Unloading Straw Bales – Unconventional Thinking

Unloading Straw Bales – Unconventional Thinking

We just unloaded the black truck now. We got on load the trailer. We were going to beat calves right away I forgot the black truck and loaded the moms here to help us so we figured what the heck. I might as well just Go ahead and get everything unloaded because It’s not going to get easier We looked at Mom’s not here to help us so Yeah, I figured I might as well. Just bring you guys along for the ride if I have to sit through you guys do do Joy, not that bad if it was a haze a lot heavier, and we’re going to be doing a lot of lifting by hand considering that we don’t have an elevator to lift up in the barn taurus, so Travis is backing up now when a parts truck guide, men start unloading Hopefully do it pretty quick Mayor Great back turn your wheels slightly to the right slightly We just found out. Oh, yeah now. You’re digging Bobcat pick them off one at a time I mean for 500 times That’s what I say Yeah that Remember that burn egg grab a bucket. Oh yeah dump it out I can feel that. They’re getting lighter all right. They’re getting lighter my father To get them off Beware What and broening build apparent? Yeah What nightmares are made of? So we got all 330 bales in the barn I’m getting phone call That’s good. So we got all 330 bales unloaded and into the barn Unfortunately, we couldn’t back the trailer up to the barn to make it easy to unload but fortunately We did have the runnig grapple bucket that made it a lot easier to move the bales from the trailer over to the barn rather than carrying them all the way over and lifting them up, so we got to do all our chores now, but I figured I’d just take you guys along with the ride and might as well make you guys sit through the treachery of moving straw bales, so Anyway, thanks for watching be sure to check out all our other videos be sure like comment subscribe and be sure it’s out on Facebook Instagram Twitter and Snapchat farm to work and

100 thoughts on “Unloading Straw Bales – Unconventional Thinking

  1. Ryan to make it easier cleaning the trailer off you could've used the last 3 bales and dragged them from the front end to the back to get rid of it all

  2. I remember one time earlier this year when Travis admonished me to think outside the box. It seems that happens on a regular basis at Kuster Farms. I say it's smart.

  3. I'm no farmer but I love watching your videos! Past videos you do round bales, why square and what's the difference? Oh, what is the barn cats name??

  4. great that you had Mom there to help you lads and lucky you had the Bobcat with the new bucket.
    Brings back many memories with the small bales when I was a young lad.

  5. A custom made grab that fits through the door on a Telehandler. Less manual work for mum, who was not using gloves I noticed lol. Mum is hardcore, hands like a pumice stone I bet.
    Why do you use a hay loft rather than a shed and use larger bales, 4 or 6 string?

  6. When it comes to handling small bales, you can't beat some large bow bale ( or some might call them longshoremen's ) hooks ! You might still find than a arm auctions and antique shops .

  7. Good grief the looks of the heights standing on the top of that load of straw just makes me nauseous. Never did handle heights well, especially on a wagon or trailer. in motion.

  8. That grapple may not have been the quickest way to handle them bales, but it beats the hell out of carrying them. If you guys are going to be handling a lot of them in the future, look in to a bale grapple. We have a pair of Hoelscher accumulators and grapples that are just slicker than hell the handle a lot of small square bales. I think I put a video of ours up on here a few years ago.

  9. We made 850 hay bales one year and we had to bring them in from the field on a really hot day, note this is in Northern Ireland

  10. Couldn't have pulled the truck into the doorway of that other shed to back up? Looked like that would have given you a level backup rather than that slope that seemed to be causing the problems. In any case letting the machine do the lifting was the right solution.

  11. I moved about 10000 little bales this summer of hay its straining work we did it all by had and stacked higher than that and I'm only 13

  12. What is the difference between hay and straw? I'm not from a farm area and have no idea what the difference is… (thanks)

  13. I 'm glad you did it , My brother and I did that job too . My Dad use to have a cow calf operation here in Northern Ontario Canada ( 300 head) I think we either baled or hauled hay 12 month a year . Was a good education working a farm .Like your video

  14. Too bad Mom doesn't run the skid steer. For just 300 bales her hands can handle that many just fine.Yes I can stack bales way better, true those bales won't last long but come on.

  15. I think about all the assholes at google, etc. etc. in silicon valley lounging in their chairs with the latest creation from starbucks delivered to them…. making $160,000+++ a year with their latest designer sneakers on the desk at $200 a pair. 40" computer monitors and half the day in "meetings" . Instead of being fined for speeding with their new Tesla's or double parking, they should be sentenced to 16 hours labor on the nearest farm. Picking strawberries and learning some Spanish would bring them right back to reality.

  16. What an inspiration, because of u now I want to own my very own farm, I have learned so much watching your videos

  17. Hot is one of the three factors when stacking bales be it hay or straw. The other two are sweaty and dusty.

  18. that goes back a ways for me having to do that 4 times a week bearing in mind bob cats weren't around back then ….. well they were but all the places had them had imported them privately in South Africa

  19. u know that if you keep doing small square bales u can use the bale spear but instead of using just one spike u can use 2 spikes

  20. I fell off a hay wagon before in to traffic. Not fun almost got ran over. Luckily i landed on the bales that shifted off of the wagon

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