NEW STORY – Hell Ember & The Gardener (English!) – Identity V

NEW STORY – Hell Ember & The Gardener (English!) – Identity V

Hey bears, I’m the Gaming-Grizzly and welcome
back to Identity V And today I want to bring you a really cool
short video about the Hell Embers & the Gardeners Story. First of all I will show you the short video,
then we will talk about it frame per frame. But before we jump right into the new short
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sure to subscribte to the Gaming-Grizzly! Alright, alright, alright, so before I roll
the clip, let me give you a short background story of the hell ember:
“Leo Beck was once the owner of a small textile factory. After taking the advice of his friend Freddy
Riley (the lawyer), he bought a small gun factory that was severely in debt. Before Leo realized the poor conditions of
the factory, his wife and Freddy Riley made off with all his possessions and disappeared. Drowning in debt, Leo Beck burned down the
factory.” Alright, so that is the story of leo becoming
the hell ember. He bought the gun factory also known as the
Arms factory, the lawyer stole his wife, and Leo Beck, who
had nothing to live for, burned down the arms factory and became the Hunter Hell Ember. Alright, let’s roll the short clip of Leos
story Okay so that was the short story video, and
we just got a looot of different informations, so lets review the video frame by frame. Let me try to translate everything for you: To Ms. Lisa Beck,
We are sincerely inviting you to the manor of miss Nightingale. You will see an long-lost old friend. Diary entry of the young Emma Woods: July 8th – Sunny day
Dads new friend is wearing a suit, and he is lound and squeaky. But he is also enthusiastic and always brings
us flowers. August 16th – Cloudy day
Dad and mom are fighting. Mom said that dads clothes are always dirty,
and she doesn’t want to clean them all the time. But dad didn’t say anything at all… 🙁 September 20th – Rainy day
Mom left us. I couldn’t sleep last night… all she said
when she was leaving was “I’m sorry”. I guess that here we can see an old picture
of Emma on the day she got into the orphanage. And that should be Leo Back, when he still
was a good looking man. In this picture right here we can see a wedding
photo of Leo back and Martha Remington – Emmas parents. The text says:
A merriage statement between Leo Becck abd Nartha Remington on March 14 in 1874. Leo Beck and Martha Remington married in Devonton
Country. The sweet couple swore under the testimony
of Father Joseph, and it is reported that Martha Remington changed her name to Martha
Beck. The next picture shows Leo, Martha and Emma,
but Leos face was ripped out. Sadly I wasnt able to translate this piece
of the story since the quality is too bad, but the next picture shows
Martha Beck with Freddy Riley – the lawyer. And again I could read this letter. But the next piece of paper shows some kind
of offer. Freddy Riley offers you the best financial
advice! Disposal of non-performing assets by financial
experts. Your trustworthy bussiness partner! Well this actually opens the question, if
Freddy ruined leo becks finances with the arms factory on purpose or if he is just lying
about being a financial expert. I mean, wasnt it enough to take Leos wife?
did he also have to ruin leo financially? Then we can see a newspaper article about
the arms factory and how the owner is bankrupt. Leo burned down the factory, and a new article
was shown in the newspapers. Then we can see a picture of Emma, and the
Hell embers weapon. well at least this is the weapon of the early
version of the hell ember. maybe this video was also made during the
early stages of the game. Another interesting picture shows us that
Kreacher Pierson – the thief, took care of the orphans, meybe he became a thief, and
stole from rich people to provide food and toys for the
orphans! And in the end we can see 3 more pictures. the first one shows 5 murdered women, probably
this is the connection to jack the Ripper, I also made a complete video about his story,
if you havent watched it yet, I will leave a link in the description below! Then a picture of a box, but sadly I cant
really tell what the letter says, or what the item is that is in the box. And in the end we have a picutre of the doctor! So what do you think about this sad story? I think it’s awesome to get more background
informations on the characters! Please leave me a
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of the hell ember;) I hope you all enjoyed this video, and i wish
you all a great day, see you in the next one! byebye!

100 thoughts on “NEW STORY – Hell Ember & The Gardener (English!) – Identity V

  1. Does anyone wonder how the heck did leo got taller and bigger then a he was before and plus he was trying to kill himself then after the fire he becomes a hulk

  2. Huh. Who knew my main was connected to the doctor and the thief. But still, this doesn't explain why Emma came to play "the game" in the first place. In one of the diary entries (specifically the detectives) it says that money wasn't the only offer here. I wonder what else the mansion owner offered…

  3. 4:17, it says the following …

    11.13 thunder storm

    daddy is drunk, he is taking stuff from our home to sell.

    Sometimes some strangers rush into the house and take our stuff. I don’t know what’s happening , but I feel


  4. You can find the entrys oficina the ema's diary in the game, when you complete one of the task whit the three stars you can read them, when you select again the task will appear something called "conclusion" and there are those entrys and more about her, for example in one says that she was in a rocket chair being treated by a female doctor, maybe the doctor that we can control in the game and she was being treated for a mental disease (i haven't done the previous one yet so I don't know) but, actuallyyou can read the entrys of the diary in the game and know even more about the story of everyone (sorry if i comited a mistake, i'm just learning english)

  5. I love this game story but its still hard for me to understand since i just playing this game with my friend for fun only and never join rank or even quest and find this random video out of nowhere so its hard if you only know a piece of story while not known whats is the basic things like manor and etc

  6. K so hell ember was that Leo guy who had a wife stolen by Riley and before that the lawyer gave him a factory in debt he burned it down he became hell ember Gardner had her mother leave on her car her father is a drunk and eventually she went to Kreacher Pierson at his orphanage who steals for the young children according to the orphan notes you can find by 3 starring his missions same with other notes and we can confirm that Gardner was Lisa by she has a picture that says my little Lisa on it when you 3 star her healing mission I'm pretty sure or rocket chair mission and then after that she got electric treatment by the doctor so badly she forgot her name changed her name to Emma woods. And the old friend she was requested she didn't know about because of electric treatment so BBC of that she went to the mansion.

  7. 4:18, for those who can't read Chinese.

    11.13, thunder and rain(?)

    Dad's been drinking too much(alcohol), he started to take objects from the house to sell them.

    Sometimes, there'll be strangers coming in to take away things from the house. I don't know what happened, but if feels terrible.

    Sorry if it's not clear >.<

  8. I feel bad for leo because Riley stole his wife and there Emily went to the orhange because Marta went with Riley 🙁

  9. The diary entries from 1:33 to 1:38 has the official translation in the game (set language to English and go to the gardeners missions, the translations/diary entries are unlocked when you finish a mission)

  10. For quite some time I had theories about Martha (the coordinator) being Leo Beck’s wife because in her story she wanted a sponsor to help her dreams and so I thought she was using Leo then met Riley who tricked Leo into buying the military factory giving Martha a reason to run off with Riley since he had then had an upper hand

  11. I think I can help in 4:17
    It says dad drank a lot of beer and he starts taking things from home to sell outside.Somethimes there will be strangers comes in to our house and takes our things away.I don't know what happened but this feeling is bad.

    I hope this will be helpful to u

  12. 4:17 TRANSLATION
    11.13 Thunderstorm
    Dad drank too much alcohol, he started grabbing thing in the house and started throwing them.
    Sometimes there will be strangers taking away our stuff in our house.
    I don’t know why, but this feeling is extremely messed up

    Imma type out it in Taiwanese cause I can lol

    11.13 雷雨

  13. 6:11 You forgot to mention that the doctor picture has been stamped that she is also the murderer confirmed (She is confirmed that she helped Jack the Ripper killing 5 people)

  14. Their engagement was agreed by father joseph????lol,the names are similar
    But I'm sure they are different

  15. 6:00 I can help with this. You know dancer right? In dancers story, they say dancers friend are being killed (they are dancer too) and she becomes scared and she come to the manor for escaping the killer of dancers and the killer is… Jack (The Ripper) and thats why she has debuff that when a survivor is eliminated she becaomes afraid and vaults %15 slower

  16. I solve some it been 3 month the lawyer want to get the wife and the money later they stole and marry wife the lawyer know the factory is useless so he convinced to do it if you go to the doctor last dairy the lawyer dont care about the prize he care about winning he knew that hell ember would kill him so he ask to aid him first and that it if im not wrong this is my thorey sry if english is bad

  17. Sorry, I cant translate the last letter because its too complicated but I can translate the one at 4:21 it says

    11.12 ————

    My dad is drunk, he started taking things at home and selling them. Suddenly stranger broke in our house and took the stuff away. I don’t know what happened but, I/this feel(s) really


    Sorry for the bad translation:p

  18. Maybe Emily, Martha, doesn't remember who she is. Same thing with Emma, who seems like she might feel connected to her. Though in her story, viewers suppose she has fallen for her. She does seems to have mental problems. Could this be her mother?

  19. At 1:56 you can see the writing welcome the ripper maybe his "friend" the lawyer has stolen his wife and dissapeared with her because he is the ripper and killed her (my theory)

  20. 2nd letter that grizzly can't translate:dad has drank too much beer,he started selling stuff form the inside of our house.Sometimes,some strangers come to our house and move the things away. I don't know what happened but I feel messed up

  21. Grizzly I just noticed that Marissa is the coordinator don't believe me check the coordinator if you have her

  22. thats why
    Leo bring
    -Gardener beacause she is leo daughter

    -lawyer because his steel leo wife

    -freedy kruger beacause his steel money from rich man for the children and gardener

    -Doctor i don't know why

  23. Your videos are really interesting to watch but – no offense – please try to improve your english pronounciation a bit.

  24. I think the only character that is truly evil in this game is the lawyer. What a terrible person

  25. at 4:18 it said
    "dad drank a lot of beer, hes starting to take things from our house to sell. sometimes strangers will barge into our house and take our things away. i dont know whats going on, but this feeling is HORRIBLE."

  26. Looks like the theories about the survivors being evil was right.

    The hunters are basically the good ones, but are all of them?

  27. Did anyone notice that the picture of the Theif wasn’t at the orphanage, it was at The Asylum map.

  28. 4:17
    Simplified Chinese

    11.13 雷雨


    Traditional Chinese:

    11.13 雷雨



    11.13 Thunderstorm
    Dad drank too much alcohol/beer and he started to take things out of the house and selling them.
    Sometimes strangers break into our house and move things away.
    I don't know what happened, but it feels very

    Bad/Oh no

  29. I can translate the diary 4:16

    "13th November thunderstorms
    Daddy drank too much today. He took things from the house and sold them.
    Sometimes, strangers would barge into the house and take away the things.
    I don't know what happened but it feels very WRONG

  30. Grizzly where do you get to see this clip though? Is this clip of his backstory in the actual game or is on their website. I'd just like to know where the original came from.

  31. Does this clip come from the memories recharged gifts? I looked around and saw that at the end of it has a video thing that says one from memory. Is it that?

  32. The image of the dead girls of the jack ripper is the FAMOUS CASE in the late 1800- and as know as 5 streak round case (i think)

  33. Frigging Lawyer not only is he OP but also tricked Leo and ran away with his wife. Shes a hoe btw😐 I bet it was Perfumer…

  34. How do the tentacles work from that one hunter that spawns tentacles. Sometimes they hurt you, sometimes they don’t.

  35. I'll translate the second Grizzly cant under stand poster:
    11.13 rainy day

    Dad is drunk! And started selling our funitures. Some times strangers buying and taking away our funiture,i dont know what happend, but this feeling is


  36. For 4:19 I can help to translate
    Dad has been drinking a lot of alcohol lately,he also started to sell away our stuff at home.Sometimes I see strangers go into our house to shift away our items.I don’t know what happened,but I feel that this is TERRIBLE

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