Potentially HUGE move! | Oakfield Farm | Farming Simulator 19 Role Play – EP62

Potentially HUGE move! | Oakfield Farm | Farming Simulator 19 Role Play - EP62

I'm not too sure what I'm gonna talk about today I don't really know why I can update you one around the last bit I think it's all very much as you were what the way to see but they're mostly because button alone I think well good evening folks come on we are gonna be a little bit late this evening it is well it's a pushing on to 10 o'clock this evening now but it's gonna rain tomorrow so we've got no or for a lot to do there we've got Barry out in the John Deere as you can see forward to the head and yeah we need to get much as system as possible and then even maybe move the combine as well so it's gonna be a long one we're gonna keep cracking on and we'll see you all before the rainstorm tomorrow well folks i'll give the weather service one thing they got this one spot on it is about 7:30 Milkin has been done and Wow seeking shelter inside one more chance here today none lobster we can do in this if I'm honest well there's a couple things we can get off although falling off and there yeah we'll have a look into some of those but we're gonna do first things first I'm going to drive away I've gotta take this Edda trailer back up to the fields we finished combining late last night about 12th baby I should think of one o'clock for the baler back here and brought the trucks and trailers back in there over there but uh yeah we can get a great story at least so I'm gonna drop this off up to the top and spoiler alert it's raining on top of the hill as well it's not used of anything of you in fact it mean build it worse and is there ever more of a depressing sight than the combine stuff in the field in the pouring rain I always think that looks very depressing and then like I say we're probably is gonna leave this and here with the combine but boy don't get too wet we're gonna run over to the combine and just cross the header off anyway oh god this is heavy this is heavy run run okay so we'll get this dropped off anyway just so we can bring it down at some stage and also I'd like to put the head of trailer on of a header on to the trailer purely because it may be years gone by people have come in and try this I have successfully stolen the wheels of the Heather trailer before so we want to avoid that where possible but yeah this dude came off very well in fact this with wheat and they came off very like he sees all a strong you've got this eventually not the baler it looks like Jack full of behind and was flying through on the baler at one point that was great and yeah very nice took turns on the come by and we gotta go all done so good dole run team ever really I would say that still getting used to this handle trailer and this has a combination actually it's a little bit different to what we used to it's just much bigger so we have technically I mean we're too good playful we've we've finished all of our own who drowned which is great we've got some contracting work left to do which is looking a little ominous but I'm hoping that we can get onto that sooner rather than later we'll just leave the combine where it is here that's nice little Java order to do this morning Nick and that he'll trailer out the uggs it's getting a little bit full in now say we're gonna come over get these bells cleared up at some point you won't gonna be able to come to this field anytime soon there's a little bit heavy so it doesn't hold the walk it doesn't reduce they'll drain the water very well so we have to come and get that one done a lot something we'll think about when it dries off if and when it does welcome you today we've got rain forecast from best pop all day so that's a job for another time but we've got plenty we can't get working with we've got bells on the other field you get in a few things work around the yard we need to focus on with some machinery there the case is no longer here we've got rid of the case combine all the case tractor now was gone that was a nice little demonstration but I think that's all it'll be and not really anything it's did that the heartstrings too much there to make me wanna cross rip that okay so it was nice to see what some of the competition has booked ourselves way back down to the yard here I mean look at the over the valley today it is looking see it someone's weekly is gonna have to be pounded by this rain as well I don't know what their attention is that's a smaller issue for me to be too concerned about right now we've got that cover crop is in now so I feel bad I'm sure we're gonna see that Lake fill up a little bit now oil is removed due to have the drains are running clear and free it down there so yeah we'll have to watch the space really more thunder at this stage I don't think them to getting more grass with either side here it's not it's very tall is very weedy it's not very good grass in any way I think we've got the best of it that we can we've got a little bit amazed that we can run out as well as to fill up more than the pitlor but that'll be about it really I think though I'm not sure all in do like ground but as you can see right now today may well be a bit of a service and day the yard is full of equipment full of things that need food looked into or moved away but bales that we do need to get in but really I'm not too sure what I'm gonna talk about today I don't really know why I can update you on around the yard very much as you were I think okay I am pretty like that there are two considerably important updates that we can have a look at when a one through yard here because it's raining so hard we are continuing with our demonstrations and the well John Deere pulled out all the stops frankly so we'll jump into this save the best of last in my mind now for many of you all know that we currently are vehicles John Deere and fent we have two of each and little boys run the tractor around the yard as well we are thinking about trying to upgrade one with one machine would like something that's got a little bit more power than the fence or the six out half so John do you have kindly sent us a few machines on demonstration this is the 8,400 are and that next door is quite frankly a behemoth of a 95 70 R T in terms of this machine here I think we're looking in the region about for June 24th power give or take so this would pretty much rival the 9470 it rivals won't be found 10:46 has it's in the same bracket this is that flagship range of all the bells and whistles to it it's a beautiful machine he really is I don't know if this is too big for what we'd want but it's big we can always dial it down like an 82 or an 83 something like that still give us plenty of boots but it wouldn't be quite as big today we're gonna give this one a raffle I do like this north and large do you think different get some use for this if we had this would mean that we can put the large equipment onto the back of the fence all this I'll be able to get through most of our jobs there which would be really important for us particularly as we start to get we're getting a little bit of crunch time right about now where the the grounds or the weather's not gonna let us do too much but the ground is also going against us it's been a bit too wet and sticky so we need gallon then we need to work the fields over and drill them pretty much on top of each other really but this is a beautiful machine nonetheless and like I said it's got all the bells and whistles we want to get this into the field and try it I am tempted to put this onto the back of one by drills actually in see how how that goes worked very very well now the big one is what blew my mind is the size of the thing when it first arrived the 8570 or the 95 70 LT which is just incredible very similar setup exactly same controls as its next door neighbour there but colossally big coming in a special 500 horsepower this is massive probably way too before we'd ever want but it is it will be able to weave another upscale a lot of that cultivation equipment as well and be able to really kind of accommodate for all needs here compaction is something that I'm worried about quite a bit so that's why the fence is very good that has variable pressure tires obviously with a 36 inch tracks on this guy so this would be pretty special it's just fruit blossom some of our feel if maybe I'll make enough to the sides in terms of what we could be able to do either really huge we all can limited this to what we could do because we just have a big drawbar we don't have anything else pick a pitch so that might limit this a little bit they will kind of send it over there so I will absolutely find a use for it somewhere and we'll see what you could do perhaps not with the baler what doesn't seem very good definitely Franklin it's a little bit sticky today and it's not the best of days you should be trying to find work with this as you can see you've got the fence sticking that snows out of the shed we pull on the drill I'm ready to go pretty much but stop it every turn and part the John Deere into here for now well we'll try and get some some land work for to do fairly soon you just want to get these things working now race when come the good old go but yeah huge shot with the local sheriff's dealer for bringing the synthesis are really quite something and it does just what we will do now I think we do have a little bit of cultivation work coming up I think we're going to stick the John Deere give that on Susie drill well we'll get by the girl with the criminal defense I'd withdrawn or will stick it onto the cobbler way they won the to the coordinator is in fact free so it might just go into that so we're going to run back over and get that and pull it out and then when you get this all set up together so I think we'll stick this onto the plows now but get into it because the tender a lot of plywood to this year but we do have should be quite challenging so it stick the wanton on this side this year John go happy day so we'll leave out on that but now we're gonna have to come back back today unfortunate was knocking midday where we got much done with land work however what I would like to ask of you all is I would have a decision if you were in my books and you have the checkbook here and you thinking of upgrading the machine do we go all John Deere what do you reckon guys do we look into buying again they're eighteen eighty four hundred are or 8350 or something like that who think about bringing that big guy in the corner out we would offer to get rid of the two smaller machines but I think we should keep one and I don't know but hey let me let me get your opinions in the top corner there right now I'll stick up a little poll there see what you think and I'd love to get your insight as well it's very appealing to me but now we're gonna do a few jobs around the yard I think we're all but done without veiling for now and depend upon what the customer wants with the contract work so we're gonna clean the bale down and then stick into a setup the way to now actually cousin tree wanna stay outside let's do that this is desperately low on fuel as well just go back to yard one hand brakes on there we go and be fun to stick into there all the way for now I want to give the bit of clean up I'm gonna go to just knock all the dust off it really and then we leave it for the bow until it completely finished for the season before we actually came to do anything too aggressive okay see Missy juice in the range for the what I can do the least that's clean fingers crossed I get us into shed before the tractor runs out of diesel that suck so you will do folks anyway what's new in oil that's a tire don't wanna hit that one let's know down below how you getting on but you get enough to as always oh come on get away from the time so I'd look at the phone earlier and we are due rains the next the satellite at least would suggest withdrew rain for the next six hours and varying degrees of severity which is really going to hammer us do anything for the next two days so right along with what we can do here for now all right in then we're full of diesel just stop this guy here few days yeah it's coming up with a tricky day first to be honest I've purchased at least two trailers off on the John Deere put the bill stuck around so we're ready to go with that guy and then we can kind of all lined up ready to roll really like I say that a lot of work that we need to get cracking with at some stage but we're just kind of rained out right now so we'll try and go and get a load of that bales from that top field which might a bit like that drizzle you say one oh god you found a little bit stupid on you the news around here drop them off I pull these back in tandem last night just get them both back in one hit sir pretty nice thing to be able to do it's good to have a haven't been one hit squares Bella Point C what's good – hey that will do me drop back out back one thing I have them today something I smell may just be here I took a stick this one too here it is a bit of a quiet all day I couldn't have loved them today we might see if this rings gonna stop anytime soon if we go girl gets a bail in them but not too sure for now as you can see the rain still coming down pretty heavy so what kind of washed out a little bit but we will we'll leave this here as I've mentioned I'll look to hear from you about what you think we should be with the fleet if we should go all done via green I'll keep it as a fez mixed in there as well do let me know type of comment down below there hit that pole slash that like the dissimulation for the nation and subscribe as well and we will see you in the next one so until then have yourself a great day enjoy we're doing and we'll see you later

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