(PART 2) MASSIVE ORNAMENTAL FISH FARM VISIT running water fish farming technology

(PART 2) MASSIVE ORNAMENTAL FISH FARM VISIT running water fish farming technology

guys as you can see this is their water bank It has deep well equipment machine that’s why it is noisy and it runs by the deep well as you can see this is their water bank this is their main source of water so what is happening here they have deep well that gathered water at the ground then the water goes to this water bank then it has many pipes as you can see the water comes out to the pipe and all of the fish pond in here the water in water bank goes to the fish pond then in each pond there is drainage system so the excess water in the pond will exit in drainage then it will go out on this drainage outside so if the water is in here in the outside drainage it will go to the canal so this is how the filtration system works they have continuous water flowing they don’t have any bio filters or anything else they only have the deep well system that’s why as we can see the fishes in here are colorful and have a good size because the water in here is always fresh as you can see these big fish pond in here the water in here are stagnant these are not connected in their water bank what they are doing here if the water level goes down they will fill again with new water and the main source is also in the water bank their deep well system is powerful as you can see the water is overflowing in here so in this area as you can see this flowing water will goes directly outside the drainage and it will go in the river that;s why the quality of water in here isvery natural because they had a good deep well system as you can see these two pipes these will be the exit stage of all the water in their fish pond like what I said earlier the water system of this kind of farm is running water system which they are growing their fishes using running water system and the main source of water is in the deep well the deep well is getting the water at the ground and then distributed in all of the fish pond the fish pond has drainage the on the drainage the water goes in here as you can see here and this water will go to the river and that is what they are working in here of filtration and it is very simple they have plenty of water in here that’s why they are not worrying in their water source guys this is the main source of their food in here they are using tubifex worm as their main source of food as you can see they have here culture of tubifex and this is running by deep well system that’s why their tubifex are not easily dying because they are culturing it in running water guys this is the mud pond and they look like this the bigger pond in here is not cemented flooring this are pure mud in the flooring as you can see they are preparing the flooring so this is how it is the flooring are mud and this are their main grow out this are very wide as you can see it is very wide let us ask the care taker how do they prepare this kind of mud pond guys as you can see these are the fishes ready to sell they are quarantine here first all the for sale fishes these fishes are silver molly, marble molly, black molly, golden molly they are quarantine in here first before they send it to the supplier of ornamental fish and on this side it has platy fish these are common platies like mickey mouse platy, blue platy, coral platy then these are the breeder red cross tetra as you can see the breeder in here are very big this are mixed with red cross and albino red cross in two 75 gallons tank then they have also here albino tetra and rosy barb guys lets take a look at this pond and on this pond it has dwarf red gourami they are breeder with male and female I will buy also this and we will try to breed this kind of fish ok guys they are packing the mollies I purchase I buy 200 pcs. of mollies and different kinds or assorted mollies so they are already packing it now that’s it guys we had so much fun visiting ornamental fish farm in Pila Laguna I hope you also enjoyed this episode join us again in our next episode and by the way guys if you are new in our channel and you are interested and enjoying and you want to engage in this kind of hobby just click the subscribe button below then dont forget to click the notification bell so that if we had a new video uploads you will be updated what is going on in our backyard once again guys thank you very much for watching only here at JBM Aquayard

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