The Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture: Farmer reduces water costs by 75%

The Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture: Farmer reduces water costs by 75%

[MUSIC PLAYING] The Internet of Things applies
to everyone in different ways. As a farmer, this is how
I incorporate the Internet of Things into agriculture. Seven years ago, we decided
to get into agriculture as a part-time business. So we studied crops that we
could grow on the weekends and decided on avocados. Five years ago, we finally
found the perfect property. However, it needed
a lot of work. The biggest problem with
growing avocados in California is obviously our drought. Avocados need a lot of water. I was surprised to
discover that there were no commercial systems
designed to schedule irrigation based on soil moisture. Fortunately, we had components
available through the Maker Movement and I
could build my own. This is actually the heart
of the irrigation system. All of our irrigation water is
pumped to the top of the hill up here so that we can mix it
in with the fertilizer that’s in this batch tank. By controlling the
valves that we have here, we can optimize whether
we’re running clean water through the irrigation line
or actually running fertilizer through our Dosatron
injector system. This is our weather station. We use this to track the
atmospheric conditions on the farm. These are the actual
soil moisture sensors. There’s two soil moisture probes
planted at different depths so that we can see
how much water is available in the rooting zone. And again, these are attached
to another radio device for transmitting their data. The soil moisture data is
sent to a cloud service. When the upper sensor
drives down to a set point, it triggers an irrigation cycle. The irrigation cycle runs
until the lower sensor is saturated, thus
ensuring that we’re pushing the salts and chloride
down below the rooting zone. The Internet of Things has had
a tremendous financial impact on our farm. Without it, I’m not sure
I could’ve saved it. By using technology to reduce
our water usage by 75%, it took less than six months
to recoup the investment. Not only that, I know I’m
utilizing a precious resource, water, as efficiently
as possible, thus ensuring sustainability
for future generations.

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