Toyota Prius Projects: “Charged Life: LA Guerrilla Gardening” | Prius Hybrid Plug-in | Toyota

Toyota Prius Projects: “Charged Life: LA Guerrilla Gardening” | Prius Hybrid Plug-in | Toyota

20 thoughts on “Toyota Prius Projects: “Charged Life: LA Guerrilla Gardening” | Prius Hybrid Plug-in | Toyota

  1. Or the fact that it's pretty damn hard to find the page for this particular video to be able to add comments, or the fact that hardly anybody spends the time to comment on a video promoted by Toyota.

  2. It's a really good video. I agree that the sparsity of views and comments is almost certainly because the video is hard to find or because it's an endorsed video–and a lot of times the endorsed videos blow.

  3. This just gave me an idea for how to cover a lot of territory fast that needs little care and minimal water—propagate and plant succulents.You can always add a little color in between to break the monotony. Oh yeah, folks. They make fun of monkey grass on the home landscaping shows…but it is a sure thing that maintains itself, especially under live oaks or any shade.

  4. I just cried from how beautiful this is. Thank you Guerrilla Gardeners! And thank you Toyota for finding them and sharing them.

    BTW. I love my 2004 Prius. It gets 50-55 mpg on the highway and 40-45 in town, and that's with the hatch back stocked with plants and gardening tools, and the back seat with kids. ;D Plant a garden, grow your own food, and save the planet for human habitation.

  5. the city would not allow a permit for beautification gardening – HOW TYPICAL of F****n' bureaucrats!!!!

  6. Aloha Aquaculture Enthusiasts: Mahalo to Dr. James Rakocy, Dr. Wilson Lennard, Dr. Gideon Hulata and Dr. Allen Riggs who have done a great job presenting at the International Workshop on Aquaponics and Tilapia during August 2010 at Hilo, Big Island of Hawaii. To learn more about the workshop and to watch many free, full length presentations from that workshop go to AquacultureHub website, YouTube, Facebook and twitter.

  7. Its great what you guys do! But please use native plants! We are changing the habitas that took millions of years, one plant at a time. I have started that in my own backyard, out goes my nandina bamboo, chinese this chinese that and planted sages! they smell good, are drought tolerant and I just saw a humming bird yesterday!

  8. A city does the worst enviromental harm.Clean water is pumped in sewage is returned to the country side ,rivers , ocean .Food grown in other countries is hauled in,how much fuel does it take to make all this happen?Huge quantities people head in and out ot the the cities.How much fuel is used making this happen?Look at the outside of a city about 10-15 miles out on google earth and see the impact.Move off the plantation-city to the country and enjoy the beauty there and grow your own food .

  9. Two things I love, Toyota and guerrilla gardening! They should grow food like the other org in LA, Ron Finley

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