Trump’s ‘phase one’ China deal sparks hope for farmers: Blackburn

Trump’s ‘phase one’ China deal sparks hope for farmers: Blackburn

100 thoughts on “Trump’s ‘phase one’ China deal sparks hope for farmers: Blackburn

  1. The only president with the balls to take on the media, the establishment, China, trade, illegal immigration, the CIA & FBI

  2. Another example of President Trump keeping campaign promise of Making America Great Again in spite of the resistance and hatred of the Democrats.

  3. 👋Well how interesting . We have Americans starving while farmers find hope in a Chinese deal !
    Our food is not going to America . Everyone knows China is not the cleanest place to grow anything
    Yet our public schools are feeding them food from China . South Carolina has been doing that for years ! As well as many other states .

  4. "sparks hope for farmers" what a gr8 guy for what for the hopelessness he created. This FOX news has the zingers. If you want to take on China forget the rest of the world and do it yourself. Stable do we say?

  5. Great Deal President Trump👍🇺🇸 Farmers are so excited around the 🇺🇸 USA ! Thank you President Trump for keeping your promises 👍🎉🥳🇺🇸☘️

  6. This is what a real President is suppose to do, bolster the American worker, lower taxes, and improve living standards. The Democrats cannot and will not beat him in 2020, it is ordained.

  7. Apparently there is a massive swine virus that has killed off most of the pork in Asia. No one can produce it like we can.

  8. How do we get back the $16.5  billion trump gave the famers in August 2019 and $12.5 billion in 2018.  Many of them already filed bankruptcy and killed themselves.  So to little to late.  SAFT  FIRE TRUMP SAVE AMERICA  who is this lying B

  9. Don't believe a word of it!,why would the Chinese deal with trump,as for the farmers the Chinese have already made deals with Brazil and other countries.

  10. 🤔If this deal is so great, why wasn't the leader of China in the announcement with Mr. Second Coming aka King of Kings, Mr. President G. O. A. T., and Mr. Leader of Planet Earth? 🌎 Who was more important to Xi than the President? 😂 hmmmm…

  11. If your hope rides on deal with China, then you are asking for US to be America Special Administrative Region of China.

  12. We should not be dealing with china at all. We don't deal with Iran due to atrocities to humanity and we shouldn't deal with china for the same reason.

  13. The Fox news interviewer looks like she is dressed for a nightclub. Please, can you wear something without a bunch of slits in your dress that distracts the viewer from what you and your guest are saying?

  14. Will have to wait and see how the Trade deal makes a difference on the farms and in manufacturing. So far it is talk and no action. Nobody has been specific to what items have been covered. Intellectual property… and what? Will China stop stealing designs and reproducing? We wont see that for at least a year. We won't know if they have stopped ripping iPhones etc off until iPhones are better than the Chinese phones again. And that won't happen until at least the iphone 12. Will soya farmers see an upswing in exports and when? What did Trump give away to get these deals? Nothing has been answered just a lot of hot air so far. You felt the impact of the Tariffs now when will you feel the easing?

  15. THE FOX COMMENTATOR ASK QUESTIONS. A response, then she interjects and brings up a subject that has nothing to do with securing better economic policies for the USA dealing with China. The subject, was the agriculture trade situation. Then after being informed that things are going well she brings up the "I" word. She then further states that the current phase one deal will be great if President TRUMP does not get impeached. She wants to make it seem that it is an eventuality. The Left and Deep State WANT that thought in your mind, because … ??? Gallows await them.

  16. I’m a big trump supporter, but I’m tired of hearing about the rich farmers. Don’t be fooled on the farmers because they are no poor class people. I only wish he would address the veteran issues as much as the farmers. When a combat wounded vet gets denied a job seven times without an interview there’s bigger problems then the farmers. Sell some land if your poor and give other the chance to farm.


  18. I hope China go after creepy Joe and his worthless son Hunter, if China would do that they will come out smelling like roses instead of all the corrupt deal they had with the Biden’s. If they could do that maybe Trump will go easy on the trade war.

  19. But remember that president trump is a business man, and no matter what he's going to make a agreement with China or anyone else, and I agree with him, that at the same time we have to be have a eye in China remember that because some of us do not really choices China.

  20. Farmers are doing fine. Not all farmers are globalists. Plenty are satisfied producing food for Americans to eat. I will be happy when a box of cereal is less than $4. I couldn't care less about bleeding heart globalist farmers who sell food to the Communist Chinese for less than we Americans pay for it.

  21. What the hell are they thinking of to give the enemy food products. We can't feed our own people here in the US. Read Sun Tzu The Art of War. an army moves on their stomachs. This is pure insanity. Our food reserves thanks to Obummer are empty. Ronald Reagan put in place a substantial reserve program. All gone. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  22. I like President Trump and love the way he negotiates…but the one "issue" is:
    (I'm probably not the first to mention this)

  23. Hop on the TRUMP TRAIN
    🇺🇸2020 🇺🇸 🚂–W–I–N–N–I–N–G🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🇺🇸🕊

  24. I wish other nations who had good farming infrastructure would learn from this. I'm mainly talking about African nations who have traditionally had great farming communities but have allowed them to be destroyed for so many corrupt and ridiculous reasons. Many African nations could benefit from promoting and maintaining their farming communities which would clearly benefit from trade with big eastern nations like China and Japan. Shows you how corrupt and stupid many African leaders are when they've allowed their once massively successful farmers and agricultural industries to fall apart or be destroyed.

  25. The universe is always a war of righteousness, but justice can't be smooth, especially the people on Wall Street are the accomplices of the devil. Trump is now holding back. After the re-election, ten CCPs are not enough to die!

  26. I know we are all saying where is hunter but soon we will say where’s Obama Hillary and joe when the reports start coming out. I am sure they are looking at an out of country trip so they can escape from what they have done. Pure 100% treason.

  27. I'm confused; dems think it okay for Biden to run a Chinese company that is known to use child labor, but its not okay for Trump to make any positive trade deals with China??? Eh???

  28. Congrats to Trump. Sold out any hope for democracy in Asia just like his Bush/Clinton dynasty predecessors. Gone are the days of Reagan and Carter who actually followed their moral convictions.

  29. Democrats can't seem to understand that they work for the AMERICAN people not us work for them. It's a lesson they will never learn.

  30. Unfortunately I don't know any influential people or politicians so I watch the News.

    Be like me.

    Watch as many varying spectrums of the political spectrum and geographic sources.

    It is empowering to know his side her side and be able to know the truth lies somewhere between.

  31. It's too bad that the Dems are too busy spending the tax payers money doing eternal investigations instead of doing the job they were hired for. The USMC should have been signed a few months ago but the Dems won't give Trump a victory so they will ignore these trade deals to the detriment of the American people…do nothing dems control the house and purse strings…no bills are being passed by the House for 3 years save for all the executive orders Trump is doing for the people.

  32. Pork is the big deal here. Not many people know about the terrible swine flu in China. This has caused the price of pork has tripled and quadrupled in some areas there. China does not have the pork to sustain its own people even in other markets, they tried that only to realize that they need the USA pork market. Farmers stay strong along with the rest of Americans that have suffered in this trade war. We have in place the best man for the job.

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