30 thoughts on “Secretcircle as per CROP CIRCLEMAKER embargo… you know who to blame… no location

  1. Sorry was meant to be a premiere, so you could all be in channel chatting. Dont know what happened there… and its not bloody HD yet. YOUUUUUUTUUUUUUUUBEEEEEE! lol

  2. Have a wonderful summer solstice ,time for the ants to come out of hibernation on your side of the fence❤👣❤

  3. Like I've said before, England is blessed with enriched crystalline energy / crystal rock energy due to the location on Earth. I believe they tap into it and use it to make these crop circles. In other words these crops circle designs are made by being pulled down from the ground not pushed from the top down from a ship as most people would believe because it's rational. These beings are very ancient and very advanced. Next time you're at an actual crop circle look at the twigs / grass and how carefully it is laid down. Don't say that it's not a possibility that perhaps they were pulled from the Earth's ground downward. That's what I believe anyway. I've researched it on my own and it makes sense or at least it's plausible. Think of them as Earth tattoos made by using the natural quantum energy from crystals found inside the Earth. They reveal things yet unknown by society today. I myself have figured out a few of them mostly the ones that have to deal with free energy and sub atomic particles. Amazing stuff. Thanks for the videos. Greatly appreciate it.

  4. I think I recognize the drawing! ESO is building the biggest telescope (ELT), lok at this picture here for a reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extremely_Large_Telescope#/media/File:Extremely_large_astronomy.jpg
    One thing is not clear, it is a spider, not an ant. An ant would be a working species, and the telescope is being build at this very moment. The telescope will enable us to look SO much further. Perhaps we will be able to find the aliens (not knowing of course it is them we see as it will be million lightyears away and in the past as well).

  5. Nice one. According to a Wiltshire police report I saw there was a chap stopped in the area that night but he was let go. Apparently the name he gave police was Bill Bailey. Maybe he saw the UFO that did it. Find him, ply him with liquor and a prostitute and get him to talk. He must know something 🙂

  6. Awesome…pure magik.
    Matt, have you ever heard of the Mantids?
    The Hopi of North America refer to them as the Ant People. It's an interesting part of their history.
    I have heard it said that the plants stalks are actually pulled over, down to the ground, rather than pushed from above, and the stalks are not damaged or broken!?
    Either way, it is still beautiful. The patterns within the pattern are quite intriguing.
    Do you ever take overhead stills and then wash them through different light filters to see if different details pop out? Also, if there was a scale marker then the site could be measured with fairly decent accuracy ( without having to walk all over the site) if your drone has elevation/flight data recording capability? I don't know much about them, it's just the typical questions that run through the mind…
    Thank you for sharing, that's pretty awesome…filming these must be an amazing experience.

  7. Matthew, hi from Argentina!
    I do not understand the trouble you are having with your videos, but I they loose credibility if you do not report the location

  8. Isn’t there another guy that looks at these on the ground? Are those cgi as well? Whoever is making them is making them on the ground, not in a computer.

  9. Reclaiming temporary art from the merchanteer blood suckers. Life affirming stuff Matthew.Quality over quantity every time. Thankyou.

  10. The blur, I really LOVE it. It should be your new fingerprint. Your watermark.
    I love it, because it keeps me focused to the cropcirle, and not just a bit! SO if the blaming is over (I don't even wnat to know what that is all about), please keep blurring. It will also improve data stream speed (smaller files).
    Thanks for the video, it was already good quality. Did you notice the way the legs and all are drawn? The edges? They are all outlines of circles, isn't that magnificent?
    PS: arachnids go back up to 500 million years ago, they are survivors of time one could say. Is that the message?

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