Super Simple Blaze Farm Tutorial(no redstone required)

Super Simple Blaze Farm Tutorial(no redstone required)

welcome to this video guys today we're doing a blaze farm yes this has been created by Lister and I've had the authorities by him to actually make this into a bit of a tutorial for you guys this is a blaze farm and it's so so so simple and resource friendly it doesn't require any brainpower as in redstone pistons or anything like that it's super super cheap and it is brilliant if you are a first time a farm builder of blazes or if you just want to get some blaze rods super quickly so I'm going to do this in creative but I was gonna do it in survival but I reckon I could do the whole video without time lapse in because it's that simple in creative okay so by this time you should be in the nether with iron gear I've obviously got a diamond sword here and because I'm in creative I don't have a pickaxe probably you want to have at least one iron pickaxe with some pretty good I'm braking or some stuff that would just keep it you know high durability if not you could just craft like free for example and iron gear is absolutely fine the main thing you need is trapdoors it doesn't have to be our oak ones it could be any and some torches okay and obviously some sort of block to build with it's not 100% necessary because by the time you actually find a fortress I imagine you're full of never rack and all that sort of stuff and you probably got laser or cobble just lying around in a chest so you can easily just use that if you don't really care what it looks like like me and so first of all we want to see when I locate a blaze spawner for the purpose of this video I've actually put peaceful and just because one gas are annoying and are so loud whenever you record a – I don't really want to have Blazers game obviously to deactivate this I will just show you though if I put some torches like this it will actually deactivate it so if I actually hop into game made a CH for being hard you're gonna see no blazes will spawn so I might just leave it on like that for now but if any blazes do not blazes gasps useful and I might consider chain to back sorry what we want to do is change this into a a nine by nine kind of grid okay so I'm just going to go around here and break with these kind of fences and stuff for a minute and we obviously want to break this out as well like I kind of just started by exiting there there we go like so and basically what I want to do is just as a guide build this like this okay so it's kind of like a cross if you know what I mean so then we know okay so that's the center so then one two three four obviously that will make that into nine across okay so that being like that okay so I am actually going to time-lapse this because it's gonna be a bit boring to watch I imagine so I probably put some tunes on or something okay so there we go we've got a nine by nine kind of block broom here I've kind of just filled in the floor so you get a feel for it okay but basically what we want to do now is actually dig one two three four five six seven down okay from the mobs water so what I like to do is actually do it in the corner so there we go that should be nine okay so we want to do that in each corner what does that one two three four five six seven okay so I go around are gonna punch all this out and that is pretty much that just before I do continue this bit on I just like to point out as well that if you are gonna build this try and find the blaze spawner in a kind of confined space rather than being out in the open one because it's super dangerous and – yeah you don't really want to be doing that do you so try to find one that is kind of convenient obviously for this kind of build but if you've got the resources and you're not scared off you've got to tip them upon dying or something and you're not scared you obviously can do it but I would highly recommend that you just try and find one that's kind of more out in the open and yeah we're just going around like I say just punching all these out seven blocks down okay so there we go guys I've just marked out quickly there with the die right that's the entrance to this kind of farm so I need to come down here and kind of make this a bit more accessible and obviously we're going to build like a really pathetic kind of staircase here as you can see nothing too fancy going on here as you can see there we go so that's bang on in the middle okay now we want to punch out these blocks okay this is just so we can kind of get down and up these little runs basically it's all gonna make sense in a minute obviously there's gonna be holes make sure you fill them in otherwise you're gonna have troubles with the lava or you know falling out or whatever like I say though keep this cross here otherwise these blazes will spawn if you don't have that out there and next I would highly recommend getting rid of all this never right because one blazes shoot fireballs and never act stays a lit with fire so obviously you can change this to a block of your choice I did take this diorite but I'm not actually using it because I'm an idiot but yeah you kind of get my idea here obviously this is just a tutorial it's not supposed to be that super fancy it's kind of just like a bit of a quick mob farm which I like so I'll just finish this bit quickly almost there we hit lava again that's just a random pull in there okay bit weird okay so now we know where we're coming into this so obviously we can come down here and go down here okay so what we need to do now is actually grab these trapdoors okay and we want these to be kind of like this okay so as you could see when I walk through that my head is getting cut if I can get in the right position here it's not really allowing me to but as you can see let there my head's kind of getting cut through it that's the level we want this to be so and not this level I mean it's it's entirely optional but from testing the lower level is actually better because this is how you actually collect the items so what we're gonna do is make some runs so you want to start up this high okay and obviously I leave the last one like this so we can actually access this okay so next we want to go down like this now this is where the blazes when they spawn will actually land on these trapdoors and we could go ahead and kill these so again you kind of just going in this sort of pattern so you should end up with five like whoops five on the top like top layer okay and four on the bottom so this is all we need to do so I'm gonna fill that in quickly that my friends is pretty much that so obviously we are in creative still so yeah we can go down these now and as you can imagine I don't know if you can picture it but if the place is full down they come here and we just literally work them with the sword seriously guys this is so cheap and so effective so yeah now we can come up here and break all these blocks okay obviously you can change the way the actual entrance to the the actual mob farm itself be obviously you computer fire up by adding you know die right stairs or whatever you want to do really it it's entirely up to you this part but obviously where these blazes will actually come down I should actually put that across I don't know if I'll be able to get up to there those so there we go we're just trying to make it as safe as you can so you probably want to try and can I fill that one in and get down no hmm might even be worth actually removing that one and just put in one there because if they see you they're gonna be enraged you understand what I mean but again this is entirely up to you how you design this part it's not really the important part just this part is itself so the reason we're using trapdoors is because when the item actually falls so if I go in here and show you for example if I kill a blaze right now I get a blaze rod the items gonna fall on there now if we don't use trapdoors believe it or not if we use slabs we can't actually collect that item so if I climb in this one here you're gonna see I should get a scaffolding but if I for example use this oops if I can get that slab to work and one up higher there we go if I actually Chuck say for example this ladder now and go here you're gonna notice we're not gonna be able to pick this ladder up as you can see it's still above my head so that isn't very effective so we decided in the end we're going to go ahead and do trapdoors so this is the best ever man so let's go ahead and smash up the far god can I get it there we go let's go smash up the actual bricks here and then we can obviously continue and see the rates of this kind of thing so here we go obviously if you are doing this as a viable a good tip with to be used something like the scaffolding as well that would be obviously really effective for this sort of thing so I'm gonna hop into a game-mode s here now we've got the place is coming down and show you how cool this is but as you can see I could just come here and whack these fellas now and like okay I need to go down this line so okay going on here kill him like this super super effective oh yeah you're here thank you thank you come to this side look smack with these be careful those sometimes you can't get hit by melee if you got a straggler like this you can actually be quite cheeky and do that sort of thing I really do like this one a lot it's a bit more fun than just standing there right I mean you can actually let this build up pretty crazy as well but obviously that is pretty much it guys I'm gonna leave it there as you can see it is a very very effective and yeah it's not essentially an afk kind of one but like I say for the resources you're never gonna complain with this so yeah i'm darris probs thanks so much Lister for showing me that and using that on my realm in the past and there we go we've got some more how do it guys I've got into it there thanks so much for watching i'm darris probs and i should catch you in the next one Oh

20 thoughts on “Super Simple Blaze Farm Tutorial(no redstone required)

  1. Just to clarify, when you place the trapdoors they should be laid out with 5 in the low position and 4 in the high position as in: _ – _ – _ -_ – _
    This way you only have 4 runs to go down.
    I knew I should have made the tutorial myself! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Another thing to do would be putting blocks going to the ceiling from where the spawner is so blazes won’t spawn on top of it

  3. nice but wont the blazes be able to attack yah through the gaps or burn the wooden trap doors if a fireball hits em if they do attack?

  4. Thanks for the help I did this is survival and it was sooo easy….can you do an enderman farm next maybe?? Thanks

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