Long Bien Night Market – The largest agricultural night market in Hanoi

Long Bien Night Market – The largest agricultural night market in Hanoi

Long Bien Market – The largest agricultural night market in Hanoi. The night market that you can’t ignore in Hanoi is Long Bien Market. This is a typical part of the bustling life in the city. This is the wholesale place where people provide fruits and agricultural products to the Hanoian people. Long Bien Market is a market directly belonging to Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. This market is located near Long Bien Bridge after Tran Nhat Duat street. This is a very favorable position for trading. The reason of the name “Long Bien” is that the market is located at the foot of the historic Long Bien bridge a witness to many ups and downs of Hanoi capital. Long Bien Market was established in 1992 as one of the largest wholesale markets in Hanoi. With the total area of ​​more than 27,000 m2, the market specializes in providing fruits, agricultural products and aquatic products to the Hanoi capital. When you come here, you will be really surprised with hundreds of stalls of vegetables, tubers and fruits with all kinds of items. Every day, the market attracts thousands of small businesses, visitors to buy and sell goods. Long Bien Market is known as the cheapest night market for vegetables and fruits in Hanoi. This is also a wholesale place supplying products for most markets in Hanoi city. It has a wide variety of vegetables, seasonal fruits and especially it works mainly at night. The market usually starts from 10:00 pm to the next morning even when it is rainy or sunny. The busiest time is from 0am to 2am, small and large trucks carry fruits from gardens in neighboring provinces or from the country Central, South, or from border gates to the market. Gobackpacking magazine has ranked Long Bien market on the list of 5 most interesting markets in Southeast Asia. Although trading all kinds of goods, Long Bien market is best known as a wholesale market of fruits and vegetables. The bustling nightlife of Long Bien market has become one of the characteristics of Hanoi life. Different from the retail daytime image often seen, dozens of trucks dump, carry tons of fruits and vegetables to Long Bien market at night. The market works mainly at night, so the lifestyle of the people here also changes. Long Bien night market is a wholesale market, it is mainly for small traders and retail customers to buy in large quantities, so if you want to buy goods, you must buy a large quantity (3kg at least). Prices of items will be listed specifically for each category for customers to identify easily. The supply of goods are also various, so before you buy, you should carefully understand the quality of products to be able to choose for yourself the freshest, most delicious and guaranteed agricultural products. When coming to Long Bien market, you will realize special things that nowhere else has. You can join yourself in the crowded market to buy and sell, choose for yourself the freshest items, or enjoy the poetic things by yourself. These are the fresh colors of vegetable and fruit stalls, the familiar sounds of life such as the laugh of traders, the conversations of hired laborers in the market in the middle of the night, along with the sound of the train’s whistle, which will give you memorable experiences. It is a great way to discover the normal life as well as specific cultural values of Hanoi and feel the hardship sellers are struggling to earn a living at the time they should have gone to bed. Long Bien market is not totally a must-visit destination when you visit Hanoi, but getting up early in the morning and explore life before sunrise is a completely interesting experience. However, you should prepare yourself for visiting this wet market, which is apparently chaotic and noisy.

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  2. This video was nicely done because it shows an interesting, authentic part of Ha Noi that represents part of the lives of certain people. The footage of the bridge and the train were also good. What I think is successful about this video as well is that the viewer and listener can actually hear the people at the market, the scooters and mopeds beeping. Also, there is no loud rap music. If music is used for videos on Viet Nam, it is best if the music is peaceful and authentic using traditional Vietnamese instruments like the dan tranh, dan bao, and sao truc.

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