The Future of Farming: Crunch Time Apple Growers

– Growing up in an orchard, I
understood at an early age that it’s a 24-hour a day job, seven
days a week, 365 days a year. – Rain, shine, snow, hail. – It’s not something that
everybody can go out do. There’s a lot of reasons
why I chose to be a farmer. The sense of
fulfillment that goes with people eating a healthy
product that I produce that took years of foresight,
and then a full year of tender loving care of
that tree and those apples, is something that
is very rewarding. – My grandfather, actually, he
thinks of all the apple trees on his farm as his children. Because you had to nurture
them from the onset. And then, you watch them grow
and grow and grow until they’re ready to be produced. – I just think it’s a visual
representation of the fruits, no pun intended, of our labor. – It’s the information
and the techniques and the knowledge
that gets passed down from generation to generation. To go out every day and to work
hard and to work towards a goal and set an example for
my kids and my family, that makes me very proud. The trees that we’re
planting are not going to be trees that we’re
reaping the benefits of. It will be the benefits
of the future generations.

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