Next Station: Tan Kah Kee, Botanic Gardens, & Stevens – Things To Do & Eat!

Next Station: Tan Kah Kee, Botanic Gardens, & Stevens – Things To Do & Eat! Can I take out my blindfold? Yes, you can take it out now 1, 2, 3 Oh My God Next Station, Tan Kah Kee My name is Rainer, and welcome to a brand new episode of Next Station Where I bring you around Singapore to find the best things to do, eat and see, right in the vicinity But before that, let me introduce my new co-host… Hello Rai Rai! Yay Adria! So I called upon you to be in this episode because I heard you know this place very very well Fun fact is that I used to study around here Wo hun zhe bian de (This is my neighbourhood), okay? Okay, so since you know a lot about this place right Where is the places we are going to check out today? Today we are going to check out Tan Kah Kee, Botanic Gardens and Stevens Okay, so I’m very excited and very hungry right now so let’s just go to the first station Let’s go! Okayc so we’re at Atlas Coffeehouse now and this is actually near Tan Kah Kee station This is actually a very pretty, very aesthetic cafe Ya, it’s damn aesthetic eh It’s like you see the angles, and the white, and the blue Just like you eh Actually, I’ve been here twice. I really like the food here Okay, I’m very excited to see if Adria’s recommendation is top notch Okay, so right now we have the two dishes over here, they are the main dishes So this is like a Salmon Soba Noodles. It’s like egg yolk goals eh Like you poke then the ‘zhup’ will come out Like some volcano – ‘zhup’ volcano Let’s try I agree with you, this is very nice I think it tastes very light and very clean What I like about this dish right is that it has this like fusion taste Largely it’s actually a very Japanese tasting dish right But at the same time there’s this like yoghurt dressing for it Okay, so the next dish is a Creamy mushroom on sourdough with the scrambled eggs, so let’s dig in Cheers To me right, breakfast is not just the most important, but my favourite This is my ideal breakfast, because like everything is here Like the eggs, and the mushroom, and sourdough is actually very very different from normal bread It’s like a little bit sour, hence the name Sourdough, it’s not like normal dough This is sweet though I think the eggs are pretty fluffy, then the mushroom right there’s a lot a lot of taste to it Because they also melt it under a whole layer of parmesan cheese, which makes it like a whole plate of like melted goodness Right now we are going to try the dessert.
It’s the Atlas Butterscotch Banana Pancake You know what, let’s just cut the talking and try it first Oh My God, look at the thickness of the pancake This is a pan-cake, you know what I mean There’s this like crunchy thing to it It’s damn nice Wait, have you tried this before? No, no, you try with the ice cream, oh my god I’m not even exagerrating No, this is definitely not vanilla It’s not. Producer, what is it? Honeycomb ice cream It’s honeycomb ice cream?! Oh my god It’s also special, cause it’s not like they give you a few layers They give you one whole big cake eh. Which is very interesting, I’ve never seen this before I’m actually not a very big fan of pancakes. Wa, but this one though You would eat this everyday I would eh. I’m not even joking eh From all the Next Station episodes I think is my favourite Really or not? I think this is my favourite dessert. I would give this 5 upon 5. For reals Like I said just now, this is my favourite one out of all the episodes so far It’s 8 duo peng (opposite) Get it? Infinityyyy Come on lah. Just come lah ah, just come So right now we are at LeWu cafe, and we are literally 20 steps away from Atlas Coffeehouse I’m a bit mind blown right now because I’m a bit mindblown right now, becaue for 4 years that I’ve been in Secondary School right This place is on the way from my secondary school to my house, but I’ve never turned my head and saw the LeWu was here Actually I’ve realized right, that a lot of students coming over here to LeWu Cafe because of their very good student meal deals And the cool thing about this place is right –
It’s owned by our friend’s mum And she’s really – she’s really a thai eh So enough talking, let’s get to the food We have the phad thai. The portion is huge eh I can finish this very easy No wonder you… Let’s eat! Let’s eat! Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up Yeah. Oh, lime bae I just realized right, this dish remind me of kway teow eh, just missing the ‘hum’ The noodles are quite thin, so not very hard to chew So it’s not like very thick, very jelak (sickening) that kind of thing I think we made a mistake of mixing some of the chili flakes in this area It’s quite spicy So we also got this to try, it’s actually the clear tom yum soup And this is recommended by our good friend, Xenia Ya, she says that is was actually very, very authentic eh And actually this has like seafood inside Like I There’s prawns, there’s fish, there’s mushroom, there’s like squid? Actually this would taste damn nice right if it’s raining, And then you emo, emo a bit, then the soup damn hot. Then you just like – At the same time right, it’s not that spicy you know. Sometimes some tom yum soup right, really deters people from eating eh, Because it’s like too spicy. You drink one time then you just like kenna whack in the throat t Alright, so we’re in Adam Food Centre, and we’re here to try the very famous nasi lemak Over there Our colleague was telling us right, that this nasi lemak is so popular and so nice right, Whenever the Sultan of Brunei comes to Singapore, he will dabao (takeaway) a lot of packets. Really meh? Ya I don’t know how good it is, or how trustable our friend is, but I think we should try it for ourselves You think we eat already hor, we will feel like royalty? Royalty? You wanna be Brunian princess ah? You wish. Alright, so we ordered the Royal Rumble from the nasi lemak stall over there. There are quite a lot of things eh. Like the fish, then the otah, then the chicken wing, then the egg. Let’s dig in. Ow The batter they use is amazing, because it’s crispy eh It’s damn crispy. I don’t know if you can hear this Nice right? I like this eh, I’m a new fan of this man Woah, this is some eggs bennedict shit man Oh my god, I love this kind of egg eh Individually they are okay, but together they really make the dish very, very worth it If you guys know right, nasi lemak means ‘fat rice’, because ‘nasi’ means rice, and ‘lemak’ is fats. I don’t think this is fat enough eh Okay, so right now, we are done with the nasi lemak over here And we’re gonna go to another location to try a different activity Change of pace from all the eating that we’ve done today What is it ah? I’m not gonna tell you ah, it’s a surpise Some romance I feel like I’m on a date eh Eh, close eh. Very, very close Zula First Dates Zula First Dates what? I’m sorry, Yoke Cheng Okay, let’s just go to the next place Next station Botanic Gardens Okay lah come Okay, okay go back, go back Okay, this is for reals. This is the spot. Can I take off my blindfold? Yes, you can take it out now. 1, 2, 3. Oh my gosh. So pretty. Nice right? Super nice eh. So if your think that I did this right, actually no lah Actually I also no confidence in myself But basically, the people of Picneeds actually set this up for us Picneeds is actually a company that does picnic setups for various occassions So like can be proposals, can be wedding, can be like birthdays and stuff So today, is for us lah Very, very pretty Yeah, let’s go Eh wait wait, let me take instastory first This one like typical Singaporean, need to go and like instastory every single damn thing As you can see over here right, there’s a lot of food included in the package So there’s pastries and there’s drinks as well Actually right, they have 3 menus that you can choose from Can I just say, oh my goodness, my favourite is scones Oh my god, this is my favourite eh Is it fate? We are friends for life Actually this bottle never see before eh Wild Strawberry and Scottish Raspberry with Cracked Black Pepper? This just got exotic 1, 2, 3 Actually I like this eh. I like this a lot. It’s very sour, and fizzy It’s sweet to me. I think our tastebud weird sia This Lemon Meringue Tart, is the bomb. Like the inside right is super smooth. Honestly, I think this is a pretty good idea of a date or if you’re like hanging out with friends You know I think that Singapore has actually a very pretty garden We’re in like this open space, next to a pond Ya, with swans eh Ya, with swans and like turtles I think it’s actually nice to slow down for a bit in Singapore Next Station Stevens Hey guys, we’re here at FiSK Seafoodbar So this place actually specializes in cold water seafood And we have the seafood platter on ice over here. Yes, on ice And we have like the king crab and the blue mussels then we have this prawns from Greenland, right And the last one Irish oysters, okay, so let’s just dig in You know you watch the Mr Bean movie right, got this episode where he like – He slurp – I know – Ya, he slurp the oyster. Oyster cheers Wa, fresh Actually I wanna ask you sia, what is your favourite seafood? Crab? Salted egg yolk crab Oh my god, salted egg yolk crab! I always tell people in the office right, like if I can marry something right, I always tell people in the office right, like if I can marry something right,
I would marry the salted egg yolk chips from Irvins. Instead of flower petals right, I want them to like throw the salted egg yolk chips on the bed Then I’ll just like – One word eh, sweet I feel like it doesn’t even need like any kind of like sauce to it On itself right, it’s already so sweet and fresh Very nice eh I think because they’re very, very fresh, it doesn’t have like the fishy taste It’s very easy to consume Last but not least, we’re going to try… The prawns! Oh – Oh my god, look at this. There’s the roe eh. Can you see it? When you take out the skin it’s damn easy eh And it just shows how fresh it is. Actually I honestly don’t like peeling prawns But if it’s that easy right, I can peel the whole thing for you But he didn’t I cannot take how fresh the whole platter is eh You know how you eat the Mentos then you like ‘zwhump’. Blow past your face right And into your lungs Okay, so right now we have the main dish over here And it is, the Atlantic Cod with charred savoy cabbage and mussel emulsion I’m trembling right now from all the excitement, let’s just go Wow It’s like when you put it in your mouth right, you don’t even have to bite Press it with your tongue and then it will disintegrate For me, I think I like the mussel emulsion, it’s really something I’ve never tasted before The ‘zhup’ damn nice lah Uni Ice Cream, with oat crackers, hawthorn berries and nori Can we try it? Wait, what is that ah? Do you at least taste like a little hint of seafood? Ya, it’s just a very weird flavour, but very, very nice. It’s like a great dessert to end the day. Ya, it’s a great dessert to end the day. What are thoughts about this place? I really love seafood. So this place is like heaven to me. This just topped it off lah, cause this is freaking Uni Ice Cream. Would I come here agin? I would. I would come here again for a special occassion, like my birthday. But I need to earn a bit more money. It’s more of a special occassion kind of place lah. Just a recap for this whole episode. What is your favorite for today Adria? I would say, Botanic Gardens. Why eh? Because I really enjoyed the chill time we had today. Like very chill right. As Singaporeans we are very fast paced in our lives. Like slow it down man. Take a chill pill. And what’s more right, Botanic Gardens is actually very beautiful. Like I must say, it’s really very nice. So, how about you? For me right, it’s very biased because I love food. So it has to go to Atlas Coffeehous, because of the legendary pancakes. It’s so fluffy, I could die. Okay, so we’ve come to the end of this episode, and we hope you guys like it And if you did don’t forget to Like share and subscribe and watch our other videos over there See you at the Next Station.

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