UC Master Gardener Program “Advice To Grow By … Ask us!”

UC Master Gardener Program “Advice To Grow By … Ask us!”

The Master Gardener network has allowed me to be in different places that I did not know existed talked to different people that I probably would have never met and built relationships strong relationships with beautiful individuals. It’s interesting how one thing that everybody has in common sort of branches out to another thing that everyone has in common. One of the things that got me into the Master Gardener Program was going back to gardening after working a career and not doing it for a long time. I came into the program thinking I wanted to give back and really what I got is I’ve been given to. My nextdoor neighbor became a Master Gardener and his yard was beautiful and I said, oh my gosh, I want to do that. I want to become a Master Gardener. We’re at the water conservation garden in El Cajon This is a demonstration garden focused on educating the community about water conservation. Luscious red tomatoes, tender green zucchini So another favorite of mine is the sensory garden You’ve got ones that are slightly fuzzy and have a really pungent smell when you really get in there and get those essential oils on your fingers We’re here at the Carlsbad flower fields The Master Gardeners have been invited to provide a display and demonstration garden. I love Abutilon, and this is Crassula ‘Calico Kitten’, Echeverra ‘Lola’ Kalanchoe luciae Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire’. The farm and food lab is located at the Orange County Great Park in the city of Irvine This is one of my favorite exhibits in the garden, we call it the edible garden. It’s our largest raised bed. This is our exhibit on pollination We can look up by spinning a wheel which animals are the most important pollinator Do we think of monarch butterfly is good or bad? Well, it depends So the garden you see here is actually a place that Master Gardeners come and learn how to do some hands-on garden I’m making my own soil for my garden, and it’s so rich and so good for it. We teach about fruit tree pruning and sustainable practices Welcome to in the garden with UC Master Gardeners. It is a phenomenal program We have about 1.2 million people in our listening audience I am Katrina Kirkeby your host for today. And what we talk about is best practices in gardens It’s called “In the Garden with UC Master Gardeners” Carthay Environmental Studies School Magnet it is for students grades K through 5 We have a variety of different science garden projects because we’re an environmental study school, teachers teach weather, they teach plants they teach about where our food comes from, and then we have an opportunity to do lab work in the garden itself. So the students will start seeds and then they’ll plant them in raised beds. We have one raised bed for each grade level Right now we’re in Compton, California at Moonwater Farm, and this place is lovely. Beyond Compton, one of the oases of community. We have so much to offer in such a compact location the owners Kathleen and Richard has opened up this space to allow me to facilitate wellness, community wellness events to be a part of their programming which is my farm camp. Right in the heart of Hollywood, we’re right next to the Hollywood Freeway at the cross street of Fountain Ave or St. Andrews This garden was a vacant lot there was actually an empty rundown trailer on it. The community came together and decided to do something with it and they decided to make it a community garden. Grow LA, Victory Garden, classes here its a beginning gardening classes for people that maybe know a little bit about gardening but wish to learn more Or people that have absolutely no clue. It really is a gem. We were taught by University of California professors and experts in every subject from soils insects, plant disease, we were given information that we could pass on with confidence knowing that it was science-based and it was coming straight from the University of California There’s a lot of benefits really to gardening, and I feel that the Master Gardeners are helping to bring that to our local community. I see the Master Gardeners as being a way to facilitate the community. It’s really a thrill to go and give a talk and open people’s minds to things that they didn’t realize and ways that they can do things that they they didn’t know about It’s a real thrill. If I don’t garden I become depressed, I need to do it. Supporting gardens like this are so key to sharing the joy and love and knowledge of gardening with the public. We wanted to serve and we wanted to volunteer and we had a heart for volunteerism but in a garden setting. The earth is the best place to be at one, and be who you are and share it with everybody around about you, no matter what you look like.

8 thoughts on “UC Master Gardener Program “Advice To Grow By … Ask us!”

  1. Absolutely marvelous video! Makes me proud to be a member of such a fabulous group. The demo gardens are fantastic! So much work and so much time spent in them to make them so inviting. If I weren't already an MG, this video would make me want to become one. Job well done.

  2. Couldn't agree more with the featured MGs. To be a MG is an honor and a privilege. What a great joy it is to share this knowledge with the public – and it is such a wonderful way to create connections and build community.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to Master Gardeners. I couldn't agree more that the "giving" returns enormous benefits to the "Giver." My own garden is finally reaping the rewards as well!

  4. I have a question, is the Master Gardener program open to all religions? Does the Master Gardener program allow religious content in there meetings?

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