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Hi, Today’s video is related to petunia updates. Let us see how the progress is going. As you can see this pot contains lots of flowers. Let us how many colors I have collected so far. 1st one 2nd one 3rd one 4th one Flowers have been bloomed. I have only single pot this color As you can see these plants, I will collect seeds of each color separately Anyone interested can contact me This one is another in small pot This one is new color bloomed today This pot is full of buds and will bloom soon This one is another pot Do not what color of petunia is this. Buds are visible. I am waiting for it And the last one this color which is very beautiful So, these are colors of petunia so fard collected If anyone is interested in seeds of petunia, can comment me. To grow petunia, you may sow petunia plants in normal potting soil Pot size should be wide. It does not required high depth pot Mustard cake liquid fertilizer should be given which I have explain in other video So these are updates If you have colors other than this, please update That’s all for today. Do not forget to write feedback

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