SUSSEX FARMS FS19 How to Make Money farming simulator 19 Money fs19

SUSSEX FARMS FS19 How to Make Money farming simulator 19 Money fs19

hello and welcome I’m Ukgamer808 and
welcome to my channel today we are looking at how to make money on farming
simulator 19 specifically at Sussex farms FS 19 now on Sussex farms
there is a huge amount of different ways we’re not huge but there’s quite a few
different ways to make money now in this clip this playlist I’m doing currently
I’m just getting set up so I can start to play in the game now you to play the
game you need to have some money so I’ve already sold a load of fuel sold for
loads of fuel and then we’ve also sold it to loads of purified air I’ve got 100
grand in the bank and if we go to our finances where they gone there we go we
have received a harvest income of four hundred and thirty three thousand I’ve
got a truck and a trailer which is paid for and today I’m showing you I should
have showed you this one first because this is the most essential one for
making money you should do this one as soon as you start because with the
farming simulator we all get into the game and we start we start sorting the
crop site and doing this and doing that and we’re not generating money and any
business you need to generate money from the start and we’ve got a free way to do
it well it’s not totally free it does cost you manure and water so I’ve got
some water and we get we’re up at the main farm and you see over there we’ve
got a green ice now these green aces you don’t need to own the land you can still
use them and they’re easy to use now we have these in FS at 17 and we’ve even
got them in 19 we have got some of these place of all green aces but these are
built into the game so it’s not going to take you any slots whatsoever now your
manure goes in there for people who don’t know and then the water point is
there now it will take a bit of manure but you won’t see any crops till you put
any water in so let’s put the help window on and
I can show you how much coops of everything they’re in there now this
will hold 6,000 liters of manure I’m not sure on the water we’re gonna find that
out right now so basically let’s go let me just show you I haven’t got any other
ways of making money as well at the moment so we got harvest income there
we’ve got nothing nothing coming in whatsoever today whatsoever now what
we’re going to do is we’re going to there’s five of these what you can do so
you do all five we’re gonna make some serious money and the money is coming in
every hour so I’ve got quite a few leased vehicles at the moment and
they’re costing me money so we need to generate money so let’s drop the water
off now as soon as this water goes in you’ll see the plants appear there they
are and it looks like we have the tomatoes in this one so we go over and
you see the water is filling up and it takes 6,000 liters as well so you
need 6,000 liters of water and you need six thousand litres of manure and that’s
what you’ve got to do now I’m not sure how most of the time it used to be quite
a few days where you didn’t have to worry about these I’ll put a little bit
more manure in I didn’t have any other trailers dania which is why I got the
John Deere but the only trouble is this only holds four hundred and sixty litres
so with that you just drive up tip it into the back and the great thing is you
can tip some of these we used to have to do it with a front loader which used to
be a bit of a pain in the arse right so what we do
fast-forward at time one hour and I can show you what this one is generated
right so that’s fast forward in an hour if we go into the finances and you see
their property income two thousand pounds so for that one alone we’re
getting two thousand pains this is why I’m saying it’s essential to do this so
let’s go ahead do all the other ones and I’ll show you how as soon as you’ve done
them all now it’s not going to take long to put a bit I mean you ordained now you
don’t over because you don’t have to you don’t own the land you can’t leave any
manure on the side you’re gonna have to own it all you can leave in a trailer
that’ll be fine but you can’t just dump it on the ground and then load it in
later on so let’s go down to the next ones so that one is generating 2000
Payne an hour now I haven’t checked to see how much each one does that’s what I
thought as we’re doing this video we’d do it all at the same time save a bit of
time so the next greenhouse well it’s not a greenhouse is actually the garden
and that is Dana Plumpton so we go down to or
the amount of times I get near-misses there should have stopped really but
nevermind anyway as we go down we’re going down to Plumpton and i will show
you the crack down there so here we are at Plimpton farm that’s
the same setup over here we have our menu or they’re six thousand liters and
the water is going to be the exactly the same and then there’s also two water
over here and manure over there as well now I’ve did filled them in your app
this one’s just ready to go with the water and hopefully it should be right
on the trigger there it is drop that end watch those plants come out named we’ve
actually got the and as soon as you put the water on you’ve got the animation
working on the water in which is pretty cool now I don’t think this moves I
haven’t seen it move anyway but that’s all our Tomatoes so that’s the one done
let’s go over to the other side right so for some reason I couldn’t get it to use
that tanker I don’t know why it just couldn’t find the trigger so we just use
this little one and fill that up now that isn’t fully filled that one because
we got twelve hundred and ninety nine but it should be alright for a couple of
hours anyway so let’s go in fast forward time night let’s go back down you see
that the property income is on two thousand so let’s now fast-forward time
to one o’clock and we will see the property income increase with these two
there it is it’s now one o’clock and if we go on to the prices finances scroll
down and now property income eight grand so those two deaths three thousand
pounds for every hour of that one’s three grand that once we grab now you’ve
got to make sure you put the manure in otherwise you’re gonna get half the
money if you were to put water you’re gonna get half that’s how it used to be
and I’m pretty sure it’d be exactly the same
so we’re already generating eight grand an hour and we’ve got more to show you
so let’s go on down to the next load of green
and when I first saw these I thought well you can have to buy the land not
you you’re gonna need to borrow it buy the land but you don’t you don’t need to
own the land which is pretty cool dony downside is you can’t put any place the
balls near it and we’ve got water just down here as well because I have had
problems with water now we’ve got a couple of lakes you can’t get the water
out the lakes the water is solid and it doesn’t recognize that its water which
is a bit of a pain in the ass but there you go
so I’ve managed to get water out the sea and I did actually put a couple of stab
pipes and a fire hydrant in the farm and they didn’t work now I think he’s got to
do with something to do with the trigger because at the moment we’ve got a
trigger on a trigger where we’ve got to go up and push the button to get the
water right so I think that’s got something to do with that down at the
farm anyway enough waffling on now these are lemons we’ve got a shed a green ice
they’re green ice there and one over there so this one I think it’s going to
generate quite a bit now Eddie has taken quite a bit of manure we’ve got it was
well 12,000 basically I put him there I haven’t got any water in there yet but
that’s interested in the manure has gone down because I filled that Reuter and
we’re not growing anything so you will waste manure if you don’t put water in
so here’s the water trigger here kindly marked out but water and we’re turning
it rain so we can hopefully see all of them and they should as soon as you drop
the water off there we go now this one more properly hold 12,000
meters of water as well yeah it looks like it’s going to be 12,000 yep 12,000
liters of water so same thing again let’s fast forward time all right so
there it is another hour later and we have we’re generating 8 grams before so
we go on to the finances now and look at that 16 grand so these ones alone
generate 8 grand an hour so now we’ve got an income of 16 thousand pounds an
hour Wow but we haven’t finished yet we have not
finished yet we need to go down how much we’ve got on there 20,000 liters and we
need to go down to the next one there’s a couple more different ones and this is
what I’m saying this is essential you do this and you make your money
straightaway you don’t have to go and sell any fuel
or anything you just got money coming in so especially if you’re leasing vehicles
it just covers across the lease so the next one we’re going to go and look at
I’m not gonna tell you where it is I’m just gonna show you I’ll see you there
in a moment and here we are it’s rain the back of me
new farm and we go 8 down the back here and we’ve got some more sheds greenagers
not sheds and there we are now these moons are mushrooms fresh
mushrooms so same thing again now this one has been full up
yep see it snoozing in manure and there’s nothing in there so we’re taught that get that one out the way and then we can
bring the truck in I was just amazed that this worked this is really really
good this is really really good one of the best ways of making money and it’s
only gonna take your half-hour especially if you’ve got a few trucks
and big trailers what you’ve got a load of and you’re down there you just leave
them in your diner and get on with it right hopefully we’re gonna have a
problem with this trailer here I think it just wants me to drive it in oh there
we go there’s the trigger and we see the
mushrooms going in we can get in sight there we go and there’s mushrooms so
they’re gonna take in another six thousand it might even be more probably
be six thousand because that’s six days and so yeah six thousand of each on than
that one and I’ll tell you what we don’t need that tanker because on the
next drop off we have got a tanker down there so we’re on two o’clock let’s
flash forward time and see what this one’s generating so previously we had 16
days and one that yep 16 times and we’re on now so there it is another hour let’s
go to the prices why twenty-six thousand pounds so far
so that one is an extra 10 grand that one alone will generate you 10 grands an
hour that is amazing so now we’ve got a pretty nice income coming in more than
enough to cover all that all our costs anyway and that’s the main thing
otherwise if you don’t have money coming in you just bleeding money all the time
and you just never get to save up any money because you waiting for your coops
you sell them and then you go and buy a tractor and then you’ve got no money
again you’re like it’s like Groundhog Day so this is the best way you need
some place the balls and I just can’t believe they’re there these are built
into the game so there’s five of them all built into the game which would have
cost you probably good 25 slots or so so you’re saving that alone and you can
just make easy money easy as right so we’re going down to the
next one now the next one is down at the fruit and vege where where they selling
fruit a vegetable further or not but is here it’s just on the left-hand side
here now this wouldn’t has got to so we might be getting good money off this one
well we’re gonna get good money off all of them now I’ve already done the manure
on this one and you see it has dropped down so it does drop down continuously
whether there’s any plants in there or not so this is the last one to do and I’m not sure what this one is hit
that trigger right and it’s Tomatoes we’ve got more Tomatoes by little things
we have yes and the doors do open we can go inside I didn’t realize that
and tomorrow’s on that one as well yep right so we now have all five going
let’s fast forward time so that one’s done and in an hour it does use upper a
fair bit mind you know that’s 25% of it gone so we’re gonna have to keep an eye
on that but when it’s making that sort of money you’re not gonna care are you
so let’s go into the prices so with five of them go in it’s currently we’ve made
37 thousand pounds can you believe that that’s unbelievable
so when you starting off at Sussex farms get out there fill these green houses up
and start generating some money it’s only gonna cost you a little bit of
money on manure you can bunk Bowman you’re from in-game I put the animal
dealer and we can get purified water you can get water out the sea that’s the
only place I’ve managed to get water from is out at the sea all the other
ponds and that is not having it whatsoever right oh well I hope you’ve
enjoyed this episode of how to make money on farming simulator 19 for 6
farms now make sure you go and do this because this is essential and get it out
there and share it to everyone else you know who please because it makes so much
difference having an income coming in so you can get on and do your farming and
you’re not always robbing Peter to pay Paul all the time where you just haven’t
got enough money and this way you have 37 grand in a couple of hours
unbelievable right now well we leave it there for today
I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode now don’t forget to go and check out my
other videos for how to money on farming simulator for Sussex
farms and also do mods in testing, new mods I do loads of stuff we’ve got
coming up for 600 videos now if you’re new to my channel go and check that I
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before Christmas and with your help I might be able to do it thanks for
watching till the next time goodbye

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  1. Outstanding video. I saw the greenhouses but haven’t taken the time to use them. Didn’t realize how much you can make per hour using them. Will get to them as soon as I can. As you said was busy with crops and things around the farm. Thanks for taking the time to show us this. Great job!!!

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