Marijuana-Free Christmas Snow – South Park – “Christmas Snow” – s23e10

Marijuana-Free Christmas Snow – South Park – “Christmas Snow” – s23e10

Our Christmas special is
so amazing. I don’t know how we’re gonna
keep up with all the demand. I know. I know. I can’t
print labels fast enough. We need to get
more help. We’re never gonna get enough
done in time. Hey, Shelley! Hey, Shelley!
Hey, Shelley! What?! Hey, Shelley,
can you help us make labels for the Christmas special?! No! I’M not helping you
with your stupid blow! Oh, great. My daughter had
a marijuana problem, and now she has
a problem with cocaine. [ Pounding ] Ah, must be
more customers. What the hell is this? New ordinance has been passed
by the county. No Marijuana sales
till after the holidays. Hey.
[Bleep] you. Who has that kind
of power? Look, I just do
what I’m told, man. Happy Holidays. Hey, but…
You can’t do this! They just shut down
our business. What are you
talking about? We can’t sell marijuana
during the holidays. What are we gonna do? We can’t give up
on the Christmas special. People need it. I think I know a way
around this. [ Acoustic guitar plays ] Announcer: There’s somethin’
about the holiday season. Folks seem a little nicer,
The days a little more special. And sometimes, we all need
a little pick me up, but without any
added ingredients. Introducing Marijuana-Free
Christmas Snow from Tegridy farms. All the festive snow you love
without that pesky marijuana. Because there’s nothin’ like
a warm fire, some holiday presents, and a little
Rocky Mountain Cocaine. During Christmas, don’t you want
your cocaine to be organic, pure, and locally grown? Cocaine that’s grown locally
has never been smuggled, so the only ass it’s gonna
be up is yours. Marijuana-Free
Christmas Snow, now available
from Tegridy Farms. It’s cocaine
that’s farm-to-nostril.

100 thoughts on “Marijuana-Free Christmas Snow – South Park – “Christmas Snow” – s23e10

  1. I understand Trey is going through a divorce but he doesn’t have to project himself on Randy. Please bring Cartman back.

  2. I think we have had enough tegridy, we should get back to the normal south park seasons

    jk you can never have enough tegridy and it just so happens….

  3. Me when I see the classic SP Opening: Oh, thank God – I was so over the jumping-about crap, especially the Tegridy Farms garbage.
    Five mins in: Fucking damnit…

  4. Good episode and for those alcohol restrictions it may happen only even more nuts in reality and don't even think of getting it past the counter some chips inside can track those things. Another thing that maybe possible having Tegrity Weed mixed with cocaine or maybe something along the lines as 100% pure coke though can be wrong on that who knows wait and see. I'm pretty sure there's someone out there trying for this idea.

  5. This was the most horrible episode since ever,this is a way too much even for me who smoke weed last 20 years and sniff cocaine from time to time..It was really stupid and disrespectful to all Christians who watched Jesus sniffing cocaine.I'm a fan since seasson 1,remember that i was watching Sout Park on VHS back in the days,cant discribe how im disappointed after this…

  6. Thanks for being a light in a dim world guys. You're show is one of the few things I look forward to through out the week. I've been watching you guys since I was in 6th grade when you aired. Im 34 now.

  7. Adults in South Park are messed up. Please do an episode next year where the kids all lock their parents in their homes on election day and they each vote for them. Maybe Kyle can be voted in as mayor. Then he and the new city council can pass laws restricting the rights of people over 18. That would be fun…. Wait! Imagine if we did that in real life!?

  8. I could only focus on towlies voice. What a shame, I could have done better…
    Hire me south park, I'll be the best towel you've ever owned.

  9. Dear Parker and Stone,
    Thank you for existing. Your show has enriched my life. I have watched you since 99. Thank you for not selling out like every other 90's adult cartoon.

  10. At first sight i instantly thought, "i love this beard on randy i hope they keep it" but anyways a good quality south park episode. Its an instant classic

  11. Idk if I should post my comment about this season or not, due to a user named British Media Bully telling people that they need tegridy. I want to, but Idk if I should or not, because,I might be attacked (looking at you, British Media Bully).

  12. I am a big south park fan. To be honest I didn't like this episode, it was like they are promoting cocaine and trying to make it legal.

  13. 23 episodes and they still got tegrity, their dig at how the Mandalorian started really well and went bad really resonated with me….I had high hopes for it until episode 4 which was such a generic scifi weak sauce thing….

  14. Say what you want but they still have no balls to draw MUHAMMAD. I guess if christians acted like crazy killers, like a certain religion and its followers do, then they would not draw jesus too.

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