Pinnacle Studio 17 & 18 Ultimate – Crop Tutorial

Pinnacle Studio 17 & 18 Ultimate – Crop Tutorial

[Boom!] How did you do that? Whoa! Holy Cow! He did it! Oh Boy! All you have to do is ask. Hey guys, how ya’ll doing out there? It’s time for another tutorial from PinnacleStudioPro. Some of you out there might feel that this is the basic tutorial but I have been getting crazy request to do a tutorial on cropping videos and photos so you know I had to bring it to my Pinnacle Peeps. Let’s get into it! All right, so I got a video in the time line of the Chicago skyline Big up to Chi-Town and all the Chicagoans out there and then I also got a clip in the timeline of a photo We’re gonna start off with the video I’m gonna right click on this video & I’m gonna go to “Open Effects Editor” Now, stay in the “Effects” tab and then go to “2D-3D” when you click on that you can see some choices and you might think you want to go to crop but as you can see when I highlight crop it keeps all that black stuff around it & there’s no way to get rid of all that nasty black border so what you want to do is you wanna go to “2D Editor Advanced” When you click on that it puts your clip up into the corner like it’s in time out so we got to get it out of time out, go to “Select Preset” and change it from “Default” to “No Preset” Once you do that you’ll notice there’s a setting down there for cropping If I click on cropping let’s just say I wanted to get rid of all of this sky on the left and let’s say there was a dude down there dancing and I didn’t want him in my video he was some jerk who just jumped in my video when I was doing it, I don’t know, let’s say that’s the case So first thing I wanna do is crop out the bottom, get him outta there so he’s gone now and then I wanna crop out the left because I wanna get some of this sky outta the left hand side Now the next thing I want to do is I want to “Position” my video where I think it needs to go Now I wanna move it to the left some so I wanna move the “Horizontal” over to the left and I’m gonna try to get about in the middle horizontally Ah, that’s all right for right now I’m a just change this to like -12 And then the “Vertical”, I wanna move that down about in the middle somewhere and I think that’s good now I got the same problem right now that I had with the crop effect I got black borders around here, but I’ll show you how to get rid of that Go to “Size”, when you go to size leave the lock on here don’t take the lock off and then just drag either one the vertical or horizontal to the right and it’ll fill up the space, now if you notice that is already filling up the top now I can move the vertical down a little bit more and I can pull it out some more to size up and now maybe even move it horizontally a little bit here size it up a little bit more and Wah Lah! It is cropped and now it is actually fitting my video, no black border around it So I click “OK” and now it’s cropped how I want it This will work with whatever you’re doing doesn’t matter you just gotta make it the way you want it to fit Let’s get to that photo. So I’m gonna right click on the photo and I’m gonna go to “Open Effects Editor” and this is done totally different…with photos you can actually go to the “Corrections” tab and there is a setting under corrections called “Crop” Click on “Crop” it’s usually defaulted to “Aspect Ration None” So I changed it back to Aspect Ratio None” And what you’ll do is you just grab your points and you crop it how you want it You can’t grab this bottom on so what you need to do is put your cursor somewhere in the designated area of the photo left click hold it down and drag it up a little bit now you can grab a point, but keep in mind if I click on “Apply” right now you see…just that now what happens is all of this on the side is gonna be black So let me click “OK” and show you that the sides are black I’m a show how you to make sure that doesn’t happen So I’m gonna go back to “Open Effects Editor” go back to “Corrections”, then back to “Crop” and when I do that it’s gonna bring up the original photo so that’s a good thing right? Yes it is! So now what I want to do is change my aspect ratio so that it fits everything, theres no black bars, so my video is NTSC 16:9 so I wanna go to 16:9 square pixels when I do that it’s gonna mess up my cropping a little bit so let’s click on that and you see it’s 16:9 now and if I were to drag something on here it’s gonna stay with the 16:9 ratio it’s either gonna go up or down to make it stay at 16:9 I coulda did that at the beginning but I wanted to show off a little bit You know me, you know I like to show off I just position it how I want, make sure that what I want is centered in this box in the middle, I think that’s pretty good so now I can click “Apply” or I could just click “OK” if I wanted to but I’ll click “Apply” to get a preview make sure it’s how I like it, now I’m gonna click “OK” and you’ll see now that’s gonna fill in the whole preview window and it has been cropped down to the size I want That’s it…it’s a wrap The video cropping tutorial from your boy PinnacleStudioPro Now you guys know the routine…the thumb the one that’s pointed in the upward direction Click it, like it, live it, love it, HUG IT! Show the thumb some love. Comments, leave me your comments, if you leave me a comment I’ll get back to you, if you need help I’ll try to hep you out, if I can’t help you I’ll point you in the right direction to get you the help you need. And last, but definitely not least, Don’t you ever forget to… Subscribe baby. Thanks for watching, we’ll see you again soon. [MUSIC]

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  1. Dear Sir.  I recently downloaded Pinnacle Studio 17, I am unable to see all the tools your screen shows.  For instance, the audio key frame, is not present on my computer.  I wonder if I have to set something up or if perhaps my version of the software is the problem.  Any help is greatly appreciate it. 

  2. so i use your cropping techniques and they work fine when editing but when i export the video the black bars re-appear on my video? why does this happen and how do i fix the issue?

  3. Hi, I have a problem with my Pinnacle Studio 17…. I have a brand new computer with AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 3.70 Ghz and 16GB RAM. 

    When I use the program, it slows down in the first 10 minutes, then gradually gets slower and slower and within the hour, it stops and freezes completely. Does anyone know what the problem is? Can you please help me?

  4. Hi Malik,
    Just wondering if it is possible to batch crop (crop more than one picture at a time)? My students are putting finishing touches on their stop motions and have noticed some areas where they would like to crop a number of pictures (about 50) all using the same camera position. Should I get them to export their movies first and then crop the movie?
    Thanks so much! Your tutorials are really helpful btw 🙂

  5. Hey man love the vids. If I'm doing a slideshow style movie and want to keep the black bars, but just change their colour (ideally they'd be white), can I actually do that? I don't want to crop them, I just want to change the colour of those black bars

  6. So with pinnacle studio 17 when I edit videos the finished product is never full screen, though in the preview in the editing process it looks to be full screen. Here's an example of what is meant to be a finished product please help.

  7. Hi and thanks for the great tutorials
    Question. Can one change the shape of the frame for pip. Pinnacle studio 18?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. I'm just trying once to search for a video that will show me something I don't know how to do with Pinacle Studio 16 and not get a solution from the PinnacleStudioPro man and every time I search you have the exact answer for me. When will I not find what I want? As usual buddy you were spot on and provided the answer to a difficult question that saved me hours!!! Well done Mr. PinnacleStudioPro
    The Video Maker

  9. Excellent tutorials in here and excellent commentator! Pinnacle 18 is a great software, thanks for the tutorials! 🙂

  10. having trouble getting png images in my videos… they are inside a black box instead of being normal png overlay,

  11. when I uploaded a video, the black bars showed up…how do I get rid of those black bars when I create a video?

  12. I had pinnacle studio 12 for years and recently upgraded to 17. pretty pathetic how 12 can do so much more than 17 because cropping my videos was so much easier and a lot better/quicker. the only problem i have no is that 12 cannot really play or render my high quality hd videos where as 17 can. probably have to find an editor that is much simpler.

  13. What if you have an image that is very narrow like a magazine cover? ow do you remove the back bars when you crop and change the aspect Ratio? Thanks for all of your help your videos are wonderful!

  14. I have Pinnacle 18. I edited a video that was shot with Canon camera HD 1080. I uploaded it on You Tube and it has black borders on top and bottom of the video. What am I doing wrong? I didn't change any size settings.

  15. This might be a long shot, but you haven't failed me yet….I photographed a company reception, shot some video and plan on using the piano music from the longest clip as the music bed. I'll basically make a slide show but would like to cut in video also. Should I size my photos to pixel dimensions of the video before I add them to the timeline or vise versa. I've made slide shows before, just never mixed the two media types. My photos are not all the same size due to cropping. Have you covered this sort of thing. What would your approach be to assemble a simple photo/video montage. Thanks

  16. Nothing seems to work for me – I've tried EVERYTHING!!!! – Frustrating ! – When I import the video, it fills the entire screen and is perfect! – But as soon as I drag the file to the editting bar – it shrinks to a little boks, with black bars surrounding it ! – I've tried this ! but still doesn't work???? HELP!!!!

  17. HI! I've watched one of your videos before where you show what setting to change so that when you delete a portion of video on the timeline, not everything jumps automatically to the left. I thought it was in this video, but it's not. Can you please tell me where that setting is to change? I thought it was in the top right hand corner right above the timeline, but I can't tell. Thank you!

  18. How do I get clips to all move as one on a timeline? I have a clip I want to add in the beginning before my other ones, but when I add it in, it only moves one track down, and the tracks above/below stay the same and don't align with all the hits I set up.

  19. thank you so much!! I had been struggling with editing a video the way I wanted too and you helped me solve my issue! I can't thank you enough, I'm so happy :]

  20. Hello again, is there a way I can create a template for my instagram movies. I am looking to be able to just add my videos but logo is already set up. Please may you help me (again!! hahahaha)

  21. Whats with the stupid voice. One minute you have a black voice then your doing a white guys voice. WTF dude.
    Cant you make a tutorial without the voice sound effects.

  22. Maliek, does the crop, pan & zoom features only work properly with digital media? I have some older 8mm analog video from past vacations and I wondered if I could use some of the same techniques to "enhance" some of those movies.

  23. Thank you for this instructional video. The video I am editing is 720×480. The area that I want after cropping is square so I am left with black bars on either side of the cropped area. Is there a way to crop off the width effectively reducing it to 480×480 while leaving the area of interest proportionally correct?

  24. Why would even someone make it this stupid? Sony Vegas has it much better, but then again, sony vegas is buggy piece of shit.

  25. How do you cut the moon out of its background to use it as an overlay on another video? I know how to use non-moving .png image on a video but I am looking for a way to use a moving video cutout on another video.

  26. Hiya! Is the video cropping utility available in the Plus or regular versions, or perhaps anywhere in any of the 16 versions..? Thanks so much! ♥

  27. I see that you have a picture of a woman holding a frame of her picture. How do you do that where a person wings around a picture and you have a video or different pictures playing inside that picture. (Please reference the PIP picture within this video before you click play) Thank you,

  28. Hi, do you guys know where I can find the project that inicially comes with Pinnacle Studio 19? Thanks
    Nice tutorials!!!

  29. Thanks for your Tut's. I'm wondering how to do Custom Cropping, like detailed cropping around a subject in a video, not just square cropping. Is there a way to drop multi cropping points around a subject so as to remove unwanted markings close to and outside from the subject? Like a top corner of a video? For example, a hexagon or octagon type of choice rather than just square points, yet each point can still be moved around anywhere on your video? Any Idea's ? I have Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate btw

  30. also guys if you dont want it to be in the whole video…. Just cut the like parts and just put the thingy the line on that clip and bam fixed it

  31. When you cropped the building, will the crop stay that way thoughout the rest of the video? Because I noticed in Powerdirector you had to keep tagging points in your timeline to keep the crop the same throughout the clip.

  32. is there any chance that there will be a video masking option in future updates of pinncale studio 20 ultimate???

  33. Hi, I have a video overlaying another clip. Does anyone know whether there is a way to change the video shape (to oval or circle), not just rounded corners

  34. Are there any tutorials on how to crop the duration of your whole video? For example if a video finishes at 25 mins but the timeline runs on until 29mins when exported, how do you actually end the video at 25mins even if the timeline is black but saving the video as longer than it is

  35. Little help needed – I am using Pinnacle Studio on WIn10 64bit. For the last 2 videos I exported, the package has insisted on putting a black border around the video.

    I have changed nothing (to my knowledge), the source video is coming from the exact same camera, and nothing has changed there either.

    When I load up an older project, the edit preview window has grey bands at top and bottom.

    But when I load up any more recent projects, including new and un-edited clips, there is a black band at top and bottom.

    Presumably Pinnacle Studio thinks there is something different about the more recent video files, but there isn't!

    Anyone any ideas?

    Apart from upgrade, or switch to a different editor. Although both of those options are under consideration.

  36. Thanks, saved the day.
    I asked my cameraman to make sure there was no clutter in the shot.
    I reviewed the film too late and there was a bright orange box ( mostly dark film) to the left. Cropped it out, hurray!

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