Randy and Towelie’s Weed Farm Needs Help – South Park

Randy and Towelie’s Weed Farm Needs Help – South Park

Alright, there you, friend.
That’s an ounce of weed and thanks for supporting small
business. Next! Hey, could you sell me more than
an ounce? Sorry, friend, that’s the law. Us simple farming fold respect
the law and eachother. Oh, it’s fine. I’ll just go over
the Anderson Weed Farm and by more there. Well don’t buy weed from
them. Their weed sucks. It’s a long way to drive out
here. I need to make it worth my while. Shit! This whol Amazon strike
has more people smoking weed thank ever. We have to make sure Tergrity
Weed stays ahead of the
competition We need to find a way to get the
weed to the people. Yea, like a- like a delivery
service. Some way so people don’t have to
drive out here and even see the other weed
farms. You know what they got? They got
these e-scooters nowadays. You mean the things that almost
killed us all on Halloween? Yea, I ‘member. What if we use e-scooters to get
the weed directly to the
costumers? Holy shit, we could have Tegrity
all over town.

39 thoughts on “Randy and Towelie’s Weed Farm Needs Help – South Park

  1. Just some reality checks
    You can't sell out of your house I can't say for sure about Colorado but in California you must prove you have 125k minimum in liquidatable assets to qualify for a permit to sell.

    The validity of which only applies if the store "integrity farms in this case" abides by all regulations

    He must have documentation of his clients
    He must not grow a maximum of 12 plants per household
    His products must be unchanged from nature except by acceptable means such as extracting thc, adding edible ingredients or reforming it's nature into candy.
    His products must be easily identifiable as marijuana products at distribution

    Employee/employer rights
    Drug policy are up to an individual employer they neither must or must not accept applicants with a history of smoking cannabis recreationally

    Employers must have their policy on drug/alcohol/tobacco use clearly listed in writing

    An employer must tell you up front if you are rejected for smoking cannabis.

    Enjoy the hussle

  2. RANDY SAID YEAH I MEMBER OML THAT TOWLIE IS FAKE i bet its a member berry ugh i need to watch this ep to see if mah theory is trU

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