Welcome Bum Monkey to Visit New Farm | Bum the monkey is scared of the Bull

Welcome Bum Monkey to Visit New Farm | Bum the monkey is scared of the Bull

Hello everyone, I’m happy to see you all again in today’s video The way is very bad, guys. The screen is fluttering Here comes my husband’s friend We will take a tour around the house There is a baby here This side too has a dog Hello what is your name There is a fish pond, chicken coop Oh, there are lots of zucchini we will take one to eat, my friend gave it and picked it comfortably This pumpkin cooked with pork bones is delicious and cool This side has lots of fruit inside This vegetable fish pond ne you This is a tomato, water spinach Onions, guys Bum greet everyone Let’s go out Bum likes it The view is beautiful, guys, they put rocks in the fence This side is the field Morning glory, guys, eat this vegetable very well The pond is very wide My wife and Bum are picking a sticky corn for Bum to eat Bum is very delicious, young corns are very sweet and have lots of corn milk Bum is enjoying the fresh food Do you see lots of corn, lots of flowers and corn flags The pepper tree We go to a cow farm Bum is afraid of cows, he is afraid of new things Bum was afraid of the cow so he hugged his mother very tightly There are old plows Bum Bum ,, look at him miserable and lovely we picked Thien Ly flowers to bring back, this flower is a very delicious vegetable dish, it is very expensive in supermarkets, very high nutritional content you guys make soup or stir fry with delicious meat This flower is very rare in the market, it is very expensive and delicious sauteed with meat, fight insomnia Cook soup with shrimp Bum wants to pick flowers with his father many of you, very fragrant like roses Bum likes it Bum Monkey has always been in nature This place has lots of flowers, Dad Bum likes to eat baby corn There was a man who brought the cows to breed, but the Bull was not at home Thank you all for watching the video, remember to subscribe to the channel to watch our next video, wish you all the best.

39 thoughts on “Welcome Bum Monkey to Visit New Farm | Bum the monkey is scared of the Bull

  1. Lovely farm, very educational video thank you, I learned a lot about your vegetables and how they can help with conditions and illnesses 👍🏻😁, I felt for Bum around the cows though; very scared of the 🐄 ‘s
    It’s ok Bum they won’t hurt you, your momma has got you protected in her loving arms. Love this family 🐒🥰❤️

  2. Very good video !! Enjoyed it very much . Bum is so cute when he sucks his thumb. If i were his size, I'd be scared of the cows too Haha 🌹🌹

  3. Hello, beautiful place to visit. Don't you have a car? It's hard to go far places on a motorcycle. Enjoy everything. 🌹🌹🐒🐒🐵

  4. I really enjoyed this video. Such a beautiful farm. It looks like you got a lot of rain. It is starting to get colder here, soon we will start to get snow 😞
    Bum is such a funny boy. His little noises and sucking his thumb are so cute 😍 He didn't like looking at those big bulls and cows 😄😄

  5. The moment Bum gets scared, the thumb goes in the mouth, he ducks down and starts whimpering! Haha!! Not so big and tough are you now, Bum?! 🤣

  6. That's so awesome. I'm a country girl Hahn, if I lived there I'd totally help y all work that farm that stuff is what I love more than anything , I'm so excited for y all.

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