Ledcor Forestry – Story of the Log

Ledcor Forestry - Story of the Log

LED cores integrated supply chain all starts with the log through LED core is diverse product offerings the team is able to utilize 100% of the fiber following the story of the lock from its start in The Woodlands to the finish log chips and biomass will provide a comprehensive look at LED cores utilization strategy it all begins in The Woodlands where the team coordinates the harvesting operations once the harvesting plan is established LED core sends out the equipment like the feller buncher skidder processor and loader to safely harvest the timber timber is felled skidded and decked in two landings roadside the processor operators cut specific grades and links for best recovery and end use aligning with lead course sustainability strategy unlike any other forestry company ledcor controls the entire supply chain and serves multiple customers which enables the team to find a home for every part of the tree once the timber has been processed the internal trucking fleet 26 tractors and 36 trailers arrives on the site to bring the logs to the manufacturing destination with over 40 drivers the transport team works closely with the woodlands departments to maximize payload and bring the high-value fiber from the bush to the Kent mill in Chilliwack the internal fleet of forestry equipment is able to respond to the industry's common supply and demand issues by controlling the supply chain ledcor provides its clients with consistency and security at the Kent mill our team manufactures the log into primary and secondary products the mill was built in 2012 as a response to the niche market for low value timber the cat mill takes low value logs and transforms them into high-value products 100 full-time employees work in two shifts to produce material for light core clients and provide innovation for the industry the mill has to processing locations the merge deck and the a5 debarker the logs are cut to length the bark is stripped off and they're prepared for primary breakdown the logins and bark are used as biomass for led cores bioenergy clients the logs are sorted into four bins according to size and length they are then processed through the primary breakdown machine the hew saw capable of producing four inch to 8 inch cans the hew saw provides a wide range of sizes for domestic and overseas customers the finished cancer trimmed for the best value and can't quality experience great ermine inspect and determine the grade following the trim table adjustments so the cans can be organized by quality grade and length green chain operators pull and stack the finished products into organized blocks for transport the packaged product is dipped in a compound to ensure long-term value and quality then store it in mill inventory to a weight shipping providing leadcore clients with many ways to use the product the camp mill breakdown process produces valuable secondary products chips for pulp and paper and biomass for green energy generation on an average production day the can't mill facility produces over 23 loads of residual product the transport team takes chips and biomass from the camp mill to the coastal reload in Mission BC be trained ship trailers are scaled into our system weighed and measured once the fiber is unloaded the front end loader is collected for storage or transfer it onto a lead core barge the fiber is transported directly into the hopper and feet of the loading conveyor where the chips are loaded onto ledcor barges each barge has a capacity of 1,300 volumetric units or 260,000 cubic feet equivalent to over 45 trailer loads owning and operating an internal marine fleet allows ledcor to control the flexibility and timeliness of fiber deliveries a movement to support the needs of leadcore clients and the internal fiber logistics nine tugboats and 22 barges have a total combined ten thousand 770 horsepower with over 50 employees the marine team works closely with the forestry operations to ensure the needs of leadcore clients are achieved and LED cores fully integrated supply chain is completed at their doorstep from a simple log in the woodlands led Corps provides multiple high value products employs hundreds of people and supports green energy initiatives while building the leadcore brand and developing lifetime clients as the industry adapts so will LED core resources and transportation the program is ready to grow and sustainably handle the provinces most valuable resource

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