Top 12 Vegetables For Your Garden! Jere Gettle’s 12 Favorite Varieties!

Top 12 Vegetables For Your Garden! Jere Gettle’s 12 Favorite Varieties!

For more than 20 years now, Baker Creek founder
Jere Gettle has been on a quest to find and offer the world’s tastiest — and most nutritious
— heirloom varieties. Jere made a list of his top 12 favorites … we’re
calling it “Jere’s Delicious Dozen.” Number 12:
Chinese Pink celery is a rare and treasured vegetable from northern China. The bubblegum-pink stalks add beauty to the
garden and the dinner table. And it’s much easier to grow than traditional
European celery. We think it’s the most amazing celery of
all time! Number 11: Chinese Red Meat radish
Long ago, in the harsh winter climate of northern China, real fruit was hard to come by. So families substituted these sweet, red-fleshed
beauties instead. When grown in cool weather, Chinese Red Meat
is the sweetest of all radishes. In the U.S. it’s also known as watermelon
radish. Number 10:
Red of Florence is our favorite red onion! This torpedo-shaped allium from the capital
of Tuscany has a delectable and perfectly balanced flavor. It grows exceptionally well in both the greenhouses
and the gardens at our Missouri farm. Its oblong shape makes for easy cutting and
more uniform slices, too. Number 9:
Celtuce! This famous stem lettuce of China is a standard
in our Baker Creek kitchen and one of the most delicious vegetables we know. Burpee’s introduced it in the U.S. in the
early 1940s, but it never really caught on, and it’s still really new to most Americans. It is fabulous in salads, soups and stir fries! Number 8:
Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato. A staple of the classic, vegetarian-based
Okinawan longevity diet, these gorgeous lavender-purple tubers are among Jere’s favorite vegetables
of all time. Number 7 Chinese Red Noodle Bean
Jere loves the tender, 18-inch long crimson and violet beans that are a staple in our
summer kitchens. This old favorite from China is attracting
a devoted following in the Americas. Number 6
Purple Lady Bok Choy is a classic, easy-to-grow vegetable with a beautiful — and antioxidant-rich
— purple color! It is one of the best-tasting leafy vegetables
you can grow. Number 5
What’s not to love about tatsoi? It’s a nutrition powerhouse, with double
the calcium of cow’s milk and twice the Vitamin C of oranges! This 1,500 year old Chinese variety is also
one of the most winter hardy of Asian greens! Children and grownups alike prefer tatsoi
over most other greens for its amazing flavor and texture. Number 4: Dragon Tongue Bean
The big, tender pods of Dragon Tongue bean are adorned with lovely plum-colored splashes
and stripes over a golden-colored skin. A masterpiece of plant breeding in the Netherlands,
they are the finest tasting of all beans. Number 3 Yod Fah Chinese Broccoli (We used
to call Chinese Kale for photo searches) Jere adores this most flavorsome of green
vegetables, which tastes like a blend of asparagus, broccoli, and kale, combining the best aspects
of all three. This classic Chinese veggie is a favorite
in kids’ gardens. It is much more tender and sweet than traditional
broccoli heads — plus it’s easier to grow! 2 Kyoto Red Carrot
Nothing beats the taste of this ancient heirloom treasure from Kyoto, Japan, Jere loves the
supersweet, blood-red roots that include floral notes and a hint of fruit. They grow best over winter, and in fact these
super-long tapered carrots are the ultimate wintertime treat in Japan, fetching 300 yen,
or about $3 each, in Kyoto. They’re traditionally carved into the shape
of a plum blossom on New Year’s, to represent fertility in the coming year. And Jere’s Number One favorite vegetable? Chinese Python Snake Bean. He loves this Chinese gourd relative for its
superior tasting, green bean-like pods and easy-to-grow beautiful vines that are the
pride of the garden! Because of their unique shape, they’re hard
to ship and not available in grocery stores. Chinese Python snake bean may be the best
kept secret in the vegetable world! And that’s Jere’s Delicious Dozen. How many have you tried?

35 thoughts on “Top 12 Vegetables For Your Garden! Jere Gettle’s 12 Favorite Varieties!

  1. 12. Chinese Pink Celery, 11. Chinese Red Meat Radish, 10. Red of Florence Onion, 9. Celtuce, 8. Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato, 7. Chinese Red Noodle Bean, 6. Purple Lady Bok Choy, 5. Tatsoi, 4. Dragon Tongue Bean, 3. Yod Fah Chinese Broccoli, 2. Kyoto Red Carrot, 1. Chinese Python Snake Bean
    I’ve only tried the Chinese red meat radish (watermelon radish) and dragon tongue beans…. and love them both! Already have seeds for Ch. pink celery & python snake beans. Can’t wait to plant these next season, and to try all the others!

  2. Wow! Jere Gettle's 12 faves look like beautiful additions to any garden. Keep your YouTube voiceover/announcer too! She makes your list of 12 favourites sound even more sumptuous! You can count on my order next season!

  3. Grew pink celery, celtuce, purple bok choy, and the noodle beans this season. The purple bok choy is probably going to be our favorite from this list – grew Shanghai green bok choy in the spring and it was beautiful as well.

  4. I hope if you guys ever decide to have a outside the Us store or warehouse that you open one in some EU country so us europeans can buy these beautiful veggies and other from your website

  5. I love seed histories! ty for seed stories season 0ne ty fo all the videos you guys, EVERYONE'S favoerite seed house in the world are doing!

  6. I am harvesting Tatsoi right now (in PA), and have sowed Purple Lady Bok Choy and Cylindra Beets (not in this video). I love trying new vegetables in my very small garden and containers. Please offer some ways (recipes) to use these unusual vegetable varieties.

  7. Asia is extremely polluted. It may be a crazy question but has any of that pollution gotten into these plants/seeds? Can these be considered truly organic/non gmo?

  8. I grew dragon tounge this year. Side by side with my green beans it was slightly juicier, sweeter, and tangier than the green beans. I prefer the more subtle and savory nonsour green beans. Won't be growing dragons tounge again even though they look neat.

  9. I've tried to grow #4, #9 and #12. Every one of them failed miserably. ( and 12 pretty much failed to germinate, and #4 was overwhelmed by other pole beans in my Earthbox.

  10. I just ordered a bunch of seeds from you guys this morning! I wanted the snake beans, but they've been sold out for a while now! Is there any way to get notified when they come back into the shop?

  11. is where you can order from Baker Creek. Just saw a couple of comments asking for a link & thought I'd be helpful for those that don't know. 😊

  12. I grew #6 – the Purple Lady Bok Choy – in my 2019 garden. Delicious! Will be growing it again in 2020. The Kyoto Red carrot looks interesting. Will have to check out that one for next year! Best wishes from Kate in Olympia, WA.

  13. I grew the Chinese Python Snake Bean — it was fun to see them grow – and they grow VERY QUICKLY! You can literally see the difference in a day or two's growth. Incredible! BUT you want to eat them when they are small — when they are large, they are very fibrous and you spend half of your time taking the fibers out of your mouth. It's like eating a large mouthful of very tough, stringy celery. You can't chew them up, so they end up as just a big ball of fibers in your mouth. — The seeds are rather large and there are several in each bean – when you cut the bean pod into pieces for cooking, you'll see that it resembles a loofa. It's a very interesting plant. I don't know if I'll grow it again next year, but once you buy 1 packet of seeds, you'll never need to buy another one because you'll have lots of seeds from just one plant.

  14. I grew celtuce early last spring—it stood up extremely well to the damp, cold spring we had in WA, it is also one of the most beautiful crops I have ever grown, but the taste was just OK, I don't plan to give it the space it needs this coming season.

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