Meet a California Garden Designed for Color and Fun

Meet a California Garden Designed for Color and Fun

(jazzy music) – When I found the house,
the yard spoke to me. I was coming from the
city where I had no yard and I actually knew nothing
about gardening and I thought, wow, this would be a creative project that I’m really excited about. One of my goals was I wanted
to feel like I was on vacation every night when I came home. So it has this beach-y,
vacation-like feel. I wanted to create sort of a wild garden, a more free-flowing garden, so I tried to just create more space. I love the front yard ’cause
it’s a more concentrated area with lots of flowers. I wanted to create a space that
I would enjoy coming out to so I removed a tree, put a window box in, put a nice bench, I took out
the bushes that were here that kind of divided the front yard, and I put a really nice pathway here, and then I planted all my favorite flowers that I would want to look at. This incredible morning glory that goes up the telephone pole. I planted a lot of dahlias. One of my passions in life is color. I love wild and bold colors, so I fell in love with dahlias. It’s probably my primary
plant in the garden. I also have a lot of alstroemeria that were here beforehand. I use a lot pinks and a lot of oranges, yellows, and purples. Each time of the year, there’s
something that’s showcased. Early spring, the tulips start
coming up and the daffodils. And then middle of the summer
becomes the alstroemeria, and then throughout the summer, it’s the roses and the dahlias. In the fall, I’ve got the persimmon tree. Color just brings me a lot of joy. I’ve created some colorful
furniture here and there. I’ve used planters
which are pops of color. I love planting in containers because you can move
them around the garden and create little vignettes everywhere. So this is a galvonized bucket. This one is a window box. Another blue pail, some
mason jars for herbs. You can use terracotta. When I’m buying the different planters, I kind of like the look
of the old and the new, and also take into account that I want to have a
lot of different color. The more color, the better. A lot of people are afraid of color and I would just say experiment with it. If I purchase plants, I’ll
bring them into the yard and I’ll put them in different places, and I’ll see how it works. I just garden by my intuition. I planted these nice planters
right at the front of the gate so that it can kind of greet
people when they come in, and then they walk in and
then they see my rosemary here which is sort of fun ’cause
I use this in cooking, I use it for skewers. I have a number of edible fruits
and vegetables in the yard. I’ve got espalier of apples, so about nine different
varieties of apples, and then I have lemons, limes, persimmons, and kale and some herbs. I often use the persimmon on a tablescape or I will, at a party, I’ll
have bags of persimmons or allow people to pick
their own persimmon and have a recipe that they can use to create a cake at home. I have a few herbs that I
keep close to the kitchen and sometimes I’ll plant
them in mason jars, and that way I can just bring
them inside, clip what I need, and then bring them back outside. Food inspires me out here. I’ll make pizzas on the grill. I just created this
sort of grilling station right near my kitchen. Just put in a little DG patio here and decorated it with some nice plants. (jazzy piano music) I love to entertain. I like to create sort of a magical canvas when I’m having a dinner party. I wanted a space with a
lot of different areas where people can congregate. Often times, I’ll start with
creating an outdoor living room in my driveway where people
can come and have a drink. I’ll put down a rug and a
couple pieces of furniture and that way when guests arrive, they’ll have maybe a glass of wine, I’ll have a little bar out here. Then, I have everybody
come into the backyard and sometimes they’ll
mill around in this area and will enjoy another glass of wine. A lot of times, people will sort of walk around the garden to different spots. In each area, there are
beautiful plants and outdoor art. My friend created this
beautiful tiled sphere. This particular piece was a focal point in my dining room in the city, and now it’s a focal point in my garden. This piece was my buffet
in the dining room and I just brought it outside and now it’s my outdoor buffet. And this piece, this Turkish grate, was a piece of art on
my wall in my bedroom and now it’s art in the garden. I get a lot of ideas from Houzz or just going to the flea
market and gardening stores and seeing what inspires me. I’ve done a lot of fun things to create nice lighting in the yard. I’ve used some string lights
which can kind of give it, you know, one part of
the garden almost a feel of a living room. I have some hanging lanterns
that are hung from a tree and I got some candles
that are battery-operated. The reason I chose that is then, they can be hard to light
otherwise, and they can blow out. After dinner, the diehards
will congregate at the fire pit and will make s’mores. I’ll sometimes serve hot
chocolate or warm drinks. It’s often hard to get people to leave. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a magical environment. A lot of my plants, I
planted from seeds or bulbs, so that’s a lot less expensive. You can find bargains online. I got the lights half-price
at the end of the season. I went to the flea market and got these beautiful French flower planters for $10. My outdoor space, I just love
because it’s my sanctuary, and it’s my creative canvas. It’s very colorful, whimsical, playful, and it just brings a lot of joy to me and I hope to others.

21 thoughts on “Meet a California Garden Designed for Color and Fun

  1. Absolutely brilliant …never seen some one pull off so many things (flowers) all at once giving it the perfect natural beauty vibe…something rather difficult to pull off without going overboard

  2. Absolutely brilliant .. To put together so many things in place and create the perfect natural beauty vibe…something rather difficult to do without going overboard

  3. WOW that's some huge persimmons. Here in NC we have wild persimmon trees and the fruit is about the size of a prune. Can't eat them until after the frost. Otherwise they're very bitter.

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