The Most Boring Pet Reptiles I Own

The Most Boring Pet Reptiles I Own

– A lot of people got
really annoyed recently because I basically
dedicated a whole video to how I find an animal boring. They’re just kind of brownish. They’re not doing anything. I don’t really want ’em. What else is there to them? That was the Colombian rainbow boas which are still kind of boring and there’s still one
for sale, if you wanted. One sold, the other one’s still available, with a little price reduction, ’cause literally nobody wants it (laughs). ‘Cause (clap) that’s (clap) how (clap) you (clap) market animals. Anyway, welcome to this video, where I list my, all the
species I find pretty boring. But that I also own for some reason. First off is one just in this plastic pail with some water in it ’cause I don’t wanna handle him right now. I don’t know where my gloves are and it’s easier to do it like this. But this is Potato, my, I forgot what he’s called. Chubby frog, south painted chubby frog. It’s also on this shirt and hoodie, but no, I’m not plugging it, because it’s not for sale any more. It’s gone, you missed your chance. I’m comfortable starting with this one because it’s kind of, quote,
meant to be a boring pet. Not really, but when you get into it, you know what you’re getting, which is basically just
a squishy, mushy rock that sometimes eats things,
and that’s pretty cool. I don’t have anything against that, I’m just saying it’s really boring, and it’s really easy to kind of, like do nothing with it. Is this video boring yet? They look pretty cool. They’re kind of brown and
they’ve got some orange on it. Admittedly, this cartoon
depiction of Potato is a lot more attractive
than Potato himself, but you know, he still looks pretty cool. I still like him, he’s… Yeah, there he is. This is the most active I’ve seen him his entire life (laughs) and all he did was, kind
of, take three steps. Their husbandry is
about as simple as them. Ambient temperatures that are pretty similar to most people’s houses, keep it wet, and give it bugs. You can’t do much with them overall, you don’t really wanna, I mean I don’t really wanna
take mine out very often, I kind of just want him to sit there and exist, and eat stuff. And I don’t know how to
keep saying stuff about him without repeating myself,
’cause that’s all they are. I do have another video on chubby frogs if you wanna watch it. But that’s my first out of five boring species, you can
check out that video where I did more in-depth stuff on Potato and maybe you can get one of these on eBay someday if people
start selling them. Probably not, but, yep. Next up is one you probably saw in my last video if you
actually watched my videos, Um, a sulcata tortoise. There’s two right now,
another shameless plug except this time I’m also
trying to sell animals that I personally don’t find appealing Sulcata tortoises, there’s two for sale on the site now. So we had one smaller one of these before and I was super excited
hearing that it was coming our way because I had always wanted to be hands on with one
and see what it’s like and Potato just jumped out of his tub. See what it’s like to just some kind of hands on experience,
and I was really worried that I would actually
want to keep it myself, and I got it, I loved it,
I took some pictures of it, I was really excited, and
then about a week later I never gave it any attention again. Again, this is separating
it from the husbandry side of things ’cause I
have help with all that and if I want I can
avoid an animal entirely since I don’t actually do
the one-on-one husbandry unless I want to, but
for the sulcata tortoise I just ended up ignoring it. And these two are a little different because they are bigger
and I tend to like bigger reptiles for some
reason, I don’t know why. But I do, and this is one of those, too. So nothing against them,
there’s nothing wrong with them. I think they’re very interesting. I might dedicate a video to them as well. But, they, for one, they’re
probably a lot more fun when they’re adults
because they get massive. And, two, they aren’t,
they’re a bit interactive, they’ll eat from your hand. They’ll kind of waddle around. They’re very slow animals
as you might expect from tortoises, although
they can be a lot faster than people expect. But you can do a lot with their diet. You can just mix it up
with lots of little treats and stuff here and there,
and their main courses. You can do a lot of cool
stuff in the enclosure. So you might be wondering why
they’re even in this video if you think they’re this cool. And it’s because I needed to
get this video to five species. Because five sounds better than four. Personally though, I still just, it’s not a species that
I’m interested in myself. Look-wise, I think they look
pretty, they look pretty neat. But, I’m not blown away
by any aspect of them. All around, I’d say
they’re cool but, again, my opinion would probably be different if this was a full-sized animal. So, I guess, sulcata
tortoises are on the list, it’s just baby sulcata tortoises. But I’ve never seen a full
grown sulcata in person. I’m just stuck- uh, I didn’t say stuck. I am not stuck with any animal. I love them all equally. They’re all my children. They are all (pants). Sulcata tortoises, they’re not for me. They’re animals. The next one is a fun one. This is Sunny, my ball python. People seem to think that I, like, hold on, let me start over. Let me think about what I’m
going to say before I say it. I really care about Sunny. He’s a cool snake. He’s my first snake, he’s very special. Some people think I care
about him more than I do. If I say that, it sounds
like there’s a cap on how much I care about him. Which there kind of is. Would I take a bullet for Sunny? No. (Laughs) Now I actually have Sunny here, A, to kind of annoy you, and,
B, because I’ve had a lot of ball python experience recently. There’s a lot of ball python. I think we’ve now taken in at
least 30 or 40 ball pythons. Because they just keep
appearing everywhere. And they’re kind of, like, boring. Now, I have no interest in
rehoming any of my personal three ball pythons but
I also have no interest in any more ball pythons. It’s not that I’m turned
off from them, it’s just, I guess I’m kind of getting,
like, a little burnt out ball python wise. Which why I really don’t feel
like reading ball pythons. I’m impressed by people
that only have ball pythons. Just like 50 ball pythons. I know most of them are
breeding and selling, but, and their paint jobs are cool and morphs, but I don’t really care
about morphs that much. And they’re kind of all the same. The amount of individuality
and personality with ball pythons is
lesser to me than others. They’re very similar attitude-wise. Like a ball python that actually
already sold on the site, so I can’t plug it, but it was a male adult
yellow belly ball python. I should have brought it into the shot. But I’m honestly terrified
that I’m going to mix them up, because they look identical. They’re the same size, the
same morph, the same sex, they’re the same animal. And their attitude and
personality is like the same. These things are in no way related. I don’t know where the snake came from. It just showed up at my house. Not really, that’s not how it works. If you want to rehome an animal, you can, and it gets shipped to our FedEx location, and then we work with it here
and rehome and then sell it. But my point is, I see less
personality in ball pythons than other species. Like even boa constrictors,
I see a lot more individuality, personally,
from one to the other. Like how they act, how
they are around people, just some being more or
less personable, some having certain attitudes, or
what appear to be more emotional than others. I don’t know what the best
way to put it would be. But ball pythons, to me,
all seem very similar. And that in no way should
decrease your care, like how much you care
about your ball python, like they’re still a special animal, they’re still your animal. But, this is my video,
and I’m putting them on the boring list. You can’t stop me. So no, Sunny, personally,
I don’t find him boring as an individual, but also
I don’t think he’s the most interesting animal I have. And although he’s special to
me, he’s not that much more special than any other
ball python on earth. Next up is basically ball python 2.0. But just barely, a little more boring. Kenyan sand boas. Currently, there’s three. I have my personal one, Ember, and then there’s two normal sand boas that either are for sale or will be for sale on Emerald Scales as well. A lot of these animals are
just ones that are coming in and out. You might be getting tired
of me saying, “This will “be for sale, this is for sale.” But also this is just
how, this is how it is. Just how it is sometimes,
because there’s a lot of animals coming in. So, I’ll be showing you
everything, as much as I can, and I’ll start actually
showing you all the enclosures once they’re completed. And you’re probably
getting tired of me saying, “This will be for sale,
this is for sale, this is “almost for sale.” But I think a lot of people
are interested in what is and isn’t available on Emerald Scales. I mean it does get a
little repetitive when I say it in every video so,
I’ve said it a couple times in this one. And sand boas are one of those as well. And, basically, although
their husbandry’s not the same as ball pythons, like their temperature and humidity are different, I have care guides for both
if you want on But, they’re like the
attitude of a ball python, except you never see them,
because they borough. So, to me, I’m not even
gonna add that much to it, because, A, I’ve done some
sand boa videos before, and B, it’s basically a ball python to me, except a little more boring. (Cat meows) Can you hear, there’s cats everywhere. Because they are boroughing
species and you’re not going to see them, they
are also nocturnal. So when they are out,
it’s going to be at night. Which, for night owls, then
maybe you’ll actually see your sand boa but, otherwise,
you have to take them out. And they’re cool once they’re out. They’re very cute, they’re
very fun and easy to handle. But to me, they are just,
they’re not quite there. They go on the boring list. Finally, the fifth
species on my boring list. Everyone can predict it. If you know me. Crested geckos. Admittedly, these are
probably the least boring on the list, and everyone
thinks I hate crested geckos, and at this point I’m
just going with the meme. Which is kind of how I got
the idea for this video because I was like, everyone
thinks I think crested geckos are really boring, when actually
they’re not that boring, I just don’t find them interesting myself. But instead of doing that, and
being like a normal person, I’m just going to dig in
the fact that I hate them with all my heart, which
isn’t even true which is what people keep projecting onto me. So, an official statement
from me, Alex Green, also known as GoHerping. I hate crested geckos. Quote it, tweet it, screenshot it. Just get the drama rolling. Even if for tonight, I’d
hate them, like who cares. It’s the most boring thing on earth. What’s more boring than
crested geckos is how boring the fact that I don’t like an animal is. Why does anybody care? I mean, this is a cool gecko, admittedly. I like this one, specifically,
the pattern’s readable. It’s also very fired up right now because I’m handling it, and it ain’t having it. So, yeah, their patterns
can be super cool. They can be very pretty,
they’re easy to feed, they’re easy to care
for, they don’t take up that much space. They’re a great animal for a ton of people but just not for me
because when I see one, I’m like, “Oh a crested gecko, cool.” And then my day continues,
that’s about it. There’s like five here right now and they’re all being cared for wonderfully, but I don’t give them leisure time. I just, I shoot videos all day instead. Not really, I haven’t even
uploaded in like five days even though I’m trying
to be on a schedule. But, no, it’s not happening
because I keep falling asleep. I would admit this crested is pretty cute. He’s kind of, he’s a
little, he’s very wide. I don’t think he’s chunky,
he’s just very wide. I like, okay, this isn’t
a terrible crested gecko. I don’t mind it. This one’s a cool one. This video isn’t going as I meant. So at this point, I just
want to open it up to you, what do you think are some boring species? Let’s be negative, let’s
be pessimistic today. It’s all about this
positivity in the community, no no no, not here. We’re realists, we’re pessimists, we hate everything. What are some boring species? Let me know in the comments. I’m bored. (Smooth jazz piano music)

100 thoughts on “The Most Boring Pet Reptiles I Own

  1. I’d have to say (In my opinion) the most boring reptile to own are turtles and tortoises in general…they live longer than the average reptile. Growth rate is slow….require a lot of space. And depending on the species…a lot of food. I never really Clicked with them to be honest…

  2. my leopard geckos are boring , they just sleep and eat. but the more active one does funny stuff like jump off things, and hunts. the less active one sleeps or watches me from a hide. my crested sleeps during the day but is cute and crawly out of the tank, and my ball python sleeps and roams around the tank and then crawls all over my head when hes out. i like my boring kids

  3. I think leopard geckos, all except black color morphs are boring

    Bearded dragons are not that cool

    All common snakes except BCIs and Western Hognoses are bland, boring, and the same animal to me with a different skin.

    STONE ME 😫

  4. Could you make a video about dumb reptile myths? For an example in Sweden we have a myth (not common anymore) that the european adder can bite it self in the tail, create a wheele and roll forward. I’ve also heard a myth about someone who was babysitting a boa constrictor, who was loose in the owners house for some reason, and went to sleep. He woke up and the snake was next to him stretching his full lenght. He wondered why and they took it to the vet. The vet said the snake had to be euthanized, and they asked why. Because the snake was measuring if the pray would fit in its body, and then it would eat it.

    Sorry for my terrible english, I’m from Sweden.

  5. Alex I LOVE how HONEST you are! I'm not talking about This video , I'm just talking in general like in EVERY video You're ALWAYS , without fail…HONEST! You're by far my favorite Youtuber! You're wise beyond your years, you CARE about your animals *even the boring ones lol Recently some controversy got kicked up (about Spider Ball Pythons) and lots of people brought you up in conversation and it was nothing but POSITIVE 🙂 Thank you for making videos, I 'm a huge fan and you're deserving of the admiration! You have such a HIGH moral code and you're ethically sound, plus you're brilliant with a great personality. I have never gushed like this over someone that I've never met in person *BUT I just really wanted to tell you I think so highly of you! Even I feel PROUD of you (ok that's kinda weird I guess) lol but I do! THANK YOU ALEX for just being you and being my very favorite Youtuber!

  6. Not reptiles, but… I started collecting different varieties of colorful millipedes thinking I would love them. I was entertained for like 5 days. I now have many millipedes that are having many babies and it’s the opposite of exciting.

  7. Potatoe realized Alex was talking shit so he channeled his inner sage which temporarily raised his IQ by 1 point, and that was enough to make him move.

  8. I want a BP and often the reaction is either ignorance or something similar to this in that they just sit around and you feed em a rat every week but that's, kinda why I want one?? I've noticed I'm just really depressed and/or lazy for animals that often need lots of exercise, daily feeding or cage cleaning, so something that doesn't bark, moves slowly, eats/poops once a week/two weeks and lives like 20-30 years while also feeling very smooth and cool(temperature-wise) sounds amazing. I just want a noodle to chill out with me on the couch while I do my online classes and draw tbh.

  9. Yo I’ve been watching your vids for years but I literally just had a break thru. Like 5 secs ago. You’re black! My mind is blown.

  10. I feel like tarantulas are super boring animals to own personally. I just really feel like there isn't much to do with them, and they all act really similar

  11. Is the snake on the site with the reduced price at full size yet? I would consider buying it if it's already fully grown and ready to eat, but otherwise nah; too much effort for only one dinner. I imagine that's why it isn't selling; people aren't sure if it's ready to eat or not.

  12. here in arizona everyone has a backyard sulcata. my friends got stuck under their aboveground pool once lmao, i dont even know why a creature would push its way into a large heavy squishy object hard enough to get stuck under it

  13. Yeah. I agree with three of these. All from experience. Sand boas are dull as all hell. Cresties are dull. Ball pythons are meh. Probably the least boring of the three.

  14. They had a massive sulcata tortoise that used to be at the East Bay Vivarium named Carl if I remember it correctly. He was an absolute tank! According to someone that works there, he went to a farm. I hope he is happy at the farm. 🙂

  15. I'm with you. There are some reptiles I own and love that I just look at and go woowww this is all you do.. Even my leachie which is like a dream reptile for a lot of people. Just is like a extra large crested gecko in my eyes. He is even worse because he won't squirm or run when I try to handle him. He chooses to freeze in place and pretend his doesn't exist

  16. All of my ball pythons have very varied personalities, I pretty much know who will eat and who won’t based on their behavior in the previous days. Some seem more “affectionate”, some seem more aggravated by handling. Some go through mood swings. Some are head shy. They react to food different ways, some do a head wiggle, some freeze then hit, some take it more gently than others.Some ball up when handled others explore. I think if you managed more ball pythons by yourself you’d see some more of the personality they have. I wouldn’t consider them boring, I wouldn’t have lost count if so.

  17. bearded dragons. they spikey, pokey, not fun the hold, they just kinda sit under a lamp and eat bugs and salad… and.. act like a lizard. i find ball pythons more exciting than a beardie.

  18. Hey Alex! I just recently rescued a garter snake from a really bad home. He doesn’t really bite anymore and I can handle him but he seems very nervous and is super flighty when I reach in his cage to pick him up. If he was young this would be different but he is two years old. Do you have any tips?

  19. Can you pls make a (black) rat snake care guide because there's really not a lot of information and you are one of the only sources I trust

  20. Totally not a reptile but my friend randomly gave me a stick bug recently and I must say stick bugs have to be the most useless pet. Every day I think he has died on me because he's just sitting there but the next morning he is in another spot, acting dead all day. I can barely see him, he looks like a gross stick and he gives me anxiety.

  21. All my Asian Dorset scorpion does is sit in one place all day, I’ve come to the realization that I pretty much own a bunch of pet rocks for reptiles too

  22. All throughout that video I kept checking on my cats because I thought something was wrong, but that meowing was comeing from the video lol 😂

  23. I have a western hognose, a leopard gecko and a crested gecko. I’d love to get another crestie and a Kenyan sand boa…
    All of the animals that I have/want hide a lot… I’m not sure what that says about me

  24. Whites tree frogs. Winter comes, don't see them for 4 months. My babies especially just bury themselves and that's it. And they get mad when you try to feed them. They squeak. My frogs squeak. They sound like a dog toy. They squeak loud. Because they want sleep, not eat.
    They are fools.

    And they squeak.

  25. It's good to be honest about what species you're not interested in/find boring, and it's great to point out that it doesn't mean you provide them less than adequate care. Some species are "boring" either due to their activity levels, handleability, as well as care. Those are important things to keep in mind when choosing a pet. Part of being a responsible owner is knowing what you're looking for in a pet and how that also caters to its needs.

  26. I literally never see my ball python unless I take her out. She doesn't even let me watch her eat. I hate socializing too so 🤷‍♀️

  27. I love your sense of humor and honesty so enjoy all the videos you do this one included.
    p.s the supporter names at the end don't scroll up. You've probably been told numerous times but just in case I thought I'd mention it.

  28. A lot of the burrowing / sedentary snakes – I mean sure they can be pretty, but my word is there anything more boring than watching a Danger Noodle snooze?

    Cresties… I have three, I love them. But until you get their daylight / night timing right and them used to some attention… you've got a skittish lizard that hides in foliage. I'd never recommend anyone buy a sub-adult. They do at least all have distinct personalities, which is a plus.

    Turtles – yep, I just branded a whole swathe. I just… don't get what makes them cool, aside from the shell patterns. They're great as a room feature in a well kept tank. But they're not pets, they're tame animals you share your home with.

  29. I’d love for you to someday rescue a gargoyle gecko (if you want to). I find them more fun then cresties (nothing against cresties).

  30. I mean, I’ve owned a ball python for awhile and I can’t deny he’s at least a little boring. He’s pretty curious, but also super chill and sweet and slow. All the time. Just last night my mom asked me what even the point was of having a pet snake. What can you do with it? Outside of saying you can take it out, hold it, and watch it explore, I was kind of at a loss for words.

    Would I ever get another ball python? Unless I see a morph I really really like, nah. One is enough for me. Would I consider getting something like a corn snake, king snake, or hognose? ……Maybe.

  31. My friend had a leopard gecko that did absolutely nothing but sit under his half log and glare at people he was pretty boring

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