Vertical Garden Planter, Plant Clips & other Gardening Supplies for only $1

Vertical Garden Planter, Plant Clips & other Gardening Supplies for only $1

This is John Kohler with
I have another exciting episode for you today. I’m outside the 99 only stores, and the 99
only stores are a chain of stores that sell things like it’s like a dollar store basically,
and I’m here today to show you guys any products that may help you grow more food at home.
Now, while I’m not into a lot of the products that they sell here, they do have some good
deals. In the past, I’ve gotten plant clips and seeds and even air pumps for aquariums
for $1. So, I never know what I’m going to find and every day they always have new stuff.
So, I’m exciting to show you guys if there’s anything I the 99 store, or the dollar store,
that’ll help you grow more food at home. So, we’re here in the dollar store and we’re inside
and there’s literally thousands of items and a lot of them you probably just don’t need.
They don’t add any value to your life, but there are a few things here that will allow
you to grow more food, and those are the things that I’m here to show you guys today. First
off, of course, they have bulbs, a lot of bulbs. Most of these are not edible, but I
want to show you guys a couple that are. You got 12 Dutch onions, that’s 99 cents, defiantly
a good deal. Also, they got the red baron Dutch onions. So, these bulbs you could plant
not and definitely good to have some onions. So, $1 could grow you 12 onions. In addition,
they got some good deals on some seeds. The seed packet has been picked through a lot.
The seeds here are not 99 cents, they’re 29.99 cents. So, that’s actually 30 cents only,
but 20 cents will buy you a packet of squash or cucumber or lettuce or carrots or radishes,
even actually the best deal here is this corn here. This was marked at 1.99, 29 cents for
a pack of corn seeds. So, next I’m going to show you guys some planters that are actually
stacking planters that they have here at the dollar store. Now, these are the same, or
at least very similar to the ones you just saw. Here they are right here. This is one
kind. Once again, 99.99 cents. These are the stacking planters. You can see this one’s
99 cents. There’s no holes in this, so, you know, you’re going to have to pop some holes
in it yourself, but, check this out, these are made to stack up very nicely, and they
have 2 designs. They have this design and they have these guys over here. This is the
circular design. They probably hold very similar amounts of soil. Check it out. For $10 you
could get a setup like this. This setup is 10 high and this will grow you 30 plants.
So, you know, definitely a good deal. $10, 30 plants, because of the 99 only store. Now,
once again, these are plastic. These are made in Israel, so they may be fairly high quality
but they don’t have any holes in them and if you’re going to grow something this tall
it can get kind of wobbly, so you may want to drill the holes out in the middle, right
through here, and put like a nice tubing through there, like emt tubing, something lie that,
to stabilize it and also of course run an irrigation system and make sure you pop those
holes in it. Now, I’m not a huge fan of plastic, but if plastic planters are going to allow
you to grow more food, I’m all for it. So, next I’m going to show you guys planters that
I do like, actually, that they have here at 99 only store. They got your standard clay
pots. Now, these are nice clay pots. This one pot would be good for like one head of
lettuce or some herbs. Actually, it’s really good to grow mint, something like this, grow
your mint in here and then plant this underneath the ground so that the mint can’t spread out.
So, that’s actually a nice tip, but 99 cents, a nice clay pot, definitely a good deal as
well. Besides the pot, they also have potting soil for 99 cents. Now, I don’t recommend
the potting soil here. You get hardly anything. This is so light, this is not a good deal,
although they make it out to be. So, not everything a the 99 only store is a good deal. Go to
a big box store and get some organic potting soil or organic compost instead, but another
good item at the 99 only store is this guy right here. You can see it’s 99.99 only, but
it’s this guys. It’s a foldable plant support. You can see here, looks like a standard tomato
cage. They’re showing tomatoes here, but I wouldn’t recommend this for tomatoes. These
guys just kind of pop up like this and then there’s 3 bars that hold this stable so it
collapses for easy storage when you’re done with the season, and, you know, for 99 cents,
definitely a good deal, but I would probably only use these and not tomatoes because, you
know what? This is not even that tall, maybe like 2 feet tall if that. Last thing I want
to show you guys here and the 99 cents store that can help you grow more food, especially
if you’re growing vertically, you need to tie so that you can get your plants off the
ground so that they can grow vertically ’cause you may have more airspace than you do land
if you live in a residential area. These guys right here. This is the first time I’ve seen
these at the 99 store. These are clips, and these allow you to basically reuse these clips
to pin up you tomatoes and all different kinds, peas and plants to bamboo stakes. It’s 99
cents for 16 reusable, that’s the thing, reusable plant clips. Great deal, and these guys, on
the back, are marked 2.95. So, that’s 1/3 off here, and I know that these are definitely
a good deal. In addition, they just got your standard flexible plant tape. This stuff might
cot 2-3 bucks at a nursery, just 99 cents here, but once again, I’d encourage you guy
to get the reusable plant ties instead because you can use these year after year whereas
if you just tear this off and tie things, usually that takes more time plus you usually
got to throw this stuff away. They also have some tools down here, and a lot of these tools,
you know, you guys get what you pay for. I definitely wouldn’t recommend them. Some of
them are nicer, something like this, you know, for $1, a little hand trough or shovel thing,
oops, that breaks. I probably wouldn’t recommend some of the stuff that I showed you guys.
They also have some irrigation things, like plastic sprinklers and whatnot. Now, once
again, you guys get what you pay for and I’d probably recommend you spending a little but
more and getting a lot higher quality items, Hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode, learning
more about some of these items at the 99 cent only store that’ll help you grow more food
at home. One again, my name is John Kohler with We’ll see you
next time and keep on growing.

99 thoughts on “Vertical Garden Planter, Plant Clips & other Gardening Supplies for only $1

  1. @cobra5359

    Just about all garden hoses contain LEAD in them unless you get the ones specifically for drinking–like the RV or Marine hoses.

    And we are scratching our heads where we are getting all that lead in our bodies, I doubt many of us eat lead paint off old houses…

  2. Those stackable pots, i tried every where to buy them in Australia and i finally found them in BigW but they are $15 each pot… rip off!!
    found them online, cheapest is $6.60 imported from the UK
    so i decided to make my own…

  3. Good grief!  Can you PLEASE back off the abuse of using the "you GUYS" words!?!?!  …It's not only annoying but inappropriate as well ~ much appreciated 🙂 

  4. made in israel. more like made in palestine, cos they call many of the products made in the illegal settelements as made in israel.

  5. Instead of pulling out that whole head of lettuce ( romaine, oak leaf), cut off the leaves individually, wash and eat. The plant still grows.

  6. The .99 Only store near my house (Ramona, Ca) finally got these and I picked up 8 of them. Two days later, after getting paid. I went back to grab some more and they were all gone 🙁

  7. "hey, do you mind if i film in your store? i promise i'll only trash talk your establishment a little bit."


  8. breaking that trow was the funniest thing ive seen all week. ive bought some cheap things that broke pretty fast but i cant believe that thing survived transit by the way it broke so easily. even more funny is how you managed to keep it low key when it broke unexpectedly.

  9. HAHAHA!!! That "OOPS!" spade thing was soooo funny, I watched it 3 times and still laughed.
    Liked that stackable pot design though.

  10. That trowel does not break, it comes off and can be fitted back on! Plus he proper wrenched on it, get out of their store!!

  11. Hello folks!

    I wonder if anyone would be kind to share the stackable pots Manufacturer name or any other suggestion how I can find the name?
    Here in Israel I have failed to find them and I have looked anywhere..


  12. One thing about using them seeds, when your veggies is ready to pick you can not use the seeds from your crop, they want grow

  13. BALOGNA!!!!!!!  Went to the 99 cent store looking for these stack-able 3 cup planters.  So excited, I grabbed 10 and discovered they are really $1.99 each, NOT 99 cents!!!  Had to cancel that idea.
    Lucky, there was a 2 cup style for 99 cents that hangs on the wall.   When I started to hang them I noticed the label said it was made in China but the plastic material had no labeling.  These are made of some type of mystery plastic I don't want  leaching into my lettuce.  They are going back to the store in the morning.  This video was worthless!!!!

  14. ……………Plastic is synthetic, i do not want it anywhere near food.   – Joseph

  15. You could probably put a PVC pipe to add stability likewise you could also drilled with holes to add a composter to the center and add worms.

  16. Such a great idea to save money. Shelves like that costs anywhere from 30 to 40 dollars in walmart. I need to go get it.

  17. Sure wish I had seen this video when you first made it.  I've never seen these planters 🙁  Guess I'll have to get over to the .99 store, haven't been there in ages.

  18. John, I love your videos and can't find one I saw. It was where you were comparing a seed kit with coir and the other with plugs with plastic. I love the blue dome kit, it looks sturdy, but where is the video and where did you find the kits. I looked at Amazon, but they have the flimsy ones. Please help.

  19. John am trying to find the company that makes the stackable pots. Do you remember the name?
    Don't live anywhere the 99 cents stores.

  20. Will be glad when the 3 d printer gets to the point where we can make these pots at home. Those who sell them online are asking way too much

  21. You should buy the stacking pots and resell them online. There are similar pots online $20+ each, and those stores are only in Arizona, California, and Nevada, so most of the U.S. doesn't have access. I know I would be willing to pay a little more. You could buy them and resell them for $2 or $3 and double/triple your money. And they would sell like crazy I'm sure…

  22. The plastic building pots where interesting. I thought about getting those before and doing just what you said by stabilizing a pipe in the center. Each area that has no holes. I thought of some clay pots that fit in each area for irrigation. Might have to find these since I moved to DE now. I miss the .99 cent store for must have items.

  23. Same stuff in the 99p stores here in the UK.. oddly enough I bought a bag of clips identical here in London. Great vid:)
    I'm not a great fan of plastic either, but it can be reused and lasts, if stored right before recycling.

  24. you were right about the potting soil not being a good deal… i went to the 99 cent store and tried to grow spinich and used their potting soil and now my spinich is almost dead and the soil smells really really bad… i'm gonna have to throw it away unfortunately… Home Depot is better for your gardening needs… but there are some stuff at 99 cents that can be beneficial for your gardens like a small garden rake or a small garden shovel… things like that.

  25. those unions at the beginning of the video for .99 cents are $3.98 at your big box hardware store. Thanks for the video and the info. i am going to utilize this info and save me some money this year. Chears

  26. they don't sell them here in dollars stores
    north carolina, when I lived in NY I saw them back in 2010

  27. These would be OK if you were just growing regular plants but I don't know about where you are but out here in California there are warning signs on the planters saying they have carcinogens known to cause cancer. 99 cent stores have also been busted for selling products that contain high amounts of lead (Same goes for the reusable bags you find in grocery stores if you didn't know, FYI). I ONLY buy biodegradable, non toxic, organic planters for growing my fruit and vegetables.

  28. I appreciate all that you do and share. I would hope that you suggest that people make sure that they are not using or planting GMO seeds.

  29. I went to the UK equivalent, 99p store.
    I got the same stackable planters and the clips.
    I also found a soaker hose 19ft long!
    I would be interested on a video how to irrigate the planters, thanks

  30. Hi John, Love your tip to try out the stacking tower garden pots. I'd see the silly things and even had some, but didn't know they were meant to stack like that. Go figure. Anyway, just wanted to share how I got extra holes in the bottom without blowing out or cracking the plastic. Burn it. Yep! Just used a little flame to heat up the end of an ice pick type tool and it melts the hole just where you want it. Yay! Also, I have them stacked on top of a bird bath so the pots are on the right level to make them easy to tend. I put them in an area in my garden where they are handy but tucked where they are not an eye sore either. Perhaps when stuff grows in the pots the tower won't look like a stack of cheap plastic. For $8 bucks it's worth a try. Right? Gotta love the dollar stores.

  31. I'm just wondering if anyone knows the answer: does the plastic degrade over time and leach plastic particles into the soil, which eventually will be taken up by the roots of whatever plant you have potted in plastic? I will research, but maybe someone in John's audience knows the answer? Thanks!

  32. I purchased the round stackable planters at a local flea market here in Tampa Bay. DO NOT try to drill waterholes to the plastic. It cracks.. I used a cheap soldering pencil and could do three or four trays at a time. I stack five of them up and thread a 3/32 covered cable through them, supported on the bottom. I then attached them to an overhead pipe, and hanging five stacks on each pipe. I then use a hydroponic solution to feed them, with a pot on the ground below them. this is my fifth year with the same group of planters, they should make it through this season and one more.

  33. There's always incredible finds at the 99 Cents only (or Dollar Tree) stores.. unfortunately some items don't restock.. perhaps it's limited because they buy-out remaining/old stock?

    Some of my regulars:

    Frozen Fruits:
    Winding River Farms frozen blueberries
    Jennifers Garden mango chunks (dollar tree)
    Jennifers Garden tropical sun-ripened frozen blend (papaya, pineapple, mango, banana)
    TJ Farms Select frozen strawberries
    Dole frozen ( honey lime ) pineapple
    Stahl Bush Farm frozen 'Healthy Berry Blend' (with the hard-to-find 'Black Raspberries'!)

    Frozen Meals:
    Saffron Road frozen Chicken Masala with Basmati Rice
    Jimmy Dean frozen Chorizo Breakfast Bowl
    Fast Bites frozen Sausage Cheese Biscuit

    Farmer John's Braunschweiger (pate)
    Yoplait Oui yogurt (2 or 4 for a $1)

    Tempt Living Harvest Coconut Hempmilk
    Sliced canned olives
    Campbell Home-Style Clam Chowder + Polar Minced (canned) clams
    Condiments/Spices (Himalayan pink sea salt, Thyme, Sage, Cilantro, Nutmeg, Oregano, Rosemary, etc)

    Lil Dutch Maid Almond Windmill cookies (tastes like Biscoff!)
    Lil Dutch Maid Coconut cookies
    Pizzeti Grana Padano And Tomato

    Fruits & Vegetables: Watercress, radishes, tomatoes, celery, Kiwi, shredded carrots, bag of mini cucumbers
    and my favorite:
    Pacific Spring Mix salad bag (Baby lettuces (Red/Green Romaine , Red/Green Oak Leaf, Lollo Rosa, Tango), Spinach, Mizuna, Arugula, Frisee, Radicchio, Tatsoi, Red Chard, Red Kale, Red Leaf, Red Mustard)

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