“Tegridy Farms” Promo Clip

“Tegridy Farms” Promo Clip

Look. That’s gotta be him. What are you gonna do? I’m gonna tell him if he sells a
vape pen to my brother again, I’m gonna kick his ass! HEY YOU! Oh, hey fellas! Butters?! What are you guys doin? Butters, are you selling vapes? Sure! What’chya lookin’ for?! I’ve got Strawberry, Vanilla, Tropical Passion… WHAT?! TROPICAL PASSION.
It’s like mango and Kiwi. Butters you understand this
stuff is an epidemic in our school?! Yeah and at five bucks a pop we’re gonna be RICH! Butters, this is for Kyle. OOF!

100 thoughts on ““Tegridy Farms” Promo Clip

  1. at 0:05 I legit thought that was Kenny, but then I forgot that Kenny was already standing next to his main clique

  2. Cartman is selling vapes and wants to eliminate the competition but is using an excuse to hit butters

  3. Cartman is selling vapes and wants to eliminate the competition but is using an excuse to hit butters

  4. Cartman is selling vapes and wants to eliminate the competition but is using an excuse to hit butters

  5. Cartman is selling vapes and wants to eliminate the competition but is using an excuse to hit butters

  6. no dude is literally ill fuck any girl strong enough to ask for it so bad she'll have saddle stride and so good it'll ruin her sex life

    i don't want her specifically

  7. Let's not forget it was Kyle who had everyone destroy Cartmans stuff and for real when they thought he was the internet troll.

  8. You know whenever Cartman does anything "for" Kyle he's really just saving his own back or trying to cover up tracks.

  9. It's better to burn out than to fade away. In south parks case, it faded long ago. Welcome to the simpsons/family guy club

  10. I thought this was a promo for the "Tegridy Farms" in the world of south park, not just a promo for the episode "Tegridy Farms"

  11. Parents and antivape ads: Vape companies are targeting your kids to sell nicotine.

    Brat kids with too much money and irresponsible parents: Buys/steals vape products to then sell them overpriced to other kids

  12. And I clip that was the ruling class Butters we're going to be rich but yeah the American people and these other countries are the hands that feed the ruling class and they can't just go up and punch him but remember the ruling class made everything in the big business jobs and careers you don't have to work for him in other words you find out through the money Trail what's feeding them and you don't work for those companies and you boycott them and watching fall and you only work for you know the decent people in the world and you come together and you help each other out and tell the governments around the world to go f*** off because they're the ones playing these games with you and they're not games cuz people are getting hurt y'all need to start uniting the people you know who's doing this s*** why do you think they killed Martin Luther King and JFK cuz they were going to wake up the world and what's really going on I mean look and see who owns the land on the United Nations Rockefellers and they got plans to enslave us all and they using governments to do so I mean our militaries were created to keep out Invaders In all these European countries well they already got invaded it's like our military has or just for show and tell or maybe they're there to control the people

  13. Butters is now my new least favorite character in South Park because he sold Vapes to Kyle's Brother Ike. Because KYLE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!! I now hate Butters more than Wendy. I HATE Wendy. I actually like Cartman now for punching Butters.

  14. $25 a pop or 4 for $100 when you buy them whole sale they like $16 no wonder y’all dying or coughing a lung left and right

  15. Other episode I want to watch 🀣🀣. Cartman wasn’t defending Kyle, I’m sure 🀣🀣

  16. Tropical Passion.
    TROPICAL PASSION …. He just repeats himself. Its the little things, like how clueless Butters is thats maks me laughπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. Moral of the story don't do drugs and don't ever fuck with the fat people, they can break your neck if they wanted

  18. It’s so weird that Jason is dead because he is not my favourite character because I never see him often in the show.

  19. Damn. Not only did Cartman stick up for Kyle, but he also punched hard for once… 2 surprises for the price of one.

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