Scary Deep Woods Stories From The Middle Of Nowhere | Forest Video | (Scary Stories) Ft. Insomniak

Scary Deep Woods Stories From The Middle Of Nowhere | Forest Video | (Scary Stories) Ft. Insomniak

good evening all and welcome tonight insomniac and I are going to take you in a tour through the woods I hope you have your flashlight ready as you never know what creepy encounters can happen when in the middle of nowhere so get comfortable and let the darkness take control I'm pretty sure I came close to being either brutally beaten and/or murdered this happened in the early 1990s I was working for an environmental consulting firm under contract from the u.s. Forest Service in California I worked and lived alone in the woods for about eight months my job was to inspect and report on about 25,000 acres and evaluate things like community structure fuel loading presence of parasitics or invasives like mistletoe etc we didn't have GPS in those days it was all compass and topo maps it was a hell of an experience and I have a lot of other stories besides this one but anyway my Basecamp was high up on a mountain and on the lake about 25 miles from the closest paved road and maybe about another 25 miles outside the nearest town needless to say I didn't get to go to town often soon into the experience I developed a bit of a habit of coming into town on Sundays though while I had found a really nice and isolated seep there I was able to do a little excavation on and stick a hose in to provide me with clean water and although I had a lot of food stores in camp occasional reprovision for things like fuel one necessary not to mention dropping off data and filling occasional reports at the USFS station in town so I ended up going to town about once a week I missed human contact quite a bit for the first couple of weeks but after a while I really began enjoying the solitude they say spend a week in the woods and you get to know the woods spend a month in the woods and you get to know yourself I spent eight months with virtually no human contact and there's a lot of truth in that expression that experience really shaped Who I am today and if you don't have it you probably just can't understand it so anyway I'd only go to town on Sundays when no one was at the station and I could get gas on credit without having to talk to anyone there was a pizza buffet in town that was almost deserted on Sunday afternoons and I could sit and watch a couple of Star Trek reruns from 4:00 to 6:00 before heading back up to camp for the week and since it was a buffet I could almost get in and out without speaking or being spoken to anyway I miss Star Trek more than I did actual people but I digress the point is this was summer and it was hot and the lake I camp next to wasn't the most attractive for bathing so I found a nice stream with crystal clear meltwater so so very cold and bathed in that as often as I could usually once a week or maybe twice if I was lucky to be in the area sometimes I get lucky and be reconning a regularly remote area of the forest and come across a stream that I could just strip down and jump into anyway my regular stream for bathing was near a paved road which was to close in retrospect I was in there one day naked as a jaybird splashing around in the 50-degree water with all my clothes hung on a tree beside the stream and I heard a vehicle approach stop door was open and several voices in those days it was pretty obvious which team I played for I had hair passed down the middle of my back and I'm a guy and the t-shirt hanging from the tree was tie-dye I knew these guys played for a different team right away without seeing them just based on geography the whole area's economy is loking based and these guys were loggers all in the industry who had fathers or brothers who were loggers a little background at this time earth first had been somewhat active in the region they are or at least were eco-terrorists maybe not all of them there had been some tree spiking in the not-too-distant past in the area that's where someone surreptitiously inserts a metal rod into a tree that is destined to be cut and processed for lumber so when the log reaches the mill and hits that big saw blade the metal rod encounters the blade and all hell breaks loose as a huge saw blade and the log and metal rod explode into deadly shrapnel awesome mountain lion attacks had been reported in the past couple of years so no matter where I went no matter how long will arduous the hike I always carried a nine-millimeter in my belt I remember from our training one member of our crew as the crew was split up I know worked independently and lived in other parts of the forest and we never saw each other who used to wear a cow belt on his belt and a mask on his face that faced backwards a trick he said he learned from an african tribesmen who wore such masks because they say that big cats prefer sneak attacks from behind and won't attack you from the front i personally am not sure if it's true and anyway i wanted to see wildlife so i didn't carry a cowbell i carried a gun of course whilst i was naked and bathing i'm not an idiot and i left my gun in my truck loved compartment so just as i emerge from the water as quickly as I could I started moving towards my clothes so that I could make it back to the safety of my vehicle around this big boulder come four guys Lumberjacks for sure and there I was standing naked long haired at the mercy of strangers probably 25 miles from the nearest town and by anyone's accounting out in the middle of nowhere with four of them positioned squarely between naked me and my clothes in the truck before I could even say anything one of them grabbed my tie-dyed shirt and showed it to the others and said what the hell do you think you're doing here I knew right away from the looks on their faces and the tone in their voice that they thought they stumbled upon a tree spike reversed or at best some long-haired hippie there was probably guilty of some kind of environmental activism at the very least they liked me recognized him of the other team I mean the lifeblood of the local economy was timber and they clearly saw me as someone who was there to slow or stop the timber industry someone who wanted to kill their way of life worse kill them as soon as I told them hey I'm just here to take her but I was interrupted by several of them saying who were you with who do you work for what are you doing out here they moved to form a semi circle around me one of them dropping my t-shot on the ground and all of them exchanging unsettling glances that's when one of them adjusted his own shirt allowing his gun in his belt to be visible I'm a smart guy and a pretty quick thinker and I have a talent for remaining calm cool and collected in high-stress situations I don't say that to brag it's just that I can think of a couple of other times in my life where I've talked my way out of a sticky situation just by verbally are maneuvering someone so I had sized up these guys quickly enough so my second sentence was hey whoa I think we're on the same side here guys I'm here doing the final inspection of I can't believe I remember the name of the tract of land on the mountain I was on so we can see if we can get a timber sale approved they looked at each other and back at me cautiously I said mind if I get dressed they didn't acknowledge my question wanted them just asked again very slowly who do you work for right there on the spot I delivered an oscar-worthy performance detailing how I worked for georgia-pacific a huge paper company who I didn't think was even doing business in the area at the time and I was there to see if there was any way to get the already approved timber sale made even larger in our training for this job I had learned a not about the recent local history regarding earth first etc so I was able to provide enough details and drop enough names that I convinced them in this space of just a few short sentences I turned their frowns upside down and made them smile I had convinced them I was there to make sure their local area was going to crank out more timber in the next year than any other year before the guy picked on my t-shirt off the ground and tossed it at me I was then able to circle around to the safety of my truck grabbing the rest of my clothes on the way I got dressed and chatted with them for a few more minutes feigning an interest in them their town their way of life and as soon as I was sure I had made them my allies I got the hell out of there and I never went back to that swimming hole again I remember pulling over about a mile away and just stopping to breathe and I remember considering if I had to throw up or not so I don't know if I did a very good job explaining just how unsettling it was in the wilderness completely naked and surrounded by armed Lumberjacks who thought I was one of the people how to murder them and their family members that was legitimately terrifying the vulnerability the isolation Allrecipes to be incredibly terrified another story I had washed out in the middle of nowhere was the time I encountered a black bear whilst I was working one day I had just finished an overnight survey and was on the way back to my truck see sometimes the areas I had to inspect was so far from civilization that I'd have to take an old logging road as far as I could into the wilderness basically until it just became overgrown with manzanita and then I'd parked the truck and hiked for a day just to get to the site where I would do my thing then I'd park the truck and hike for a day just to get out to the site where I could do my own thing then I'd work the area all day spend the night if the weather was nice and hike back to the truck the next morning so on my way back to the truck I crest a ridge and as I came out on top of the other side there was a black bear literally just standing there and staring at me big adult no idea if male or female but I did look for Cubs immediately and didn't see any I stopped cold in my tracks and I wasn't going to be able to talk my way out of this one I was still a couple of hours walking from my truck and any kind of road and I was contemplating doing the hi bear chant loudly with my arms up and waving at him to get him to run away I was so shocked to be that close about 30 feet from the bear and for a good minute I forgot that I even had the nine millimeter pistol with me but there was something in that bears eye that said it's all good dude chill so was weird as it is to say I felt this kind of relaxation come over me and my posture went from tensed and shocked to just kind of calmly observant and the bear sat down I mean it just kind of plopped down and looked at me funny then I remember this part so clearly when I saw that all I could think of is how cool it would be if I just sat down to in the instant I imagined myself sitting down I also imagined how helpless I will be on the ground if that bear got up and charged at me for some reason and that's when I remembered I had the nine-millimeter with me so I just stood there with the nine-millimeter in hand safety off and watched I don't know how long I sat there watching it seemed like minutes but it was probably no more than 30 seconds and the bear just got up in this kind of rolling motion and then just started moving down the mountain away from me this was slightly disconcerting because this meant I now had to follow the bear as we were heading in the same direction so I waited a minute as the bear began to get further away and I realized I wanted to follow the bear this was probably pretty stupid on my part but I started down the mountain in the same direction right behind the bear it took that bear only half a second to realize I was moving in the same direction behind him and when he did that was it he was gone I will never forget being amazed that something so big and clumsy looking could move so quickly and silently through the woods that was a long time ago imagine having a hard time now remembering if my bear encounter happened before or after my lumberjack encounter either way it was one of those things I'll never forget there were a lot of memorable experiences from that job just thinking about the people that I've met who had been living out there in the forest since the 1960s they were the very definition of off-the-grid living it was weird being miles from anywhere and finding a big camper trailer in the middle of nowhere just looking at the vegetation around it you could tell it had been living there for decades I bet they're still living there well you know providing the whole mountain hasn't been cut clear by now my dad and I are avid campers not professionals anymore for my dad used to be a wilderness guide for kids we typically prefer the eastern and western Sierras as I have great car camping sports next to the lake and lots of great trowels so last summer we decided to go out for a two nights stay and do some day hike in the campground was pretty full not unusual for the salma but we were lucky enough so I fall to the time to find a pretty screwed it cites and we set up a tensor for the first and I everything was normal a little later there was bear activity but we used to that second night I crawled into my sleeping bag in my tent and I pass out cold eventually at 3 a.m. I'm awoken that the sound of footsteps by that is diabetic and needs to pay around three or four times and nights and the sounds definitely footprints flat they come in from the wrong direction we were located next to the bathrooms so the foot surp should have been moving in that direction but instead becoming closer and closer to our tents and then stopped about a yard short the breathing gets really heavy I first rush it off as my dad maybe he lost his flashlight the Ravens suddenly goes away I fall back to sleep I need to be awoken a few minutes later to breathe him right off my tent now now you know that rush of Terror that goes up your spine I had that this wasn't my dad I lay perfectly still but the footprints continued to circle around the tents I had the rain fly on so I can see through the roof and it was a new moon and it was pitch black now I convinced myself a heavy sleeper that I'm just dream and just as I'm thinking that I now feel a single finger run through the length of my foot through the tents real slow and Rudy area now I figured that I must have been dreaming because my foot is in the sleeping bag it couldn't possibly be that but I convert quickly disappeared I used a small ambient light available that my fault was bare and out of the bag I laid there froze as whatever it was shrugged my fault for maybe two minutes now it gave a few more the ball for apps and then just stood above my tent for what felt like an eternity before disappearing I ended up staying up all night I was really Harold via this in the morning I heard my dad gets out of his tents I bolted up and met him by the fire he looked me in the eyes and asked me if I cost enough in the night before I asked him the same thing and he said that he been around at 2:00 a.m. because he thought somebody was going for uh stuff I told him my story we know so so Garrard recently beam rambled through and it was rearranged on the table every Ison was there nothing taken just harshed the footprints were in a perfect circle around my tent – now we still can't even talk about this without getting scared this happened six years ago I was around about 12 and my brother was 26 at the time my brother had been serving in the US Army for several years when this happened and was deploying to the Middle East on his second deployment if I remember correctly also of note was that he was a green beret and had recently three or four months prior to this trip completed the Army's Special Forces qualification course so definitely not someone who you'd want to mess with even that we both grew up with a passion for the outdoors he thought it would be nice to take me on a backpacking trip in northern Alabama right before he left for nine months into the Sipsey wilderness for those familiar with the area the trip had gone smoothly until the third night we were camping out at around 8 p.m. we had our camp set up eaten dinner and we're sitting by the fire talking about boys ship guns girls etc for some reference our spot was around 50 yards from a large stream and about 50 yards downhill adjacent to the large path our camp the stream and the path formed a triangle of sorts it was summertime in Alabama so it wasn't quite dark yet when two guys who looked at me in the late twenties wandered up and asked if we had seen any hogs wash we were hiking around given that this is rural Alabama we actually had seen some further into the wilderness area and told them a son even though they were relatively polite my brother called them good old boys I got a seriously creepy vibe from them their dirty clothes greasy hair scraggly facial hair etc I think they probably looked more like they belonged in the film deliverance they kind of hung out for a few minutes maybe a little longer than they should have looking around asking us questions like how long we've been out there and how long we were staying for and what felt like they were sizing us up they then abruptly said goodbye then walked away I didn't necessarily feel threatened by them and I know for sure my brother didn't but I still felt uneasy about the whole thing fast forward three or four hours my brother and I had gone to sleep and we're nestled in our tent when I woke to the sound of multiple dogs barking I've always been a super heavy sleeper and they sounded like there were only a hundred yards away or so my heart immediately started pounding and I kicked my brother through my sleeping bag and asked if he was awake he responded that he was awake and that they had been getting closer for the last hour or so I'd just lay still and didn't make any sounds needless to say that twelve year old me was about to ship my pants we would also hear sporadic shouts from several different sources but neither came any closer a few minutes later my brother whispered they're just hunting for hogs they used the dogs to pin them down and then they try and shoot them this gave me some relief but not much and somehow I managed to fall back asleep the fact that they were doing this at night was a huge red flag my brother told me but I think he was just trying to keep me calm fast-forward to what was probably another three hours around 2:00 a.m. I had managed to sleep pretty well after first tearing the Hulk hunters when I woke up to my brother squeezing my shoulder firmly saying wake up buy new shoes on and quickly follow me and be as quiet as you can my heart immediately went back to racing because I heard the dogs and voices in the distance further away than before but still distinct not asking any questions they did what he said and as soon as we were out of the tent he told me to get on his back this was a breeze for him after rocking with God knows how much weight in the army we snuck around 50 yards into the woods towards the junction of the path and the stream then crawled into some bushes it was a hill so we had pretty good cover and an elevated view of the campsite I remember as we were laying there how loudly I was breathing and how quiet he was when I heard the very distinct sound of a pistol sliding rack I looked over my brother's pistol and he was watching the campsite and surrounding area I started to whisper to him and he put his hand over my mouth and pointed at the campsite the group of hunters had been steadily approaching the camp and by this time thirty minutes or so had reached it there were five of them and about four dogs and they all looked relatively young but two had either rifles or shotguns and their dogs were going crazy obviously having caught our scent for those of you who are backpackers or campers nobody who comes up to a random camp in the middle of the night with dogs and guns as any good intentioned I knew this and my brother knew this I was scared shitless I couldn't make out what they were saying but my brother later told me that they were talking about us although he hadn't heard any specifics either they lingered for around 20 minutes shining flashlights and talking to themselves when my brother puts his mouth to my ear and says if they come towards I want you to turn him run as quickly as you can don't stop don't look back stay off the trail and look for the flashing lights I didn't know what he meant by this but that'll come later I knew I could make it back because he taught me land nerve pretty well he then handed me a flashlight and told me not to take the red filter off he later told me that the red filter help preserves night vision and cuts down ambient light so it would be harder for someone to see from a distance at this point I was so scared I was almost crying but at the same time had a rush of adrenaline and what I think now was confidence that he thought that I could handle myself we laid there for a while longer when out of nowhere they started screaming demanding to know where we were and firing into the woods at random my brother dragged me back behind the crest of the hill and threw himself on top of me thankfully because of our position on top of the hill we were protected from any gunfire they shot about five or six more times and then started walking back in the direction they had come they got maybe a hundred yards away when I heard the blaring siren and saw emergency lights flashing through the woods turns out my brother and could the Forest Service office on a satellite phone that my family has for emergencies whilst I was asleep and they had sent out Forest Service offices and game wardens to our area of the wilderness the Sipsey wilderness is about twenty five thousand acres in size so it took them a while to get there on dirt roads when we saw the game wardens truck my brother signaled them with the light and pointed them in the direction of the hunters as soon as they were all gone we went back to our camp act up our shit and waited by the path for the game warden to come back who gave us a ride in his truck bed back to the main staging area on our drive back my brother told me how to brave I had been and that we would talk about it with our parents the next day if I wanted I asked him not to do that because I thought they might never let me camp out with him again we never got any definitive information on what happened with the rednecks we encountered I have many friends who had gone out to this Sipsey area and had a great time with no creepy stuff however it is a true wilderness area and law enforcement responds if you can even reach them that is would be slung I was lucky that my brother was there and reacted so quickly otherwise who knows what could have happened we also got lucky but whatever their intentions were they either reconsidered or lost interest I will note that when they left our campsite the game warden showed up pretty soon afterwards but I didn't see what the guys and their dogs did if I remember correctly they had headed in the direction parallel to the stream away from the trail and accessible to any kind of vehicle may be the warden continued and took another trial to couple off we waited around 30 minutes for him to come back and he said there were other officers out looking there are only so many paths you could take a truck rock or bike down so any thorough search effort would have to be done on foot creepy rednecks in the woods let's all meet again because you might get shot next time I'm a former film on Ranger here for those of you who don't know film one it is a place geltz 138,000 acre high adventure base and nowhere New Mexico on a day off to fellow Rangers and myself decided to bag 12 peace and a 24-hour hayek the flam route was almost 15 miles and we had to repossession water and snakes at one point due to the lack of water in the area that was close to the campers so we set off and the hike was going great I swore words were about 2:30 a.m. 18 hours into the hike we were just getting off the Black Mountain and finished a 2,000 feet descent which was wicked Steve and off screen which is loose frogs we have two headlamps between us since minor burns are about an hour ago we walked out along this Ridge with a few feet of trees on either side before it drops off after about half a mile my friend notices a big pair of glowing eyes just behind us it's a mountain lion no doubt about it it is about this time that we've realized that early in the morning we're going to look like food to them we decided to make a lot of noise and just keep walking down the trowel we only make a few feet before we see a different set of eyes throughout riot another mountain lion we think that's weird they never hunt to go home now we grab our pocket knives we have one in each hand and a rock in the other convinced that they're about to it's hair casts we walk a little further down and a third pair of eyes what's up on our lair when our fucked one of my buddies and quickly picks off a rogue chucks it's who I left after two tries he knows on the head and it lets out the most terrifying blood-curdling scream that you ever hear in your life but none of the free mountain lions leave again this is strange because animals normally flee when their hearts unless s sick starving or protecting their young we decided to make noise we now decide upon a song to sing and eventually somehow settled on call me maybe' and precedes felt that out to the mountain lions no Dyess we're walking in a triangle formation all facing outwards so nobody's back is exposed after the longest two miles in my life we eventually come out into a clearing where we found a camp we went to the cabin and collapsed on the porch and took a quick 20 minute power nap before things in you in the hiya can finish in at 23 hours 57 minutes and 40 seconds it turns out that that proportion at the park have been closed because a mountain lion breathing apparently we stumbled upon parents teaching their cubs to hunt the first thing I'm going to say is that this is totally real and I was freaked out of my wits for days I don't think I could make some of this shit up everyone I tell it to says it is terrifying and after hearing some of the stories in these videos I think it would be a good fit it was February of 2014 the thing I was doing at work kind of came to a head all at once and I was basically going to be having to spend the entire weekend writing a press release that was needed for the following Monday by 10:00 a.m. now my grandparents owned some property way out in the boonies to beast Texas I grew up going out there all the time family get-togethers and whatnot now since it was only a 40-minute drive away from where I lived I would go out there with friends to camp or whatever well I knew that I was going to be writing all weekend and I thought why not spend it in the great outdoors instead of holed up in my apartment in Houston I had never stayed out there by myself I had always been kind of keen on the idea and thought it would be an excellent time to do it I called my grandparents asking if it would be okay to let me use the place for the weekend and they of course agreed however my grandfather did seem a little reluctant about me doing it alone I was a 24 year old guy and had grown up hiking and felt totally competent and able to handle anything that might happen honestly at the time I was a little insulted when he seemed to think I was going to go out there by myself and that it was not the best idea he made sure I knew how to turn on the electricity in the water we use a wall for water and have a big switch that turns on and off the electricity out there which of course I did I had only done it a million times when I bought friends he asked if I had a key which again of course I did and finally he said you know where I keep the Henry right my granddad is kind of a cowboy and keeps a point thirty Henry repeat around there mainly for shooting whitetail but you never know yeah I admitted for the first time but nervous to my knowledge he was the only one who had ever stayed out there by himself and he'd never really talked to me about his guns the drive out there was kind of nice as I left the city I left work at 4:30 already packed and drove straight there but with traffic I made it out there by 6:45 it was still light and beginning to turn dusk I took my duffel bag out of his trunk and went inside the house is more like a small resort than a ranch house it's really nice which is why I enjoy taking people out there so much my granddad was pretty well-off and had the place built when he retired it has 12 bedrooms and I chose the upstairs sort of master bedroom if you can call it that I unpacked sat on the bed and opened my laptop to look at what I had to write and immediately closed it screw that I walk on that tomorrow I thought now I want to have a walk there's a big trail that goes into a big circle around the perimeter of the property and is around three and a half miles it was dark out now and the thought briefly crossed my mind dipping my granddad's pellet gun but I decided on a sturdy five-foot wooden dowel instead so I can have a walking stick I wouldn't slip in the dark and shoot my foot off or something I put on a hoodie grabbed a flashlight and started off it was a clear moonless night and the swath of the Milky Way across the sky was impressive but it was still really dark out I didn't use my flashlight so my eyes would adjust after around ten minutes or so and I could see reasonably well it was nice chilly but nice after about a mile and a half I decided to cut the route short through the woods and headed back I know the land so well that I could easily make it back to the house from any point on the property the woods and brush were pretty dense and I'm forced to turn on the flashlight the thick wall of twigs and vines is revealed I push through it with my stick getting a couple of scratches when I see something deeper in the woods partially obscured by the underbrush it looked like someone left a pile of clothes in the wood I kept the light trained on it for a second or two trying to see what it was suddenly it jumped some very fast and Sprint's away further into the forest my heart is in my throat and my stomach does a somersault I feel the pins and needles of adrenaline surge all over with all the force I can muster I try to shout who is that but I have no idea what it actually sounded like immediately I regret not having that rifle but hell I even left my cellphone on the bed the worst part of it is whoever that guy was took off in the direction of the house I can't remember if I locked the door now the initial shock began to wear off and the real fear begins it's suddenly very cold never before have I felt so isolated in my life and so stupid I should have never come out here by myself if that guy shoots me or something no one will even miss me until Monday okay get a hold of yourself you need to get your phone I walk a mile through the woods absolutely terrified the woods and around a hundred and fifty yards from the house is from patio and I basically sprint now for any of you who have been in situations like this no the running doesn't help you feel the gut-wrenching panic getting a foothold and constantly thinks something is right on your heels when I get to the front door in this semi sane state I'm in for another shock as the door is cracked and I can't remember if I did that or not I have to go inside I pushed the door open holding the Dow sort of like a baseball bat and immediately his shrieking coming from the living room I don't think I have ever been so close to blind terror as I was at that moment I would not have been able to speak her strangled God escaped my throat but I was hardly aware of it I sprinted up the stairs and into the room where my stuff was at every turn expecting to see some horrific rotting corpse shrieking at me I slammed the door behind me and hear this scream again from directly below me this time I run to the bathroom and dial nine-one-one knocking the door and hiding in the shower in retrospect this seems like a really bitchy thing to do but every ounce of bravado I had was long drained I tried to describe what was happening on the phone but I'm not sure how much sense it made there was a little town about nine miles away from the property and that was the nearest police station it took them 20 minutes to arrive and during that time I heard the screams once more it was a lower pitch now and sounded strangled then came the freaking godsend the flashing red-and-blue lights through the windows I was still in the shower and I heard a man shell police anyone here come out I got up and open the bathroom door and heard voices downstairs Christ they even called an ambulance I opened the bedroom door and a cop down the hall has a gun on me saying freeze I tried to explain that this is my family's place and I'm the caller but they still handcuffed me I soon see why in the living room is the man I saw in the woods with his back staring blankly upwards one arm outstretched at the ceiling and the other bent down reaching back what's his head was lying in a pool of blood we eventually get it cleared up who is who and I didn't crack that guy over the head later I find out that this guy was a paranoid schizophrenic and probably homeless who had wandered onto the property and it was hard to tell from where we still don't know why he was bleeding blunt force trauma of some sort maybe a fall so insane dude he basically gave me like three heart attacks so let's not meet and I'm pretty sure if it was my granddad instead of me out there you would have gotten shot I did however manage to get the press release done by Monday when we were little my father who is in the Army for 18 years uses how this true stories about him and his fellow comrades one of them happened in East Pakistan now Bangladesh one time my father and his friends were in a camp on duty in the middle of nowhere when they suddenly hear a woman's voice outside of their camp my father and his friends were scared and they weren't sure what to do because the nearest home was at least 50 kilometers away anyway they went outside in arsal 80s everything was a riots she said she was lost in that she needed food and water my father invited her inside and gave us some food and water after she finished her food she asked my dad if he was local but I told her that he's from West Pakistan and he's only there for training she then asked my dad if he'd like some homemade slaves he said yes to this and she left a couple of days went by on my father forgot about the incident a few days later when my father and his friends were sleeping in the tent they heard the same woman's voice again this time in different clothes and knew her fumé her hair was new and looks wet like she just had a shower and got ready I never looked like he had gone 50 miles to get there my father invited her inside again and got her some water this time she refused the water and gave my father a trailered piece of find out when my father taught the cloth he said there were homemade sweets as she promised the sweets are still warm like somebody had just made them after a while the woman left again and promised to come back soon according to my father she sought to come in there every single day with the same squeeze one day she asked my father and his friends if they were married my father lied to her and told her that he is happily married well my father's friend told her that he is not she then asked if he would like to marry her and he told her no and when she got angry and told them they were just wasting her time and they would regret it after that she never come back now after a few days my father and his friends finish their training and left camp when they reach the nearest town they also local was about the woman the locals told them that nobody with that name and description lived in town the nearest town after that was a few hundred miles away after that my father left the area to come home to Pakistan to this day my father is wondering about the woman and wants to know who she was or where she was coming from I worked at a hotshot crew for the first time for the Forest Service zoo he spends your free weeks out in remote areas we covered a large amount of ground on four generally nowhere near the trails or by common traffic we'd found weird stuff before like stashes of guns creepy old trifling cabins in aka I mean Petra cavern in a horror movie rusty traps everywhere and we even shot a bear once because it's way too interested in us fight camp now we talk bear matters very very seriously that was after a crew member was attacked by a bear in 2008 while forming a burnouts operation well one day my buddy Greg any saw partner were following the fire cut in Lion when suddenly greg noticed a pair of car hearts half buried in the ground Oh car hearts said Greg with some enthusiasm Greg saw heart and knew something must be as he notice it Greg pulled out his children flex it on the ground Rick always saved his shoe for the last who psychic was a consumption and his partner gave him that too just an hour before there was Greg picked up the incredibly heavy pants they still had legs and parts of the vertebra inside them the upper half of the body was totally missing turns out some poor guy gotten torn apart by a bear they found the rest of his body about quarter of a mile away it must have happened years ago because all they found were bones this is actually my stepmother and her best friend story my stepmother didn't like us much but she told my sister and I this experience that happened her when she was growing up to scare us out of being stupid it was my family's stranger-danger story my stepmom Macy grew up as a privileged teen in the 70s and her and her mother moved over to the States from England when she was around nine she went to a pretty nice high school in a really nice town and there she made friends with Lily who didn't exactly run with Macy's type of crowd the popular stereotypical kind but despite that they really hit it off and Lily would take Macey out to do her kind of stuff hiking fishing sailing there's even a hilarious set of pictures of them camping my stepmom has raccoon eyes and looks like she hates everything anyway because of Lily's influence the two of them would do stuff like this in good amounts one Sunday they decided that they would go and hike in the hill was about an hour away Macey put on what I'm sure were her extremely expensive hiking shoes and the two of them drove off to the hiking trails Lily parked in this big clearing with makeshift parking spots but there were no other cars there and this was only important in hindsight they started hiking up the hill off the path because Lilly fancied herself there's something of a badass the hike was nothing extraordinary and if you asked my stepmom she would lament for the 15 minutes of how sticky and buggy it was anyway they reached the top of the hill and my stepmom was done the polished pampered side of her was coming out and she groaned until Lilly begrudgingly said okay they would rest and then walk down again slower they had been heading down the hill for about 10 minutes when Macy started bitching again Lilly conceded to walking down the side of the road instead of the rough hiking trail so there they are probably looking like a couple of tools geared up for hiking and walking down a crappy road and after not even five minutes her truck pulls up right next to them it was red and rusty and generally looked like a clunker the guy driving rolled down the window and the girls looked to him through the passenger side window he has a big beard a baseball cap pulled down and long brown hair he greeted them and even smiled through his beard asking if they needed a ride Macy described him as charming an even cute Lily still says the moment he greeted them her hackles went up and despite her better judgment my stepmom convinced Lilly to go into the truck it must only be ten minutes drive down to the car tops the two girls opened the passenger side door to this rusty old thing and the guy directed them behind the seat to get into the back they settled in and the truck started rumbling forwards Lily always says that was the point it hit her that she made a mistake the back seat was clean enough but there was rope on the floor behind the driver's seat and four boxes of saran wrap half hanging out under the passenger seat it seemed creepy and weird but Lily didn't want to freak out my stepmom so she just kept her mouth shut after ten minutes the woods didn't look any clearer and they hadn't seen another car in a while Lily asked how long he thought it would be he said he was taking a different route down the hill and had to stop somewhere to get something first that was it the girls were 16 and 17 and Lily didn't want to press the issue she was scared she can remember his hair because she was sitting behind him he looked like a woodsy guy but his hair was super tangled and dirty she noticed crusted mud on his collar and tried to find something identifiable about him I just got scared the more she picked up on little details he was young ish strong looking and had at least an inch on both of them so they didn't ask any more questions and he didn't offer any more information and they drove on several minutes after that they reached a tiny Shack / log cabin looking place right there in a clearing of trees there was an old stump where someone had been chopping wood and a huge axed up to the log Lily was definitely on red alert now the guy turned off the truck and slipped out of it saying I'll be right back don't you get out and he disappeared into the house lilly tried to talk my step-mom about how she was incredibly uncomfortable but she mostly dismissed it Lily started begging increasingly freaked out and finally her her foot down demanding Macy exit the truck with her so they got out and walked around the front of the vehicle the house was around 50 yards in front of them and why this guy would have left two young girls in the truck alone whilst going into the house is beyond me and they wandered around looking at it hesitantly if this guy really was decent and just trying to show them a ride it would be super rude to run off right my stepmom has this strict upbringing when it comes to manners and public persona and she saw it as an issue of that nature so she actually started to head back to the truck opened the front door to climb behind the driver's seat and Lily was pissed off and followed her to yo some more on the driver side floor half under the seat there was a big hatchet it had dried red / brown stains covering the blade and was stuck to the floor under it Lilly understandably lost her shit and seeing it my stepmom started getting hysterical they decided that leaving was by far their best option at this point and just a book it off this side of the property into the trees they bummed around in the trees for a little while until Lilly was fairly confident they were on their way back down the hill my stepmom cried all the way down and Lilly felt bad about it I was also completely freaked out that he would hear it and tried calming her down when they finally got back to the bottom they saw the old wooden fence that surrounded the original parking area they were relieved but as they got closer they saw it the truck it was parked on the other side of the gravelly makeshift lot just sitting there facing the other way innocently they couldn't see if anyone was in it and of course Maisie wanted to run for the car but Lily was super hesitant she managed to calm my stepmom down saying she wanted to wait before running out into the open to see what was out there remember this is the 70s no cell phones and there were no ranger stations or anyone around the parking lot was big and empty and open and who knows what could have happened if they decided to stroll across it thankfully Lily convinced my stepmom to chill and the two of them hunkered down against a big tree hidden by bushes and other trees and waited it out for what seemed to be a couple of hours when darkness started to fall all the animals started to come out and make noise and my stepmom predictably started getting antsy about one of this and bothering Lily who was tired and moments away from giving in she was just planning their dash to the car when they heard a clunk across the Twilight lid lot they watched as one of the back doors of their car swung open and the bearded guy slid his way out the back seat he got out shut the door looked around at the surrounding woods for several moments and then walked back to his truck the truck column would past the car and out of sight and several minutes after watching him drive away they sprinted as fast as they could to the car jumped in and peeled out of there before they'd even fully shut the doors thanks to my step-mom I always checked the back seat before I get into my car and if this guy is still alive he's really old but still let's not meet again a few years back in early fall my dad and I were breaking down a guiding come on the upper Copper River behind Hudson Bay Mountain when we heard a commotion coming from behind the bush we're in the middle of nowhere there's no humans for these 40 kilometers and we were hearing this unearthly shriek in sound we ran out into the forest heading downhill to the lowlands next to the river and we watched as maybe a group of six or seven wolves chase down a bull moose the animal had a massive gash in its side it's been Gorder and another fran sister was now following him from the rear it's a full-grown male bear it's a grizzly bear I thought I was watching a movie like one of those things you only see a nature documentaries we followed from a distance of maybe 250 meters while the bull moose desperately tried to cross a river it never made it the Wolves descended on their prey backing out on the shore while it was kicking and shrieking in agony the Wolves didn't get that prize for long as a grizzly was done watching and charged at the Wolves which wrote them up then they attacked the massive bear frog toward the park against the ground and the other animals flicked back into the woods they didn't go far from the kill though knowing that the bear wouldn't be able to eat all of it on its own it was a battle that you only hear about from the First Nations that was the moment I realized why we're not the top of the food chain my dad and I decided that we had to make our move as we started moving the rizzoli began watching us from across the river now I've never been so scared in my life or so awestruck I now have a very good respect for nature and I'm thankful for that I used to do wilderness forestry in their village or area of northern Carolina a jack-o-lantern is a disembodied light that floats in the air they are commonly reported in the southern Appalachians but reports are usually disregarded because it's easy to imagine that the person seeing then was just seeing something more mundane I've seen a few things I suspect were jack-o'-lanterns but there was one that was plain and clearly just a floating lie it's out in the open in the east side of the short of mountain and there's no trails in place so it can only be accessed by somebody with very good mountaineering skills and wood craft furthermore it was floating above the brush way too thick for anything to move through especially not as quickly and as smoothly existed I should point out that there is a confirmed similar phenomenon nearby the Brown Mountain lights that has puzzled people for centuries on hot summer nights you can sit at the Wiseman's view or a pull off on the highway east of Georgian Sea jack-o'-lanterns dancing across the sky I was camping with a bunch of city dwellers who had never done a hiking camping trip before needless to say some things didn't go so well only two people brown one small water bottle several people bring in sufficient food and one couple were carrying an eight-man tent in between them he was like herding cats anyway we finally made camp at around 2:00 were up the cliffs and have a beautiful view we have ample time to set up camp cook dinner and tell ghost stories but now these numbnuts get the bright idea to go down to the water they insist it's only their 30 minutes tops this is bullshit it's easily a two-hour hike down I know this and one other guy knows this as well but we feel obligated to go with these guys to keep them out of trouble we get to the beach whilst the Sun is setting now we have to hike back into the deepening dark and there's a dim moon and fog rolling in I have the only flashlight and typically the batteries give out shortly after of course we get lost and I managed to twist my ankle pretty badly so it's dark the fog has the visibility further down and my last cold hungry and I'm injured then the other competent hiker pulls me aside and tells me in hushed urgent tones I don't want to freak the earthís out but something is following us back there it keeps coming into view and then fades back into the fog and I've never seen anything like it as we continue I catch sight of a ghostly white shape about three feet tall moving silently but quickly along the trail that we were on every hair on my body stood on end and I could have made a diamond down my ass it didn't stay visible for long and disappeared into a bush almost as soon as I noticed it I called fleeting sights of it again twice more before it disappeared for good and to this day I have no idea what it was I never saw it for long enough / clearly enough to make an uneducated guess it did not move like any animal that I'm familiar with or any that I know inhabit that Park I can't tell you how relieved I was when we got above the fog and the visibility returned though still darker than Satan's asshole eliminated by slicky candle quadruplets at midnight we called for a halt we rested for about an hour pulled what little food and water we had left and tried to figure out where we were when we got started up again we literally took ten steps and turned a bend straight into our tents we still tell stories about how delicious the crunchy spaghetti was that I made for everyone one Bowl at a time honestly I was making it so I would have an excuse to stand next to the fire hoping that whatever was out there would be afraid of it a better sexy five-day expedition for the UPS or command sim range my oh me we will jet in the middle of nowhere the focus won't from a road in the lower 48 about 30 days in we come near a creek with sandy banks we get this idea in our head to make us or not so we all use the temples from all around the five tens throw all the temp flies over the dome and pole sound all around us and at the bottoms keep the heat certain we dig a hole in the middle and started dragon rocks from where we've thrown them in the camp fire earlier so we all climb in all 12 of us and we fought water over the hot rocks in the hole and presto it's an instant sauna somebody comments at considering how dirty we all are after being out for a month we should jump in the creek somebody else points out that dirt because it's abrasive clean skin and the cold Creek will make our pores close immediately and we're gonna be clean and then we've been in an entire month everybody agrees we promptly cover ourselves in dirt scrubbing it in so we all get up horse out of the tens and jump in the freezing Creek screaming all the way it turns out that while we're in there a horse camp had set off on the opposite side of the creek so we all jump out on horseback to the sauna now you can imagine if you were those horse guys you're weeks into the middle of nowhere on horseback you actually run into another camp which is weird by itself maybe an hour later two old people run naked and muddy from the crowd screaming and jumping into an unknown place this is not my own story the one that is told to me by a friend who lives near Tasman Ezard apparently he and his friends are out in the desert one night I can't remember if they would camp in overnight or just out late when they kind of got separated they were free of them and the one I know I'll just call him Joe though that's not his actual name it was calling for the other two when he spies somebody who was crouching near the ground nearby and they suddenly stand off the moonlights this was around eight yards away from him he pokes it as one of his friends and starts to move towards her as he does so he begins to hear his actual buddies in the distance and they call from behind him he's just very slowly backs away from her and ran he thinks it is possibly a skinwalker which is probably one of those weirdos who like to go out alone in the desert I don't really blame him for running though I'd be freaked out too fifteen years ago I was in the Air Force got aside to provide mobile security to missile launch facilities located in Wyoming Colorado and Nebraska riding around in a Humvee for 12 hours a day four days a week in the middle of nowhere got pretty boring so we would often go into the many abandoned houses located within our patrol area one was unlike the rest it was a red brick ranch-style house that looked like it was built in the 70s and was in decent condition on the outside through it sitting there with no one living in it I passed the place every day I worked so I was pretty confident it was abandoned but I still waited a few months before entering one night my curiosity got the best of me so I decided to stop by and check the place out with my team it was 1:00 a.m. so he had to use our mag lights to look around we never went into places that were locked so I was excited to see the back door was wide open and the front unlocked we also looked in the windows before entering to ensure the place was indeed vacant since we were carrying our weapons on us upon entering it it was a normal abandoned place she'd scattered everywhere and dusty as hell we explored some then to find the place had a basement we opened the door slowly and made our way down the abyss shining our lights around and something catches our eye he points his light at it it's a human figure standing there with their back towards us wearing a cowboy hat there is no movement and I then noticed that this person isn't touching the ground so I point my light up to see that it's a rope around their neck and they're hanging by the rafters we start freaking out and wondering what the hell to do so we get closer to ensure that it is indeed what we think before alerting the authorities I get with him range to knock its hat with my m4 and meet a burlap sack someone thought it would be funny to hang a scarecrow from the rafters well it did a good job at scaring the shit out of me me and my dad went camping in savage golf in TN during my senior year of high school we didn't bring a tent because it wasn't supposed to be that cold seeing as it is on either beginning of fall despite this I didn't sleep at all that night because I was so cold it was a long and miserable night we're staying in our sleeping bags on a tarp I don't know what time it was but the moan had already reached his peak in the sky and darkness of the night to change from pitch-black to slightly less black I still couldn't see much by this time I'd heard some leaves rustling and something moving in the underbrush I gauged it as about 20 feet away just where a campsite was meet in the thick woods I then heard it again about 30 minutes later but it was hard to tell but something was definitely there we're in Tennessee and after living and camp in there my whole life I wasn't too worried that it could be a bear I assumed it as a raccoon or a possum as soon as dawn broke and I was able to see again I jumped out of my sleeping bag to make a fire because I was still freezing after I warmed up a bit I go over to work for what the sounds were to figure out what was going on and then found cat tracks I mean big cat tracks poor friends bigger than my hand they were too big for a Lynx or Bobcat and we then hiked back to the ranger station and asked them if it could possibly be a mountain lion NCN the Ranger was doubtful until I showed him the pictures I took with the tracks next to my hand so apparently we're just slapped as human burritos 20 feet away from a fucking mountain lion hey guys it's Morty and thank you so much for listening first and foremost I would like to thank insomniac for joining me in this video and would like to wish him a very happy birthday indeed please be sure to click the link on screen now to go over to his channel to watch part 2 with some truly terrifying stories and don't forget to wish him a happy birthday whilst you're at it but anyway guys and now I'm gonna sign off stay awesome and I'll see you in the next one

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