Saskatchewan Farm Trucks

Saskatchewan Farm Trucks

Quick Dick McDick Productions likes to spotlight items
commonly used in the agricultural industry here in Saskatchewan that’s why
this week we’re doing a spotlight on the Saskatchewan farm truck those of you
that have already attended quick Dick’s FELT training program already know this
but brakes are not required on Saskatchewan farm pickups you can put it
into a cattle fence a grain bin or the nearest snow bank to stop some sort of
towing device is required on all Saskatchewan trucks in case yourself or
your neighbor needs to be pulled out of the ditch commonly referred to as the
Saskatchewan yank side mirrors are not required on Saskatchewan farm trucks
because whatever’s behind you has already happened and there’s nothing you
can do about it and if something’s gonna fall off your truck it’s best that it
stay in the ditch anyways working signal lights are typically not required on
Saskatchewan farm trucks as the farmer driving the truck had absolutely no
intention of signaling anyways furthermore a rearview mirror is
typically the only type of mirror Saskatchewan farm truck will have in it
as the farmer will check it only when they are concerned the police are behind
them and they required a signal it’s important also to remember of course
with Saskatchewan pickups that as long as 75% of your lights are working you
have 50% more of your lights working than the neighbors do fun fact about
Saskatchewan farm trucks you can usually find enough cans behind the seat to take
to Sarcan to get yourself some extra walking around money in order to become
a member of the elite Saskatchewan farm trucks Club each Saskatchewan farm truck
must have at least one engine replaced in it and of course when doing engines
on Saskatchewan pickups it is always customary to find at least one dead rodent
washing is strictly prohibited of Saskatchewan farm trucks as you may wash
away what remains of the truck it’s important when running multiple
Saskatchewan farm tracks that you try to match the year make and model not only
so that you could switch parts when one quits running but so you can only
register one and switch license plate to whichever one you’re taking to town
along with an obscene amount of tools on the passenger floor all Saskatchewan
farm trucks must have a rifle in the center of the seat in case you encounter
a badger a coyote or the neighbor’s Tomcat that has been pissing all over
everything that you’ve warned them several times about in an effort to combat
climate change both Quick Dick McDick and Big Moustache Al of Big Moustache Al
Ventures North of Tufnell Saskatchewan invested in Green pickups to save our
planet ladies and gentlemen we are joined
by Big Moustahce Al with with Big Moustache Al Ventures North Tuffnell Saskatchewan
Big Moustache Al I had absolutely no idea you were part of the green movement
to save our planet I’m known as somewhat of a pioneer in these
parts for being green I’ve had this green pick up since 1993
Saskatchewan farm tracks require at least one uncertified technician to do at
least one transmission job on them said uncertified technician is not allowed
to accept cash for said transmission job they are only allowed to accept a
case of beer, bottle of whiskey, coil of sausage or a set of used tires for their
Saskatchewan farm truck Once a Saskatchewan farmer has invested at least nine times
the original purchase price in parts and labor into said Saskatchewan farm truck
it goes to one of two places: either to a local steel recyclers yard or to the
back of the Saskatchewan farmer’s yard to join the rest of its fallen brothers
and sisters that have preceded it although exhaust leaks are typically
frowned upon in pickups in the Saskatchewan farm truck they’re integral
so when the Mounties pull you over on the Bertdale grid you can say no I
haven’t been drinking I just have an exhaust leak this has been spotlight on
Saskatchewan farm trucks this is Quick Dick McDick reminding you to keep your
wheels turning and your old lady’s fire burning oh look a Saskatchewan sunset!
we’ll catch you next time

23 thoughts on “Saskatchewan Farm Trucks

  1. Heya, from a fellow Saskabusher YouTuber. Found your channel through my in-laws who are from your neck of the woods. Spent my Christmas in FL actually. Appreciate your views and humour. 😁😁

  2. Its like you have been following me around or something. Awesome videos. Good entertainment whilst on the shitter

  3. And now since the Protesters Diet my mother-in-law wants updates on Quick Dick! She’s hooked. We all are. Here’s to Sask farm boys. Respected everywhere . Well almost everywhere. Say hi to Al. I haven’t seen him in a while and man can he grew such a big moustache that it turned into a beard!

  4. Cybertruck 2.0
    Elon would love it.

    And also: So THAT’s a Saskatchewan Yank.
    I was lied to. Then he left me for the neighbour.
    Guess her Saskatchewan Yank was better than mine.

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