Tracey Ullman Calls Meryl Streep "The Cream Of The Crop"

Tracey Ullman Calls Meryl Streep "The Cream Of The Crop"

ladies and gentlemen Tracy alder I think one of our most memorable and poignant moments together was at the end of filming plenty and we're on our way home from Tunisia on a crowded flight sipping champagne and we were laughing it somebody that you and I know who we were laughing at without mentioning any names here as always one actually a hate on a production boy I'm not saying who it was ever and we were bitching about him and certainly guess what happens an engine blew on the plane and the other one cut out and we began to descend and the lights went off and a young zest your death started crying which is never a good sign and after the initial screams we both went very pale and we held hands and we became reflective and you said brought down that that woman who's writing that horrible unauthorized biography on me will have a terrific ending peanut and I thought oh god I'm definitely gonna get second billing here Trish I could see the headlines you know screen legend Streep in Tunisian air disaster also aboard limey comedienne Stacey Pullman and we made an emergency landing in these France where we the charming French ground staff not surprising you treated us like crap even you anything you and you so granny get treated like crap then or now I don't care she hit you do you know what this bitch for the earth was a good kill I don't kill you have most of your virginal boarding pass merci so anyway you are a cut above the rest Meryl you are the cream of the crop and all these tribute and Lifetime Achievement humanitarian in show business millennium thespian of the millennium awards they're happening now and it is puzzling to me because you're only in your early 50s a wonderful time for most actresses please give me a joke please let's come to that I love ya it's lovely to be here tonight you

30 thoughts on “Tracey Ullman Calls Meryl Streep "The Cream Of The Crop"

  1. Yes meryl streep is the cream of the cock. Isn't Streep one of the actresses who got young actresses who are starting to the casting couch of weinstein.

  2. Evidently Tracey does not know, Meryl Streep is an ( alleged) pedovore as she likes to eat human flesh in one of the special LA restaurants, that offer it, on the side and in the shadows. They know cannibalism is a crime, but Hollyweird, seems to ignore that . Nothing there to celebrate or respect. Sorry Tracey……you missed out on that one. Meryl is such a " good actress". she fooled you. I think she is just typecast and does the same whiny, pitiful roles, all the time ; I expect created for her.. How does she gets these " oscars " ?? they are all pedophiles and pedovores, so they support each other. My personal view on this Hollyweird tragedy of humanity.

  3. She takes the show in 3 minutes. Not to be believed. Absolutely wonderful. The next life achievement award to her!

  4. <3 them BOTH πŸ˜‰ But I must say, how is TRACEY ULLMAN able to clap for herself 3:00 during Meryl Streep's tribute???

  5. Loved Tracey Ullman for a long time and she is going strong now.. 2018!! great singer/dancer/comedienne!!

  6. Tracey I have watched for years including the Tracey Ullman Show. She is so good. She can make Meryl stand up and laugh and clap. Tracy also was a singer for awhile and she was very good.

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