Navy Diver – Rebecca Jones

Navy Diver – Rebecca Jones

What I like the most about being a Navy Diver is just the freedom. Just being able to float and move around in the water so easily and just being able to see everything there is to see. I’m Chief Petty Officer Rebecca Jones and I’m a Navy Diver. We have the capabilities of doing a wide array of different jobs. From working underwater on a ship or doing salvage work recovering any asset that has been lost in the water. Or recovering after a storm or doing humanitarian aide. At a moments notice we can be ready to deploy and do whatever recovery or whatever job that we’re told to do. To work on the recovery for hurricane Katrina was quite an experience. We drove through there and from the coast to a mile inland it was gone. Complete destruction, I’ve never seen anything like that, and just to be able to be down there and help with the recovery was a great feeling. Some of the cool equipment that I get to use as a Navy Diver range from scuba, we also use surface supply diving apparatus. That’s the big yellow helmet with the umbilical that goes to the surface that provides air um communication so we can talk back and forth and if we were diving in cold water it even provides hot water to the diver. Other apparatus that we use are specifically for SEALs, which is the Mark 25, which is a re-breather, so there’s no bubbles, so its super stealthy. If you wanted to become a Navy Diver you would go visit your Navy Recruiter let them know, “I want to be a Navy Diver,” and they would let you know that you need to pass the physical screening test, the PST. How you can prepare if you want to become a Navy Diver is to start working out. Run, swim, do push-ups, do sit-ups, do pull-ups. Get physically ready because that’s one of the most demanding parts of dive school, is the physical part of it. Women do exactly the same thing that the men do. Were- there’s no special standard for a woman. So after you pass the PST test you will go to Great Lakes and go to boot camp. After boot camp you’ll go to a Navy Diver prep course for 32 days, and once you graduate that prep course you’ll then go to Panama City, Florida and go through Second Class Dive School. After you graduate second class dive school you can go to a command where you do ships husbandry, which is working on ships in the water and ship repair. You can go to a salvage command, you can go to an E.O.D. command, which is Explosive Ordnance Disposal Command and support E.O.D. You can go to a Naval Special Warfare command where you’ll support the SEALs. Some of the other training you can receive as a Navy Diver ranges from being able to jump out of an airplane and do parachuting. Being able to work with explosives in the water and out of the water. Being able to handle a weapon. As a Navy Diver you-there’s so many different commands that you can go to all over the world. You go from Guam, to Hawaii, Japan, Florida, Virginia, California, Washington. There’s just so many places and so many choices as a Navy Diver. What makes a good Navy Diver? Someone who is loyal, someone who’s committed, someone who is part of the team and wants to be a team player. Diving is a very dangerous job. You have to be able to understand physics, and diving medicine and how the ocean and pressure affects a human body. The job is very demanding, whether you are moving a giant patch to a ship that weighs hundreds of pounds in the water or if you’re swimming the entire length of an aircraft carrier. While you’re Active Duty the Navy will provide tuition assistance so that you can take college courses. Also the travel. I personally have traveled all over the world several times and seen so many countries I couldn’t even list them all. How have I changed as a person since I became a Navy Diver? I’m stronger, I’m more confident and I know there’s nothing that I can’t do. If you wanted to become a Navy Diver, go for it. It’s the best job in the world. I hope this webcast was informative and if you want to learn more about being a Navy Diver visit our Facebook page or go to

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  1. i didnt know that just a diver could go to jump school
    i thought that was just eod and seals and why would a navy diver need to parachute

  2. @divecommando some places were they go to work is far away so they parachute from a plane and a helicopter will pick u up a day later

  3. thank you for posting this video it was so inspirational to watch. I want to be a navy diver myself and it was very inspiring to see that it is very much so possible for a woman to accomplish this.

  4. Very patriotic but not very business wise. I graduated from the Ocean Corp 6 years ago and i earn at least twice as her. And a don't work the whole year.

  5. elcanoloco1, you are correct in terms of $. Maybe her motives and purposes have less to do with $ than you?

  6. So what are HM-8493 Diver Medical Tech, are they divers are they corpsman, are they both, what is a normal day or station for them?

  7. Ef ya navy um I forgot to mention I just went on my 16 mission to day because I'm a mother efing diver

  8. I am going to join the navy, I talked to a recruiter and he showed me the job of a NAVY diver..I was blown away and the people seem so motivated. I am now getting myself mentally and physically ready for diving school!


  9. @lieutenantmatt lol ok buddy, SO3 crouch "ghost" you're trying way to hard with that one hahaha. Some people's children these days

  10. navy divers can do parachuting too? thats so awesome! my uncle was a paratrooper in vietnam and my family is from guam too. this video really inspired me

  11. In trying to be in the navy. what is the job for someone who really likes being underwater and oceangraphy

  12. She dosent tell us that it takes about 40 years off your life because of what your breathing in. But hey it pays a lot.

  13. I am interested in being a navy diver but specializing in hyperbaric welding. Is it possible to choose a certain job like that or no?

  14. I'm 32 years old and I want to become a Navy diver. I just want to know
    how difficult it is to get a waiver for me to be able to join. Or if I'm
    to old to do so.

  15. I very desperately want to become a navy diver. WITH GREAT PASSION. Im afraid i wont score high enough on my asvab to be completely honest. I'm very behind on math. The rest is some what easy to study. But my math is lacking hard core. I need a tutor or somthing. And probably many months it.

  16. Can someone explain when she says "you can go to a special operations or an EOD command? What do special ops divers do? Aren't special ops divers SEALS? Aren't Navy EOD operators trained to be divers too? Why would they have those commands if the Navy already has SEALS and EOD? I'm confused

  17. I wanna be a diver it looks like an amazing job I would love to do but I'm not a very good swimmer like I can barely swim do I still have a chance?

  18. So i was looking into becoming a navy diver I graduate in may 2017 i know how to swim but I can't wrap my head around swimming under water like I can but I have to hold my nose if not water will get into my nose and throat and stuff .. any suggestions?

  19. Hi, Chief Petty officer Rebecca Jones. I just your video on being a diver in the U.S. Navy. I saw it one other time before, but I didn' t subscribe. And now, I just subscribed. I want to,say Thank you for your service, in defending the North American coast. My name is Corey, in case you're concerning who I am. Sincerely, Corey Hansen.

  20. Hello I used to do navy diving with the Royal Navy, was an adqual marine engineer and mine clearance diving. Great guys, good runs ashore great kit to use, it's better now than when I did it all changed. Good career well I thought so. Good travel join the navy and see the world it's possible even these days with all the defence cuts.

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