The Venus Flytrap / How to Grow a Venus FlyTrap : Everything you need to know in 3 minutes.

The Venus Flytrap / How to Grow a Venus FlyTrap : Everything you need to know in 3 minutes.

Hi everyone welcome back to the greenhouse.
In Todays video, We are going to talk about Venus-flytraps. To give you guys some tips and tricks about
growing them to make sure you have as much success as I do. Now one of the misconceptions
about growing Venus-flytraps is that there really hard to grow. That is a total misconception
they just need to be grown in the right way. They don’t make good house plants, What you
should begin with them is replicating what they naturally go through in their environment
In that Carolina’s. So in the Carolinas the summers are warm and humid. So they’re gonna
need warmth and humidity for the summertime, in the spring and the fall it cools down just
like everywhere. In the wintertime they’re going to want to go dormant so in the Carolinas
the weather is hovering just around zero. Sometimes a little bit below, sometimes a
little bit above. For December January and February you want to Venus-flytraps to go
through dormancy. If you leave them in the house, or the heated greenhouse just like
here, after one or two years they just gonna start to weather and die. They need torments
in order to gain strength for the following growing season.
Now another thing to look out for here, I have some Venus-flytraps Set out on this table,
Another thing about them is they want No nutrients in their soil. I use the peat and perlite
mix here in the greenhouse And it works very well. So you never want to fertilize a Venus-flytrap
And you naturally want to catch their own bugs or feed them a fly or two every once
a while, do not feed the Venus-flytraps hamburger Or anything like that. Another thing Is notice
is that They are in a tray of water. You want to make sure that Venus flytrap never dries
out, they grow in boggy conditions In the Carolinas. Never allowing these to dry out
is going to be one of the main things that keep these guys healthy.
I have a few different kinds and varieties here, so you can see this guy here.
And this guy here, this guy even has a flower. This is my main colony here in the big pot
this is just original Venus flytraps Cultivators, I have Been growing them for a few years and they
have been really multiplying. It started as one and look how many are in
there now. I like to put them in a deep pot because the
roots do like to go deep down into the soil And it makes it easier for watering.
Anyways guys, with these few tips hopefully you’re going to be able to keep your Venus-flytraps
happy and healthy as well. If you like this video, make sure you hit
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Thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “The Venus Flytrap / How to Grow a Venus FlyTrap : Everything you need to know in 3 minutes.

  1. Can you use the coco brick dirt?  I ordered some of these so I have extra,  it suppose to be just coconut hulls,  no fertilizer!!!

  2. lol pray for a fellow fly trap that my nephew bought and he just turned 6 and he thinks they eat dirt, pls pray for the poor fly trap I can't do anything about it

  3. I have just bought some traps, do I just put them in peat moss? I've got a pot with a few holes in it and a small bowl filled with water but I haven't re potted them

  4. Hey Brad, Question i live in NJ and just bought my first since i was 6 lol Anyways question is how would i let it go to dormancy in my area? Leave it outside? Refrigerator?
    I was going to put it in one of those bell jars or something but now i'm going back on it. Anyways any help would be great. Thanks man.

  5. If I live in Northern Virginia zone 7, hot and humid during the summer and cold during the winter, can I just leave my Venus flytrap outside on my west facing balcony? Also can you plant them in plain sphagum moss like you can with succulents?

  6. venus flytraps aren't hard to take care of at all! Simply recreate the north temperate rainforest ecosystem of South Carolina, with a particular 4 season dynamic. Thanks, Brad!

    lol jk… kind of

  7. Thanks Brad…I love carnivorous plants and I have two of those babies….planters and venus fly traps…I purchased them while I lived in Florida and we recently moved to South Carolina so I'm going to repot soon…so the Carolina's works well and that's a plus because I was worried about my "Audrey II"

  8. Hi I have had my venus fly trap for nearly a year it has growing really well has flowered and have only given it rain water and I have not given it any fertilizer but I have had it in a bowl of rain water constantly and it has thrived till now it has started to turn black the traps are turning black we are at the end of summer now in the UK do I stop watering it once it was a heathy fat plant now it seems to be shrinking what's going wrong please

  9. Hi Brad, we do not have winters that fall below 0, we sometimes have 4 degrees centigrade, i want to try my hands on these one. What can you suggest? Thank you.

  10. If you buy one from Home Depot or any store DO NOT divide. The smaller divisions will suffer, keep them together until you see vigorous growth. Keep them together until the division hits a decent size.

  11. i live i south carolina, i have never seen anything near zero. we are usually at the coldest, upper 20's for a very brief few hours of a cold snap.

  12. I just watched a video on these and it said to do the complete opposite. I guess that means try both methods and see what happens.

  13. Our house is over run with flies but we live in AL, tried growing a few but they died after sprouting. I just cannot understand what my problems are. Any help… Anyone?

  14. "Missed me" lol my daughter laughed so hard
    But I live in Canada eh and want some for my daughter due to me accidentally knocking her strawberry plant down and told her I'll buy her a cool plant that eats bugs

  15. Hey Brad, Can you tell me if the Dionaea muscipula's roots grow straight down, thus being why a large, deep pot is better on bottom for drainage for them?

  16. Good tips but mine are still dying. The soil is always moist, I use distilled water, the plant is in a window with direct sunlight plus a grow light. I fed it about 2 weeks ago with a freeze-dried bloodworm "paste". I see new shoots poking out but the old traps are dying off quicker than the new ones poking up. Hell one of the traps practically is inside out, I can't seem to figure why I'm having such trouble with an "easy to grow plant".

  17. My VFT didn't go dormant over the winter. It continued to flourish. It recently started to flower because it's Spring now but I cut them off hoping this would help it.

  18. Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love Venus fly traps and have been growing them my whole life. I'm 31 now. LOL I also grow all types of veggies, herbs, succulents and houseplants. Thanks for sharing!!

  19. Learned much thanks my poor flytrap has been totally abused am trying to bring it back! Your greenhouse is very productive!

  20. Do you know where you can get Venus Fly trap at this time of year (Nov/Dec)?   I suspect they would be hard to get but in the last couple months I've been interested in trying these plants out.

  21. You said they need to go dormant in winter with no suggestions as to how to do that in MInnesota. They have to be in the house through the winter.

  22. I don’t think this guys ever been to the great old state of NC. It does not typically get to 0 degrees around here….born and raised in NC….it’s rare that that ever happens

  23. Hello! I've started a mealworm colony in order to feed my new flytrap, they seem to love them, but I'm reading that each trap will only close 2-3 times then it will die off and produce another trap. How often should I be feeding the traps and should I feed them all or just one or two at a time? I get that the flowers produce seeds (which I hear can take up to 2 years to even sprout), however, I also have read that this takes a great deal of energy away from the plant of course, thus potentially killing off younger plants. When should a flower stalk be left alone and when should it be cut back? I know it's a lot of questions, but I want to get it right! Off to watch more videos and THANKS!!

  24. OK so I got meal worms for my VFT. Originally I wanted dried mealworms but when I went to the pet store they advised live mealworms. I know I have to decapitate them. My problem is…i feel like I have too many meal worms and I don't know what to do with them now.
    Do they breed fast when they're beetles?? I only feed my 2 fly traps 1 meal worm per plant between 2 traps per plant.

  25. I live in NYC will it be optimal for me to grow in an apartment? The summers here are really Humid and hot and winters are cold I do have a ledge tho not in direct sunlight or a window.

  26. I don’t think I’m water always is needed. You can let water dry up in pan for 1-2 days. They’ll be okay.

  27. Hey I bought a organic soil with peat moss also in it and other process plants and tree residue inside on it no chemicals in it, is it still viable?

  28. Hey there I hope they see my message I have a question of how deep you have to plant when you are moving your plants to deeper containers please let me know…
    Thank you

  29. It’s summer ( June) and my Venus flytrap is turning black on a couple of them. Don’t know why it’s turning black in summer, it’s not Winter Rest.

  30. I'm germinating fly traps from seeds it's a very slow process haven't sprouted nothing yet hope I'm doing it right

  31. You do realize that these VFT's are some of the hardest plants to keep alive on earth.I had 5 of them all died on me in the space of a month.Used peat and perlite no tap water as there's chlorine in that still died.Waste of time and money.

  32. I love finding niche stuff like this because I literally saw someone say that their dad fed the flytrap burgers lol . That plant will have high cholesterol lol .

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