic plants here we just planted some
garlic in this container and another cabbage plant as you can see we have some carrots that are growing as
you can see here this is the purple carrot and I’m excited to see how it
looks and we have the mint plant on the other side we have some Ivy gourd plants
as well as the mulberry tree we have some pineapples we have the Golden
Nugget tangerine and the curry leaf plants that are growing let’s now look at the fruit trees we
have the Persian limes the Bearss lime as well as the Mexican guavas producing
like crazy as you can see here and right next to that we have the
tangerines these are the Dancy tangerine that are producing very well now you can
see here they’re loaded with tangerines and we just started harvesting
tangerines this month we have the Washington Navel oranges that are
growing very well producing a lot of navel oranges and then we have the
Kishu mandarin plant which was very small to start with but now as you can
see producing a lot of mandarins and that concludes the tour of our fruit trees
let’s now look at the harvests we made starting with the banana flower now the
banana flower is something that I have shown in my earlier videos as well it is
a large bud and it has a lot of flowers inside it and is absolutely delicious
you can make a lot of good things with this banana flower and it was an
absolute joy to grow this and as you can see here right above that we have the
RajaPuri bananas that are growing very well you just need a little bit of space
between the flower and the banana and as you can see here the banana bud is
quite beautiful and is loaded with a lot of banana flowers beans we harvested a
lot of pole beans and this was probably the last month we were getting beans the
bean plant has started slowing down now it started to become yellow and is not
growing that well but we did harvest a lot of beans from this pole bean plant
and this trellis the easy trellis worked out very well for growing pole beans so
I highly recommend that you check out our video on constructing this easy
trellis and it was great for growing these beans and we were able to harvest
beans almost every day from this plant in November as well but now the
production has slowed down so as you can see here beautiful looking beans pole
beans are in abundant producer and something that I highly recommend you
grow in your home garden eggplants The Container Little Prince
eggplant is not only one of the best eggplants have grown it even produced in
November so as you can see here small eggplants absolutely delicious tasting
eggplants another variety that I highly recommend that you try growing and the
eggplant production has also slowed down now that it’s colder and the weather is
not very warm where as you can see here beautiful looking eggplants the Mexican
guava tree was producing a lot of guavas and as you can see here these are
extremely large guavas now the Mexican guava is white from the inside and it is
not very sweet it has this little sweet flavor but not extremely sweet and once
again you can see here the fruits are quite good-looking very large and we
were able to harvest four or five guavas from this plant at least about two or
three times this month so all in all a great harvest for these Mexican guavas
you can see here this one is extremely large this guava and this is a very
delicious crunchy guava not soft it’s very crunchy and less sweet
Ivy gourds we had two Ivy gourd plants growing in our whiskey barrels and they
did produce a lot of Ivy codes this month now it was kind of surprising
because in the member is usually a cooler month but we did have some warm
days towards the end of October and the beginning of November which is why we
were able to harvest a few Ivy gourds from our ivy gourd plant I think we will
have one more round of harvest and then the plant will go into dormancy I was
very surprised and I was quite happy with the amount of Ivy gourds this plant
produced even in the cooler weather and as you can see
the harvest looks pretty good lot of healthy very nice-looking ivy gourds and
they are extremely delicious Moringa they call Moringa the tree of
life and we harvested a lot of moringa pods as you can see here beautiful
looking pods we had a lot of pods in this tree as you can see here this is a
big harvest and we still have a lot of pods that are still growing on the tree
the Dancy tangerine tree is full of tangerines and we harvested a couple of
tangerines in November but the peak harvest season is from December through
January or even February and as you can see here we are using this fruit picker
and I will provide a link to this fruit picker in the video description and the
comment below it’s a very handy tool to use to pick your fruits it doesn’t
damage the fruit and it it lets you reach higher and grab the fruits that
are higher up and then harvest them safely now let’s look at the things for
you to do in your garden this month this month is a good time to plant more cool
season crops if you haven’t already planted cabbages cauliflower Swiss chard
carrots spinach all these are great cool season crops start we are starting some
garlic here as you can see we got organic garlic from a grocery store and
we’re just planting the cloves as you can see here and you can grow a lot of
garlic in one whisky barrel container I have posted an earlier video showing how
you can grow a lot of garlic and a whisky barrel container and you can see
that video on how to propagate garlic from the cloves right up to harvest and
now let’s look at some gardening products today let’s look at the
strawberry planter this is basically a bag with a lot of holes around it as you
can see here and I’ve been growing strawberries in different types of
containers and I wanted to try out how this strawberry grow bag looks like and
whether it lives up to its expectations so we’re going to be adding
some potting mix here this is a combination of peat moss perlite and
compost I saved this potting mix from one of our containers and all you’re gonna
do is just start filling up this strawberry planter bag with the soil and
strawberry is one of the plants that doesn’t grow very well in regular
containers so I wanted to try out this solution for growing strawberries as you
can see here what we’re doing is filling up the bag with potting mix right up to
the top and you just need to compact the soil a little bit at the pockets where
the pockets are and the pockets are where we will be eventually planting the
strawberry plants and the pockets are pretty well made they can store quite a
bit of soil and this is how it looks like after you have added the soil now
I’m using my existing strawberry container as you can see here and
picking out some plants now you can pick different kinds of strawberries
different varieties of strawberries to plant in this planter and this is how
each strawberry plant looks like and when you pick out plants like this they
will eventually grow into larger strawberry plants now this traditional
container that you see here is not the most efficient way of growing
strawberries which is why I wanted to try out the grow bag the strawberry grow
bag and these are all our plants as you can see here which we will be
transplanting into this strawberry grow bag and just like that you can just
plant the plants the strawberry plants into the pockets as you see here and
it’s a pretty easy technique all you do is just use your fingers to push the
soil a little bit and then push the roots inside don’t worry too much about
the roots they will survive the strawberry plant is a very resilient
plant when you transplant it it will come back vigorously so you plant one
plant at each pocket and the roots start growing inside towards the grow
bag and you can just rotate the bag and then plant some more as you can see here
and then just complete planting all around the strawberry grow bag and once
you have done planting all these strawberry plants you can see here
there’s still some space left on the top so don’t forget to plant some more
plants on the top part of the strawberry grow bag and as you can see here we can
plant about four plants maybe even five plants on the top of the grow bag and
this is how it looks like after all the strawberry plants have been planted we
can plant one more plant there’s a little bit space on the top part of the
planter and that’s how the strawberry plant looks like all we’ll be doing now
is watering the planter thoroughly you need to make sure that the water reaches
all the roots so that the plants are not in shock and they grow properly and even
if you water from the top the water will eventually reach the roots and the
plants will get the water that they need but since we’re doing this for the first
time we’re just making sure that we are watering the roots we are watering
everything correctly and that’s how our strawberry planter looks like now it
will start producing strawberries on the outside and it should be much easier to
harvest these strawberries once they grow in this grow bag so there we have
it folks that was our episode on the California garden for the month of
November if you like this video don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and if
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  5. Always a great show.
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    I did try to grow them in all seasons, inside and out in Las Vegas and Calgary Canada area.

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