Opening Ceremony: Rob and Judy Gardener Laboratory Theatre

The space first of all is amazing. It’s sort of lovely to see how they have taken
what the essence of the theatre was and just expanded on it and built on it. The arts are going to have an even bigger
presence on the campus than it already has. This is tremendous. I mean, I can’t undersell it. For the adaptability of the new space, it’s
going to give these students the chance to do so many different disciplines, work in
so many different ways, with people that they wouldn’t normally get to work with, maybe
in a traditional proscenium. It just cracks the lid open on what’s possible. Being in this space… I walked into the lobby and Nick Dillengurg
was like, “There used to be a wall here.” And I was like, “No. There used to be an an outside here.” Like if we were standing right here, we would
be outside. So I think that being in this space, I think that
it feels like a concrete measurement of the impact this program has had.

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