National Heirloom Expo | Crop Swap App | Part 6 | Vlog

National Heirloom Expo  | Crop Swap App | Part 6 | Vlog

And these are organic, right? The dirt
from Watsonville is probably one of the richest soils on earth. That’s the capital
of strawberries in the world, strawberry. The big companies are down in
Watsonville. We’re just a family-owned small farm. Here we are in the exhibition
hall at the seventh edition of the National heirloom Expo, and I have with
me, Dan, Dan, tell them your name. My name is Dan McAllister, I’m from Omaha,
Nebraska, originally, and I’m a very nice boy. And you know my friend, Luis. Dan
lies. Luis Tobon, from Lakewood, and this guy, you probably had some partners,
but he’s gonna tell you about the crop swap app to get on your phone. Yes.
So we came up with this idea, actually I did, like two years ago just gardening.
I’m a gardener. And, basically, why should I be buying fruits and vegetables from a
store that were picked like two weeks ago, sprayed with chemicals, and sat in a
truck for a little bit, when someone down the street from me has that very thing?
So, we have an app that’s called Cropswap that makes it possible to buy, sell,
or trade homegrown produce. That’s awesome! Yeah. So, just basically, how does it work?
So basically, you just upload what you have in your garden, what you have extra
of so, let’s say, I have some lemons. I would take a picture of my lemons and
write a little bit about them, “Hey, these lemons have, that this tree has been in
my yard for ten years. I have no idea what kind of lemons they are, or, this is
a special type of dinosaur kale from from rare seeds. You plant it, you can
kind of give it a profile, and then you can sell it, or trade to anybody near you.
Give your vegetables a profile. I love that! Right. It’s like set it and forget
it, in Ron Popeil talk. And so where do you get it and how much is it? Yes,
it is $100,000, no it’s frizzle, it’s free, my friend. It’s
in the, it’s on the App Store so by the time you put this out it should be live
in the Apple App Store, not on Android yet. We are going to release it for
Android, but we’re just a cheap technology startup with two people,
so yeah. Let’s don’t call you cheap, let’s call you,… Not cheap, I didn’t mean to say
cheap. Inventive, inventive! I meant, I meant to say… limited resources.
Well, now, Luis has actually been beta testing, would you say, this app, and tell
us what experience have you had with the app so far. I love the app. I mean, I got
the gardening group on Facebook to kind of help me move the produce, because like
dan says, you just go way too much of something. You may be horrible at growing
tomatoes, but the guy next door down the street isn’t, and you got way too many
cucumbers he likes to make pickles so we can swap them out. Yes, but has it worked/
Have you done it? Yes, it’s been amazing. We’ve been doing the mock trades and
beta testing. I’ve been trading out for peppers I’ve never heard of, ha, ha, and it works
wonderfully. Let me say something else on that really quick, is you know people
have been doing this for, you know, thousands of years, bartering absolutely,
bartering, right, this is nothing new. So we’re not even claiming to be like super creative
technologists. We’re, we’re just kind of giving form via technology a thing that
people are already doing and, and, and Luis is also a member of groups that
that trade already so there’s already people that are that are swapping crops.
We just want to make this as, like, easy as possible for everyone. So, do
you have to kind of belong to a group or is it just you’re there, and you can
search for whatever you want in your neighborhood? Yeah, and this, in the same
way that you sign up for an Instagram profile and you can just put whatever
your name is, you can do that with our app. So, you can just simply sign up and
see who’s around you. Wow. That is so awesome. Thank you so much. My
pleasure, my pleasure. Thanks, Luis. You’re welcome. He keeps showing up in my videos. I know. That’s what he has
in his garden. He had some kale. I’m gonna trade him some peaches, and then some
radishes, and I’ll make a deal. And then we’ll confirm. Wow. that was so fast.
Yep. Look at this. When I upload something, I can either do a seed, or plant, or like
a harvestable plant, you know? It’s amazing. Isn’t that cool? Yeah. And then, this is
just for you because you’re a garden nerd. Here’s the best part. I can tag all of
the cool things in my app. I can tag the things that people like us care about.
Like you like, look at this, these are all the tags for tomatoes, seed starts, organic
farming, in ground, use chicken manure, isn’t that cool? Wow. Fancy!

9 thoughts on “National Heirloom Expo | Crop Swap App | Part 6 | Vlog

  1. What a great App Kaye. You always discover some thing ,people or place that are unique .Would be interesting if we had something like that here in the Uk. Cheers Patrick

  2. FYI, when I searched "Crop Swap" in the app store, I got a bunch of face sawp / photo filter apps. You have to search for "Cropswap", all one word. Cheers from Oregon!

  3. Great apps but the downside is, how do you get the goods to you? Shipping or driving cost outweighs a trip to the nearest grocery store. I wonder if there is another way to reduce that cost.

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