66 thoughts on “Millennials at work: the new generation of farmers

  1. My highest respect for Bélen and Leo!
    It takes a lot of courage to decide to live in a rural area and support the community there, instead of pursuing the "average" city life.

    Thank you for giving these two a possibility to share their stories and advice! As always, outstanding work (and marvelous shots of South-East Spain)!

  2. For the next new tree planting project why not replant the jungles of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia that got sprayed with Agent Orange during the Vietnam War?

  3. Gracias, tchicos! I'm happy to see this happening in my neighbouring country, good job!!
    We have such rich rural areas in Iberia, biodiversity- and culture-wise, but they are being abandoned. When there are no locals anymore, corporations come, buy the land and make industrial crops, it's sad! Thank you ecosia!

  4. Great to see not only are we young people getting into technology, but getting back to our roots and helping the environment too! Bélen and Leo are amazing <3

  5. Please show more of the projects on like a larger scale rather than showing 2 or 3 saplings . Just so people can properly see the impact you guys are making 🙂

  6. I am so inspired. Like @niklas said, the lure and pull of the status-quo is strong not to mention the strident judgement they will get as "millennial farmers." What these two demonstrate is hope for a future, belief in and love for Earth, and a love for their "roots." Awesome

  7. I'd rather fucking hang myself than call these guys and lady "millennials". Ya'll pathetic ass niggas might be saying, "millennials fall under the umbrella of someone born between 1980 to 1995". Generation labels are fucking retarded and if you ask me what the millenial definition is, it's a deadbeat lazy shit aged between 24 to 39. Who lives with there parents, is in high amounts of debt they'll have till at least aged 43 (maybe until the day they die), gets offended by the tiniest thing, they try and make strangers lose their career for eating meat, earning more than their peers, saying "discriminating labels such as man" or saying if your a straight white non feminist male you should hang yourself. They also hate Donald Trump. Which I don't have the highest opinion of the slob myself. But they think that he, someone who's never killed anyone in his life or wanted to rape the planet for 1000 years, is as bad as HITLER!!!!!

  8. @Ecosia How can someone who has the same interests get into exactly what they're doing. What kind of career am I looking for this?

  9. I love this so much!!! Keep it up you two!! We believe in y'all and wondering if there is anyway we could support the cause?? $ and volunteer-wise??

  10. I really look up to such efforts, it's just litter in urban areas that discourages me. I think the world is in need of a more advanced trash-gathering system.

  11. Belissimo! ECOSIA estás a fazer um belíssimo trabalho, ao apresentares ao público estás personalidades não só consciencializas mas também inspiras, duas grandes características que mudam o mundo. Muito amor de Portugal e Inglaterra! Show us more!

  12. Pour les 50 millions d'arbres plantés il faudra mettre en bannière sur l'accueil d'ecosia le lien de la vidéo des 50 millions d'arbres pour que il y ait un pic d'affluence de vues et que la vidéo soit dans les tendances et gagner en visibilité 😉 !

  13. You guys need to make a social network that dethrones the existing ones, running green and helping everyone. You established something great. Now expand.

  14. Sueño con ello. ¿Mi ilusión? Poder estar en un pueblo, regenerar el entorno, crear un nucleo de desarrollo humano y ambiental. Y localizar tal en este vídeo, me hace ilusionarle.
    No será de la noche a la mañana, pero la ciudad está en vías del colapso: vive ajena a la vida, al entorno, para y por el consumismo.
    Podremoa lograr nodos y nucleos que revitalicen esa unión y ese volver a las raices, a salvar el entorno, a recuperar la alegría de vivir y el vivir en salud.

  15. ENGLISH: In which province was that? It looks like Almeria but I am not sure.
    SPANISH: ¿En qué provincia fue eso? Parece Almería pero no estoy segura.

  16. https://vimeo.com/319453679/1658a30e5c si podéis ver este documental. Habla de que en Galicia vamos a ser y estamos siendo el basurero de Europa… Verdaderamente triste.
    Gracias por la lucha ambiental entre todos podemos cambiar el mundo ♻️

  17. Also now is a tendency to find more ecological and permacultural projects. 🙂 here in Peru I found many of them and it feels awesome to be part of them

  18. Cómo se pronuncia

    good work god bless you are passionate people

    keep it up you deserve more than just being applauded

  19. Un Proyecto magnífico y un video estupendo. Pero no se habla nada en él de los árboles que se han plantado qué zonas y cómo se están plantando.

  20. Tenemos que volver al campo y cuidar nuestro planeta o no habrá un futuro para nuestras próximas generaciones.

  21. You guys should partner with WWF conservation International The Nature Conservancy and the UN environmental program

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