SUSSEX FARMS FS19 Map Tour Alien Jim map farming simulator 19 #fs19maps

SUSSEX FARMS FS19 Map Tour Alien Jim map farming simulator 19 #fs19maps

hello and welcome to Sussex farms FS19
can’t believe it’s here thought we’d have to wait a while for this but it’s
here alien jims map is finally yeah
unbelievable I thought we might not get this it for a while because it’s got
seasons and I thought yeah probably miss rainy seasons but it’s here so Sussex
farms what an awesome map now this is my all-time favorite map of FS 17 I spent
all my time on Sussex farms right so let’s have a look at the map so there’s
the map overview and you can see it is quite large map it’s a decent sized
decent sized fields on it now cost wise you start off with these bits at UMaine
farm and that bits 535 days and that bits 50000 and then these other bits are
land you can you buy the whole map by the looks of it like that is all the
surrounding bits 617 and then we got these smaller fields in 94 grand 94
grand then we got 358 so they are expensive but it’s Sussex it’s gonna be
expensive but overall not too bad for money now BGA is there and that will
cost you 20 grand twenty thousand five hundred and thirty
one right now let’s zoom into the map because this is where you’re not gonna
believe it look at all this what we’ve got on the map so now this of map tour
is we’re gonna do a quick map tour this is first look going through just the
sale points and what everything is now this video is probably going to be long
because of the size of the actual map itself now there’s lots of different
ways to sell on Sussex farms and I’ll be doing separate videos on that otherwise
this video is gonna be like three hours long so we start off there’s the main
farmyard there now we do have three points three farmyards really we’ve got
also Plympton farm which is down over this way and then we go down this way
where are we gone where’s it gone okay that used to be
Abbott’s farm just down there it looks like that isn’t Abbott’s farm again I
haven’t been rain the whole map yet I’ve had a good look around to see what the
crack is so we can do a first-look tour for six so six farms are so excited
anyway so that as you can see lots and lots of sour points all the ones in
yellow are sale points all the ones in a white our buy points and the amount of
buy points we’ve got it’s crazy that’s why I you love this map you can make
money on this map start from nothing you don’t need a cheat Biman you’re you can
buy silage you can buy purified air then we’ve got TMR down the bottom here you
can buy buy grass and hay and straw you can buy a slurry you can get by free you
don’t have to buy it it’s free free a purified water now one of the other
things about this is the fuel we can sell fuel on this map to make money as a
free line station at the top as well so overall you can see there’s a hell of a
lot to go through loads now when we go onto the prices and this is the amount
of stuff we’ve got you can see the main selling points we’ve got all of these
which is absolutely loads prices wise and – not too bad
there is on normal settings at the moment so decent price for a lot of this
and we scroll on down so that’s your main ones down to Sealy P
and then we scroll all the way down here and we’ve got all these other sell and
buy points which is crazy absolutely loads and we scroll over and you can see
a lot of these here it’s like you you’ve got your milk you’ve got water there and
then the other icon which is new which is the one with the three lines there
which is in the middle that is purified air so you can actually buy air and sell
it which is pretty cool that’s a new new feature so you can see all these bottom
ones they are just mainly for boys and cells for certain commodities
anyway now we’re starting off on a new farmer now alien Jim likes to start it
and you see look at the look what we needs to be then we’re talking one
hundred and sixty days on the fend 146 on the pick up so you need everything
sore tonight so if you don’t like that you better off just start a new game and
then you don’t have to worry about it now all these trucks here these are all
the ones what I’ve set up to show you what’s what so you don’t get them with
the game well with new farmer we go into the garage let’s have a quick look in
the garage and we’ve got a farmer it a case the massey ferguson harvester then
a few other bits of not loads a bit to get but as enough now a farmhouse dormer
I’ve only just season that as well that’s a bit crazy they look at the slot
crane on this 477 and bearing in mind we’ve all got all of this as well so
with everything deleted its 245 slots can you believe that that is the solo
for the amount of detail on this map and the amount of sheds and everything else
was going on with it unbelievable so let’s put the little map on and you can
see we’re just there which is the main farm yard area so we go back eight we’ve
got the chickens it’s just on the left hand side here then we’ve got a trough
for them and then bring your chickens in just there and then your eggs are gonna
appear just there now this is slightly all changed everything slightly changed
from FS 17 if you’re familiar with it you will notice a huge difference
everything’s a lot clearer a lot brighter and the detailing of it is
awesome look at all this brickwork on the house
proper job really really is now is that the door for sleeping yeah that’s the
door for sleeping so we can’t go into this farmhouse but that’s where you
sleep so you’ve got your main road which runs
up and down outside the farm here and we can get into the farm just here we’re
going this way now this is where we can buy all our
different fertilizers seeds and all that malarkey just here that’s the same as FS
17 and then water point is just over here just there then as you can see the
storage sheds in the main yard we’ve got these storage shed lighting extensive
lighting that’s right and we’ve got sheds over here we’ve got sheds over
there sheds over the back we’ve got these two closed door sheds as well so
you see there’s plenty of this farm you don’t need any more storage on it pretty
cool now we go over this way and we’ve got our silo which a silo is
just over there just drop it that’s to fill up and then to your rain the corner
here now we have got quite a lot of animation you can see everywhere where
you’ve got the white and black Chevron is an animation button so you push that
button goes up and that opens now it doesn’t close down because I think I’m
sure I saw how it does on this one I did one earlier and it didn’t close down
where I know some of them are on a time delay so they’ll only close after so
many minutes I think was five minutes more lighting lighting everywhere for
right look at that right let’s get cracked on because
there’s so much to go through now we’ve got the pigs just here which this is all
new pig pen I haven’t seen this before brand new for this map which we got it
looks like all our drop offs are all in the middle here as well where you’ve got
our feeding trough that must be straw and then we’ve got our water and then we
go out the back here we’ve got a bunker solo set up got a slurry point there and
the manure is just there for the pigs also so going on right into the farm and
here’s a cow’s so we’ve got the caves shed it just there and big old feeding
trough on it you just drop it in the front there now to fill those up you
come rain to this side and you can see we’ve got the Chevron markers just there
there is water put fill point just there got a nice old waterfall over the back
and I just love the way everything’s changed slightly but it’s all changed
for the better everything so far I was like oh yeah that’s much better much
better so that’s the overall what we’ve got in our farmyard so we’ve got
chickens pigs and then over the back over yonder out the back over this way and here we have our new sheep pen now
all of this has changed the landscape is amazing really does that Road used to
run a lot straighter and now there’s a slight Bend as it goes up the hill there
to the fields on the top you’ve got a top plateau on the top there so that is
for the Sheep so that’s the Oval farmyard we have got
I forgot about that as a trouble there’s so much on you we’ve got a wash station
just here as well now I probably I’m gonna forget a few things here and there
I don’t know one taking the I don’t need to take that trailer right we leave that
there we’ll just take this truck and then we head out to the farm
and you’ve got these fields over the left-hand side which can be converged
and then we go up to our first body point now that’s another little area on
the farm there that was in FS 17 where basically you’ve got some play table
area just there now we go up this way because I didn’t see the road the road
is probably around the other side so this is our first sow point which is the
windmill but it is called a Jack and Jill’s I think it was what Jack and Jill
windmill so we drop everything off into their jobs a good’n right and as you look over the map the
detailing is amazing it’s absolutely amazing
really is it’s for the amount of slots and all the animation what’s going on I
can’t believe how those slots it is with everything what’s going on and the how
many buildings you got and everything else so we follow this road round and
this brings us up to the animal dealer got tunnel goes through and then just on
the other side of this tunnel we come up to the animal dealer just here so six
livestock market now we put on the minimap again who’s even seen here we
have bomb in your animal dealer and we’ve got the straw drop off point for
selling well the animal straw barn there’s dust you drop off there though
that looks to me that looks like the grass drop off so it looks like we’ve
got a separate straw and grass I will double check all this as soon as I got a
cropper go on it we’ve been through it all now what he’s got for filling these
up you see there’s a chevron there so you know this is an animated point so
you come up go up to it press circle and then that turns it on so that’s ready
for you to buy him you have manure then do that and then we
come up drive it in and there we can just fill it up I’m not
going to because then we could I won’t be able to put anything else in that
trailer so that’s the first boy station from the manure
now we’ve got the animal dealer just here so that’s horses
you’ve got everything there have way horses caves Brabham’s sheep and pigs
and chickens although we still haven’t got chicken transport I can’t believe
we’re a urine and we still haven’t got chicken transport right so we will head
our way round now come out down – we’ve got the sawmill which is just on the
left-hand side there and I’ll tell you what we just jump out and hop over the
fence because for me to drive around it’s going to take a little bit of time
we’re trying to do this fast possible now there’s the drop-off for the wood
now what I like about this sawmill is you can drive in one side and then you
can drive all the way around and come back out again which is pretty cool now
all the detailing of all these buildings it’s it’s really really unbelievable
fantastic so that’s the drop off there for the I take that for the wood chips
because they don’t sell anything else at the sawmill today trouble is so much for
me to go through everything and show you the video would probably be about three
hours long so I’m gonna do yep there it is wood chips I will do separate videos
on all the other things you can sell and show you what sort of profit it is
because like I said this is a map you can start with no money and after a few
hours you can earn good money selling fuel selling water selling minerals
selling selling whatever you want to anything was profitable it’s as easy as
that right so we’re gonna head up now we go up this way and that this takes us up
to the airport now we have the helo up here
as well now I don’t know if this is working or it yes it is working
we this used to be the sow point for sugar beet and it looks to me like it
still is yet we can open it up and then what you could do is you load your stuff
into that because that is was the sour point for it I’m not sure if it still is
now but I’m sure that one there at that point is just for sugar beet I’ll have
to check on that because nothing’s been checked yet now there is the drop off
point for the airport there you put it straight into that bin there and here is
one of the refuel points where you can make money by bringing fuel from the
depot which I’ll show you that shortly and you can bring fuel down to there and
sell it and that used to be a very good moneymaker now we go up into the tower
because I haven’t been on any of this yet because before we had the ability to
turn stuff on and off and it looks like we’ve got that same option so we’ve got
a help window on ice it turn air traffic on turn it off because the plane does
fly over once every five minutes or so in some people it does annoy what I look
at that windsock there that is awesome unbelievable right we’re going over to the plane now
this sat here wasn’t around you can actually turn off just like that
so if you that noise annoys you turn it off no problems and then we did have a
sell point in here before but it doesn’t seem to be a sell point there and they
note it’s just that sell point over there and we used to be able to let up
we can the helo will take off how they get up there and here we go get a nice overview of
the map you see it’s it’s not flat map there is flat in places but it’s all
over the place we’ve got Hills all rain those sides over there and the same at
that top bit there so we have got flat areas but there is a loader train
absolutely love it awesome map really is so six farms can’t believe it’s actually
here so that’s the helo so that I’ll go up and it come back down as soon as it’s
done right moving on let’s go around to the shop area and hopefully I haven’t
missed anything in there whoa see I’m going off how it used to be where I used
to be able to just drive straight through that but now that’s fenced off
so you’re not gonna be able to so let’s go round and see we’ve got the shop area
on the left-hand side now this is all changed and here we go into the shop area so
we’ve got our boy point just there and then we’ve got our cash point just over
there and then the workshop is over this way
over here there’s the workshop now it looks like
there’s two workshops here by the looks of things you’ve got two triggers two
workshops yeah open vehicle options so yeah we’ve got two triggers there I
thought that might be something else they before this was just an open bitter
land and now we have the cheese factory was the cheese factory wasn’t it the
milk factory not the cheese factory which obviously buys you milk so that’s
where we’re gonna drop off our milk just there by the looks of it
milk premium quality pretty cool I did now I did find why is there two there
hmm I’ll look into that later when I go into
looking at selling milk anyway let’s jump back in and get on with his tour
because Sussex farms is waiting I can’t wait to get on and play this I’ve been
able to play any Maps for such a long time we’re doing mods and mods intestine
are just a man at the time but I’m gonna make time for this way it’s gonna happen
so we come down the hill and you see we’ve got all these signs everywhere for
Big Bird seven for seven we’ve got a nice little storage shed which is built
into the game on the left-hand side there and we’re head-on rained this way
where we’ve got this spinner II on the left-hand side there and then on the
right-hand side we’ve got our fuel but we can also drop off the field you can
sell fuel to the garage itself so you can sell fuel make money on that now
we’ve also got over this side which was in FS 17 which was the car wash now this
didn’t previously work so I’m not sure if it will work now open closed door okay I thought I
thought it might have out of order manual carwash only and it works he’s
managed to get it working on our first seventeen we couldn’t have this working
in console it wouldn’t have it whatsoever but alien gyms managed it
look at that so much animation on this map it’s crazy so that’s the drop off
there for selling water because we can sell water to the carwash then you get
free purified water and you can also get water out of your um your lakes and
streams and what-have-you mites would go on down the road and over on that we
have our other cell point there actually Abbot’s would know it’s not a cell point
in there I tell you what there is just so many cell points here it’s crazy so
we’ve done the fuel station we didn’t do the shop I knew I’m gonna miss one so
there’s the shop a cell point and they just take milk I take it it must be is
it raining the back then yeah it is milk and or water maybe let’s have a look on
the prices and we scroll down to the shop wherever the shop there’s the shop
there and then we scroll over and yes they buy it water and that’s it I
thought they might have well with milk as well but it’s not it’s just water for
the shop and we got all these different trucks
running about as well they’re not all the same everything’s a little bit
different now we’re swinging a right just here because this is Abbott’s farm and I don’t think it shows up on that no
it didn’t show up on the map down here at the moment but we have got a fuel
station which you can probably sell fuel here so we’ve got Abbott’s farm which is
the third little farm we’ve got and we’ve got plenty of a buy points here so
we’ve got our digest dates and herbicides there’s fuel there now that
might be a buy or no that will be a sour point I think because it was in the
where is it no it’s not highlighted I’m unsure on that this is all the Stefan
enough to check out which is why we can’t do it all in the first map tour
first lit map tour so there’s a workshop trigger just over there as well the same
weekend down there if you’re using this bit at the farm there’s a plenty of
storage or not plenty but there is storage here ready for you to go got
like switches everywhere alright so that’s that bottom corner
let’s head our way down to Sealy bakery I’ll see you there in a minute right now before this was like in the
little garden center really we got fruit and veg for sale now these look like
they can be used yes they can so these are built into the game looks
like that’s our water point there and our manure yeah it does it’s come up
there so we can’t actually use them without putting them in the game
yourself so it’s amazing how many slots it’s being used it’s unbelievable
buddy is that’s just a crazy so we’ve got a couple of green Isis there you can
use and then we’ll go on right – we’ve got seeley seeley EG and CDP bakery so
there’s Sealy eg Sealy eg bakery and the same thing again we’ve got the animation
for the doors to open and close just there and then light switches lighting
and it’s all marked up lights you know it’s what you need and go around the
back here he did this on the last one where he left a couple of pallets there
we might not be able to pick those up but we were previously if you were doing
a let’s play and you wanted to go and pick up some bread no you need a
forklift for that I think they know it’s that so that’s the rope off up where is
it gone that’s the drop off for Sealy EG bakery
and just seen the plane flying over was it gone
I just saw it somewhere up there it is right then this is a new one this is I
was like what what the hell is this well this is purified air so you can buy
purified air now it made me question that one earlier because you’ve got this
one on the side there and then it’s got the Chevron’s there where you just come
up same thing again you click the bone and tell them how much you want it and
then it won’t work until you’ve done that and then you jump in your your
truck and fill it up now bear in mind if you’re going to start selling any
commodities with the tankers you have to use the one which is in the game and
that is the lizard mku 32 now alien Jim puts this in you put it in mercury farms
and it’s in this one as well so you need to use that tanker if you use any other
tanker it probably won’t work because they’re not scripted for it where that
tanker is I just wish we had a trailer hitch on the back so we could link them
up and then you can make serious money so that purified air in there it costs
20 grand and I think it was what thirty thousand liters I’m sure is in the back
of there yeah thirty two thousand liters so that costs twenty grand and I think
the price was about sixteen sixteen hundred per thousand liter so you can
make really good money then we go on down to we call this one
today Celie p where it’s the purpose but
they’re not allowed to say it’s a pub same thing again we got lighting and the
animation for the covers there for dropping it off and then over this side
we have a little area for play two balls oh he’s got the same construction area
at play support etc which is pretty cool I like that right so we covered that
bottom end of the farm we haven’t done the small silage
so when we better go up and do that first I’ll see you there in a moment so
this is the straw barn and come to be buying this is for selling and it looks
like there’s a school there and there’s or other type of bales we can drop off
there this is all new this wasn’t in FS 70 Wow what amazing job he’s done it so
six farms really is then we go down the just down the road there because there’s
a silage point I didn’t we didn’t pick that one up on the way through which on
FS 17 now we have got some roadworks dania
and I did bring the truck down and I messed them all out but the beauty about
it all you can move them they’re all there they’re not static they’re all you
can move them and you see I hit run into the truck I put it in the ditch so you
want to do a let’s play you just had an accident or you want to fill this back
in it would be nice if that excavator wasn’t there because then you could
actually do a let’s play where you could fill this back in and reinstate the road
back to you got a decent state so there’s no hole in it but nice little
feature now one of the features I was surprised
because on the last map Tori did for Green Valley Greenwich Valley sorry we
had traffic lights on here we got traffic lights well actually worked you
come up to it it’s on red soon as you get near it it changes it goes on green
I also miss that pretty cool so we’ve got our little farm area here and this
is for a silage so you can actually buy your solid from here
same thing again turn it on part your vehicle under there and it fill up with
silage now that is the saddle point for silage there as well I think you’re fine and we’ve got another little storage
shed just there so this is Big Daddies popular cool all right let’s spin that
around and yes Shane those lights didn’t change but I was just shocked that all
this you know was wasn’t fixed I thought yeah that’ll all be fixed you won’t get
to do nothing with it but you can right so let’s have a look on the map and we
basically covered that bottom corner so I think the best way if we head down to
the port area because there’s a lot of to go through down there and then we can
have a look at their BGA we’ve got various quite a few different sale
points now one of the other things I noticed is well coming along here and we
have got a more green noses and same thing again we can use them so they’re
all built in the game you’re going to make money out of this and you don’t
have to buy them that is awesome that’s what I mean this map is just a way to if
you go on this map and cheat you don’t need to you really don’t need to cheat
you can just get on this map doing a high or a track to start start moving
some commodities about and make money straight away are those the entrance
I didn’t see the entrance for that one anyway let’s move on Dane towards the
port area lamp now we go down to this roundabout and swing a left here now we
used to have the burger van on the right hand side just over there which used to
appear at certain times of the day so first off you’d better look in BG a similar setup to last time by the looks
of things but we’ve got our drop-off just down there same thing again we’ve
got a bit of animation but opening about up and then we’ve got our two silos and
then we have the slurry when he used to be there but we haven’t got a pipe it is there right unclear on that one so don’t hold
me on that one say oh you’ve got these wrong this is a first look and for me to
go through everything would probably take about Wow
serious amount of hours where I’d rather just show you what’s got what I know so
far and then we’d do some other smaller videos for all the different places you
can sell well buy and sell so coming into the port area now we’ve got a lot
going on Dania you can see we’ve got quite a few different sail points now
this is one of these sell points for the fuel so you want to make money with fuel
you go down there and then we go on rain to this way
now that building there that used to be where we could buy a grasp on open close
it shutters Wow and we have where ice full of bits
and bobs it’s a little bit different and what we got over here we have got lights
it’s just great having it all marked up there’s no you know some of these light
switches I’ve run in the other day and I just didn’t see it till I was on top of
it all right so we go over to the cargo
ship and one of the features I do like about since it’s farms on FS 19 is you
can actually go up onto the ship well not onto the ship is called load
and ramp just here now for loading onto the ship then is on a switch over there
it is a switch hit the switch a jtech and then that drops those down
so you can actually go and load onto the ship how awesome is that it’s pretty
cool so where is the drop off point though it says we’re on top of it and
there it is just there that comes up goes into the ship’s hold jobs are good
and just makes it a little bit more
realistic so let’s get round to the other side of
the port area where we have the TMR where you can buy TMR which is always
handy I know we’ve got Cylons you can do it but it’s always nice on this one you
don’t need so those you can just buy Mosul stuff probably different by you in
sour points so we’ll come up and this one is just animated where you can see
it’s filling this barge up now the same thing again if that annoys you you come
over to here turn it off he’s up now you’ve been filling up your
TMR these little things like that shark-infested water awesome and we got
this crane tap and just come over to here push the button and then it starts
loading we’ve got the cover open yeah we’ve got the cover open so this is TMR
and that crane just comes round jumping the truck is probably best place
to be start filling totalmix Russian and what I found so far is that filling
up then it’s not too slow like this win is probably the slowest one I’ve seen
the water and the air that you fill up pretty pretty quick so we have 63,000
and we paid what five grand for that that’s that’s bloody cheap that is cheap but this whole pool area there’s a lot
more lot lot busier than what it used to be there was a certain things we had
issues and couldn’t have and now you see it it’s absolutely bustling with boats
loads of stuff going on I mean see smoke coming out of the funnels all good
really is what an amazing job he’s done changing all this but before that was
just nothing there we can couldn’t have anything it wouldn’t work
so we have our other sell point which is just there and this one seems to be why
are the barriers there Oh open closed access unbelievable
why that is unbelievable I love that just nice little touch you know I
thought what are you getting in that well you drop your barriers down it’s as
simple as that isn’t it right so that is the lower half no it’s
not we’ve got one right at the corner just up at the road here now this is
where you sell your air we have a scuba I think it was a scoop what did they
call it let’s get a bit closer and we’ll have a look I think is roid up this top
bit here like to a power switch cool so you can turn that on and off
saying there’s so much on this map that really is hopefully I’ll find it all but
I doubt we’re gonna find everything today now it looks like there yeah
you’re not getting in those are you you know me tell the detailing isn’t
spot-on so here’s it the scuba diving center and
you can sell your air which we bought from the other place just down the road
earlier and you can sell it there that will be very profitable as well so that
is the main port area we have got traffic moving around on the open water
as well just loads going on loads of animation right we will come
out to the port now and head our way towards the pure water factory and all
of that stuff along there is I’ll tell you what when I first looked at it I
thought either hell am I gonna get all rain this and not miss anything but it’s
looking good so far right now what we’ve got here is a solo
so this you can use for dumping off or your commodities now the great thing
with this is you can use it in multiplayer and it will register what
I’ve heard is that it will register per person so if you’ve got a couple of
different players and you’re like saying right first one to get a hundred days
and corn or whatever you can all put it in here and keep track of it all know
that they’re what is that one then so what are we buying it there then I’m a bit unclear on that one let’s put
the truck in I don’t think it’s gonna take that the same with here for
unloading we can unload it’s got all these triggers everywhere so I don’t
think there’s anything in this silo at the moment but if we drive in it should
yep start filling and we’ve got a bit of told mix rush in yeah we’ve got our most main commodities
in there I don’t think he’s got everything in there but look how much
litres 2 million that’s crazy now we have actually I’ve just seen another one
here so is that for lifting that up yeah it is kill then we go across we have the
garden center which this was in ever seventeen and we used to drop it off out
the back there we go just there there’s another one of the triggers now the good
thing with a garden center is you can sell piloted Goods very similar to
mercury farms where you can bring it in in bulk you don’t have to be in a pallet
you can normally just bring it in a trailer and drop it off it used to be
like that on the other one and on mercury farms so look at all these
mowers already for sale outside they’re all fixed yeah you can’t pick them up right so we’ve just got the water plant
rained at the corner which I may as well just run rain there because it is just
rain there so this is pure water where you can sell water on this one so you
buy you purified water and then come and drop it off into there
right so that is that bit so we need to go up to the grass and the body by a
straw by a grass point now this is a new addition to Sussex farms as before this
was just a plain old waste ground and it looks like we’ve gone a little bit of
animation here as Wow so what’s this one all right no it’s not it that yeah of
course that’s for where you need to park that’s for loading isn’t it but buying
your straw you’re going to come into there so where’s the thing to push the
button or is it adjust the load into there ah turn on turn on
right gotcha I remember nay soon as you turn this on and the scent of the logo over there
that one’s loaded returns rains ready to drop it in then you sit there and wait
for yep just like that that is pretty cool I like that let’s turn that one off
no it won’t I think it has to yeah it does it has to drop it off before it
really sets itself but if we drive under there the trigger should come up yeah
straw that’s cool so I mean everything on this this map is just new different
if you’ve never played Sussex founded before you’re gonna love this
you really are like this was here on the previous map and what would it be nice
saying with this if we could have actually come in and filled this back in
on a let’s play or something that would be cool really would anyway moving on
because we are getting through it there’s still quite a few to see yet and
there’s probably a few bits I’ve missed as well so we got a nice little place
herbal area all set up ready to go nice and flat and then we come down to this
is our scenario so we can buy it manure I think here can we buy them in your yes
no boy sorry you can’t buy them in your that is for dropping off men your and
then we can buy slurry over here now I think that would be the yeah there it is
there slurry 8c it’s all marked up brilliant
makes so much difference having this marked out slurry in slurry 8 that’s pretty cool now on the previous
one we could go in this shed and you could turn the hedge collisions off now
that isn’t currently got anything in here where I’ve only got open or closed
door and that’s all it does so but you can see there is a trigger there so that
might be just something what’s not working or you might even just need to
leave the door open and it’ll ER to the head collision I don’t know I don’t know
there’s only came out a couple of hours ago as soon as I know all about that I
will let you know I’m going to probably be doing
there’s probably got a good 6 7 videos on top of all the different things we
can sell which I’ll be doing on this map and then we will all be doing this is my
seasons map it will be our gonna do an American map which is Washoe and then
this is the seasons one for British map so here we have the purified water see
they’re purified water company pure sorry the purified water plant now you
can buy the water from here which we’ve got this Chevron off area I haven’t
filled out yet nope same thing again we go on to go over it push the button and
then it comes up and then we can actually load into it fill it up with
water and you see how quick that is that’s pretty quick amount of times is
just too slow so 32 thousand liters of water so that must be the air so you can
sell purified of course it is it just says so there what an idiot
so you can sell air here and you can pick up water to buy purified water now
same thing again we’ve got some more now these look like lemons gotta sign
they’re fresh lemons so we have oh no I don’t think we can use these
ones they’re just for show Oh No possibly we have a water points there so
we can we can use them there be a manure point arranged somewhere as well that
must be it there yep that’s in the oil point so another way to make money
you’re going to be able to use these green noses to make money and they’re
built into the game how awesome is that so that’s where you’re buying your water
from then and selling purified air so we’re going to work our way down now to
Plumpton which Plumpton farmer is just down the road here and here we are
coming up there now that’s changed stuff there quite a big area there if you want
to do something with that that never used to be that that used to be part of
a field now it looks like we’ve got the same thing down to Plumpton this is
Plumpton that I’ve been here for ages yep it is Plumpton where we’ve got our
manure and water points just here so you put your water and manure in its gonna
grow now we used to have a trigger as well to turn this water on and off but I
haven’t worked that out yet but then again it might need some crops in there
first you might need to put deep the manure and the water in and then you’re
gonna get a yield off this so I’m not sure I that within a work where that
looks like onions to me or tomatoes and bloody big tomatoes if they are but no
other triggers I couldn’t see any triggers there we can go into this
little bit of the the farm there and then we go on right in the back to the
other bit now we’ve got a lot more sheds for storage down here where before we
only had I think it would incite that side there and now we’ve got this as
well we’ve got our own little silo just there
and then we’ve also got some boy points for your herbicide and seed I think that
one is yeah that’s the seed that’s the herbicide and possibly die might be
slurry no anyway that’s that’s one of your boy points the same thing again Oh
wrong button we can open that up and that wasn’t an actual but now there
isn’t a buy point they’re lighting and then we go into this shed before in this
shed it used to be this is where we fill up for free grass but this is just seems
to be a nice sized storage shed now they’re pretty cool now we have got some
a tree set up over on the way there and on the last game that that bit of land
was really cheap so it was really profitable to buy that bit of land and
chop those trees down and make some really good money so here we have this
is actually a fuel it’s got a fuel point open doors so I’m not sure if the fuel
point is just here because that seems to me is yep it is the garage the workshop
workshop trigger but you can see on the map it doesn’t show fuel so the fuel
there it is so I’m not sure if that’s a boy point or a cell will I have to have
a look at that but it probably is this probably both because we’ve got red and
blue there right moving on we’ve got a few last couple of items to
show you now I did think this video would be ridiculously long so hopefully
it only came out about half hour if that now those feel yeah that just goes up
into all those fields over the top there we want to head our way down then we’ve
got a nice little swing set set up on the left hand side there and then you
see we’ve come back into the back of the farm this is a road you see me drive
down on the way in then we come into this area here and we’ve also got let’s
open those up open shutters and this is another garage workshop but we have
interaction with these as well I’ve forgot about that
the lifts do actually work so if you wanna have a look under your vehicle you
can do just put it on push the button and it drop back down again then going
over this way and I think that might be there is one outside so one of these
will be for buying fuel and one of them will be for selling fuel because there’s
one out the back just there but I’ll do a separate video on that so
we know what the actual crack is because we’ve only got a few more to show you
now there’s so much more to show you but we can’t see it all so we’re heading up
north now to we’ve got this is where we can buy our fuel from we’ve got the fuel
depot we’ve actually got free lime which has
got a little bit of animation up here as well and we’ve also got another cell
station so let’s do the South Station first of all which is just into here and
this one was what’s this one called sweet potato sauce potatoes and sugar
beet I think this one was the same thing again we’ve got the trigger there where
you can open and close that and then we move on over and I – whoa – wheels on
the truck so here is our fuel a boy point but you must use the tanker which
is in the miscellaneous if you don’t get any other tanker I don’t Lee at work I
will go and check them all right but before it wouldn’t work and it cause I
did a video on selling fuel and so many people like oh I can’t use this like
well no watch the bloody video and I tell you you can only use that one
simple as that then we go on over this way and we’ve
got a little quarry set up which is pulling lye mate so same thing again we
have some animation for this one you come over to here
push the button get back in your truck take the cover off ah here he comes so this one as soon as
you’ve triggered it he’s actually come round and drop it off
in ah now you start filling I thought well
wait you’re dropping off as I didn’t tell him to and look the money’s not
going down it’s all free free line can’t be bad right so let’s have a look and I think
we’ve pretty much gone through everything there’s a probably a few
things all you’ve missed but that is the mind body and cell point and like I said
if you’re new to the channel then go and hit that subscribe because I’m going to
be doing lots more videos on sirs it’s fun for all the different ways of making
money that’s full up right out well that is your lot for FS
1906 farms for farming simulator 19 cattle in bits here I’ve really shot
them today we’ve got another map today got so many moths today I’m gonna be
busy over the next few days just trying to get these videos out there you go oh
yeah well I hope you’ve enjoyed this map tour first look map tour officer six
farms for farming simulator 19 and if you did always appreciate you smash that
like button for me and if you’re new to the channel why not check out one of my
hundreds of other farming simulator and videos and I’ll tell you what are we
gonna get up this here I just wanted to go this way because this is the way back
into the farm but seventy nine thousand meters that is struggling anyway well
thanks for watching and I will see you next time

3 thoughts on “SUSSEX FARMS FS19 Map Tour Alien Jim map farming simulator 19 #fs19maps

  1. The Door mat is for the sleep trigger instead of a house.
    And the sign that said Welcome to Sussex Farm if you walk up to it you can change it.
    Farmer Mahnew is Alien Jim's map tester that is why he has a farm/sale point on the map.

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