The Flying Farmer

The Flying Farmer

– [Female] This Great Big
Story was made possible by Singapore Airlines, a great way to fly. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] With more
than 300 million farmers, agriculture in China is a vital industry. Yet one man chose to break with convention and traded his tractor for a dream. He wanted to fly. Lacking any resources, he built his first successful aircraft from his family’s farming equipment. (man speaks in foreign language) – [Narrator] Today, this
former farmer makes his living building unusual aircraft and spends his free time up in the sky. (light music)
(speaks in foreign language)

88 thoughts on “The Flying Farmer

  1. In my country India, every 15 minutes a farmer is committing suicide while our government is busy helping crony capitalists. Good to see this positive story from our neighbouring country. Peace.

  2. These are autogyros, not helicopters. There is no engine rotating the main blades. Also it cannot vertically take off. It is impressive he designed and build one from scratch but these are not fixed wing airplanes or helicopters.

  3. When your family and friends laugh at what are you doing, you know that you are doing a stupid thing or a great one

    – Naruto Uchiha –

  4. Another einstein, only things different is, he stuck in his role, do farm his entire whole life.. Glad he could do enjoy his copter

  5. A Vietnamese farmer made a helicopter similar to this a couple of months ago but was shut down and the helicopter got confiscated by the government. Gg vn.

  6. Imagine him being a passenger on Singapore Airline, but then flying it as a pilot in the sky..would be…what would he feel the most?

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