Quick update on the dragon fruit May 28 2019 (viewer request- James Billy)

Quick update on the dragon fruit May 28 2019 (viewer request- James Billy)

are you tube sock boy Mahalo here with a most recent update on the dragon fruit as you can see quite few flowers are opening and few have open also so like this one has open and this one has open also but there's a few of flowers that are have open today because it's all about I think seven in the evening here in San Diego right there so this one have opened before too so quite a few flower buds opening now here's some more and by the way this one is just planted on the ground and as you can see there's also a flower blooming so it's possible to plant dragon fruit in pots and grow them from pots you don't have to have a type of post if like you don't have enough a space so there's a flower but there too so this just on the ground by the way this is the Purple Haze so there's quite a few flowers blooming also here's a flower bud on the ground as well and this one also is Purple Haze this one is the very first post that I planted I don't know if the because of the fertilizer that I used there's so much new growth which I don't like because basically the plant is concentrating its energy to grow the new branches instead of using the energy to have flowers I think I've used what to call that I mean I before I used 14 14 14 I was I use once man I forgot we'll talk about that when I remember there's some are flower buds this might open tonight or maybe tomorrow and here's some more flower buds Bloomington today tonight right here and has bloomed before this I think is the American Beauty this one's American Beauty and the other one is purple haze and the one before that which is the very first post that I planted I named it's Matthew I don't have the name actual name of it so here are some more flowers as you can see there's a lot of growth new branches growth and flower buds developing not all of my posts have flower buds so some of them are late in developing like this post here doesn't have any flower buds developed yet I haven't seen any this one though I it's a good thing this is the golden yellow so there's a lot of branches new branches although no no flower buds yet and these are the yellows as well okay that's a short update and the dragon fruit and eventually be a updating yellow up to now it's not fully ripened yet it's almost there getting close maybe we'll make a video of it I will make a video cuz the way I believe to tell if they're ripe is the Torrens supposed to become supposed to come off easily okay so this one's not ready yet all right thank you for watching have a good one bye bye

10 thoughts on “Quick update on the dragon fruit May 28 2019 (viewer request- James Billy)

  1. I’m trying to grow dragon fruit in the desert of Las Vegas. I’ve been watching all of your videos for help and ideas. Thank you for sharing!!!! Wish my luck!!! They say it’s possible and it’s all in the soil. If you ever would like to share some seeds I’d be blessed!!! From your videos I just founded out there are different varieties. I always thought it was the the pink and yellow ones.

  2. Hello sackboymahalo. I would like to ask how do you remove or control the ants that goes to your developing dragon fruits? Will these ants destroy the developing dragon fruit I have?

  3. Your plants look very healthy! Great job of combating the fungal spots, that you had during the winter months! Did you spray the copper fungicide on all of them? I didn't see any fungal infection on any of your dragon fruit, except for a little on the yellow variety.

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