Minister of Agriculture discusses canola crisis

Minister of Agriculture discusses canola crisis

with me now is Canada's Minister of Agriculture about utility Bowl madam Minister good to see again thanks for being here to speak with me about this announcement today explain exactly how this expanded financial support for farmers is going to work especially canola farmers how will it ease the financial crisis that many of them are facing so we're talking about the advanced payments program so this program has been designed to support farmers with their cash flow they can make a loan and it used to be a loan of a maximum of four hundred thousand dollars and we have raised it to 1 million dollars and a part of this loan which used to be $100,000 we have raised it which is interest-free we have raised it to $500,000 for canola farmers only so the maximum loan you know at the limit is for all farmers but the interest-free increase is really for canola farmer because they're the ones who are hard-hit at the moment this problem in China so it's the premier of Saskatchewan I know had had asked for you know the interest tree portion to be a million dollars the whole amount and you've gone half that way why not the full million it's it's a matter of one yes availability of money second we are working with 36 executing agencies who are managing these funds this is also a concentration for dam and actually I think premium owe has said today that he was happy with the increase in in the program that we have just announced and we have made also a second a second announcement which is a joint announcement with the provinces for the Agra stability kind of insurance program and this is another way to support the farmers who might fight faced a decrease in their revenues do you know how many farmers are there's 43 thousand I think can all the farmers in the country how many people will how many farmers will be able to take advantage of this I mean how many expecting to access this money so the program is available to all farmers and the interest rate for portion increase to Canole all canola farmers and the way it's done it's that it is up to half of the value of their canola either that they already have in their silos or the production for the coming year so it's proportional to their production capacity okay the so as we know the number one canola markets China we know that that's that's drying up as this dispute goes on this is going to allow as I understand it then this will allow the farmers to shop around you know possibly for the best price they can get if they can't sell it to China they're looking for other customers and they have to move the canola so sometimes the the clock is ticking against them does this allow them to buy some time to be able to shop around and find the best customers for the crop yes because this is really a cash flow support program and canola is a crop that can be you know that can last for several months even a bit more than a year III believe so it allows them to have more flexibility in choosing the right moments in the right price and beside that Minister Khar my colleague the Minister of International Trade diversification is working hard on diversifying the markets so increasing those we already have and opening new markets including those countries which have signed with us the trans-pacific agreement and the agreement with Europe how quickly can you find other markets it's not like you find them overnight and this is a pressing issue for canola farmers in this country so what are your expectations how quickly do you think your government can find new markets for Canadian canola it's an ongoing process to open the markets we are very conscious that the Chinese market is important and we cannot as you said move move it overnight so this is why the first objective is still to open to reopen our market access with China and this is why we are having continued conversation with our counterparts actually the counter of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency customs China so we are having continued conversation based on science because we want to have evidence of their you know the reason why they have suspected but you're not having you're not having the kind of discussions you really want to have I mean you've asked for a Canadian delegation to be allowed to go to China to have this discussion to sit down and compare notes on what China claims as a science-based concern they have do you accept that that it's science-based everybody else is saying this is retaliation for the detention of among Wang Shu in Vancouver this is why we are working as a team a team within the department with Minister Caron Minister Freeland and also is the kind of Canada team Team Canada with the stakeholders with the province the prairie provinces with the farmers with the businesses are involved into it so we are really working as a team and considering all the options we have in front of us but you're taking China at its word for this at this point that this is a science be they say they found pests in Canadian canola the federal government says through the food is no we've looked at at a number of times there's no pests in the shipments you accept that they have a science problem with this or is this payback for the detention among Long's you we're working on all these options because we are considering all options but as the Minister of Agriculture and agri-food I have to go to the bottom of it we are being told that there's a pest in our canola while we think we have the highest quality canola in the world so we get I really have to go to the bottom of it and this is why I insist for to our further discussions and evidence of that I have to defend our quality very high quality product and I have to defend our very robust inspection system as well so some are suggesting you need to defend it by retaliating you need to say to the Chinese let's have tougher inspections on Chinese products coming into Canada let's retaliate that's the advice you're getting from some quarters why not as I said we have a working group we are having these discussions amongst all the stakeholders the provinces and the Government of Canada and we are not at the stage right now to proceed with that type of measures but it it's still an hour you know toolkit that's an option for you it's so I guess people will wonder it at what point do you satisfy yourself that there are no pests in the Canadian canola we are satisfied of that and if China doesn't reopen the market then you'll retaliate and we I mean it's an option but we have to take into consideration the overall you know import/export situation with China as well so it's not a decision that we can take easily and obviously I mean it's the car is following it closely and so that also presumably has on the table the idea of a possible trade complaint to the WTO if it comes to that that's still an option as well it's still an option of course but we believe that it's not the right time to do it okay so where are you in the process with China then and if you're working through channels to try and resolve this and address their concerns how close are you it's hard to say we the the communication channel is open through video conference between the CFI and the custom China which is a good thing and we're pushing this conversation until the point that we we either get evidence and we would work on the problem or we get you know the response that our canola is is free to go through through the market in China and if not then other options that you mentioned to us are under consideration Matt it would be both thanks for your time appreciate it thank you you

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  1. Take the loan & runaway ,there us no way now that china will not buy Canadian canola until they release huawie c/o.

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    Canola is GMO, no one interested in GMO. It's only good for making fuels, lubrecant, gas and diesel…
    You should push the farmer to grow organic HEMP, or any other organic plants…. To get organic i buy my food from Russia…..

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