John Deere 4640 Plowing

John Deere 4640 Plowing

hey everybody its Ryan welcome back to
Ho farms work tillage season has officially started Travis just hopped
into the 46 and he is currently chisel plowing at the Main farm so reasons you
might want to chisel plow are if you have spread manure and you want to work those nutrients in that organic matter into the soil chisel
plowing will help mix that dirt up pretty well it’s an alternate form of
like mouldboard ploughing mouldboard ploughing was a the traditional way to
plow but chisel plowing was kind of a later form of it it’s less intensive
than say mouldboard ploughing which is essentially just flipping the soil
completely over whereas it is a plow sort of mixes the soil which is ideal if
we want to mix in that manure so he has already chiseled all of those strips
that we’ve been spreading manure on out at my place and he just started chisel
plowing at the main farm so what do you say we go out there and see what he’s up
to I’ve been hauling corn with big red the
last few days and I haven’t really had any big issues dad and I are pretty
satisfied with how the trucks been running and it’s been a pretty smooth
process and it’s still kind of stressful for me because I’m still learning but
I’m starting to get the hang of it I think so
today the last load that I took down I actually got rejected for a Dubuque and
I had to send it over to hazel green because they ran out of storage space
since the river has been so high these last few weeks
basically all spring they haven’t been able to send out any corn or beans and
they’ve had more crop coming in than they’ve had leaving so what that means
is that they’re out of storage space and Ryan had to be good to go over to a
different location and they’re hoping that they can start sending out corn and
soybeans on barges starting as late as May first they were originally scheduled
to start I think like tomorrow but with how high the river is still they can’t
fit the barges underneath the unloading augers for the barges so just have to
play the waiting game for when they open back up and start accepting crops again
but uh yeah it’s been running really well and I think I’m starting to get the
hang of shifting and especially down shifting so Travis is just done his
first two laps around this strip out here a question I get a lot is Wyatt
what where our fields and stripes you know why do we alternate crops like we
do instead of planning all just one crop what we do is con contour our fields and
that means that we farm along the contours so when you do that typically
what is expected to happen is reduced erosion you put in waterways where you
need them which can which you can’t do with just one crop but by alternating
the idea is that you further increase your reduction in erosion and you
actually reduce your erosion so that’s some kind of why we do contours a lot of
people have been wondering why we farm like we do and I personally like it I I
mean I think it’s okay on some farms we prefer to just farm in one but on the
main farms we try to do as much as we can to reduce the erosion whereas if
it’s not our field it is a little bit more difficult to set up everything so
usually it’s not really worth going through and contouring everything but we
still try to farm on the contours Travis is coming around let’s go ahead and see
how well the chisel plow is running some of you might be wondering why the
front discs on the chisel plow are not touching the ground and the reason being
is because they don’t always have to be with the chisel plow if you don’t have
to use the disks on the front of the machine don’t do it the reason being is
because it helps you get the shanks further in the ground and typically when
you’ll want to run the disks on the ground or when you’re trying to chop up
some of that corn fodder that’s on the ground let’s say you’re doing fall
tillage and the stalks still have a lot of strength in them you’ll want to put
those disks down to help break up the corn stalks or else they’ll start
bunching up in the chisel plow which is not a good thing because you’ll be
driving along you look away for five seconds and then you look back and the
chisel plow is off the ground because it’s just dragging dirt along the field
been there done that we’ve all done it and it’s not very fun trying to spread
it out by running it over it a few times trying to spread it out throughout the
field so we’re gonna be doing some more tillage as spring goes on I’ve got 25
acres of hay that I’m putting in so I’m gonna have to chisel that now and I
think I’m going to and with this we’re probably going to end up doing is
hitting it with the VT whether it be once or twice I think last year we got
by doing it just once because the VT does such a spectacular job at chopping
up the larger chunks so with that well let you all go thanks for watching this
video guys be sure to check out all of our other ones be sure to LIKE comment
and subscribe and be sure to check us out on Facebook Instagram Twitter and
snapchat and all our farms work spring is definitely here at least today it was
parts of Wisconsin are supposedly going to be getting a few inches of snow so
I’m hoping that fingers crossed that we’re not gonna get any but they were
predicting for us since were on the southern tip of Wisconsin between zero
and two inches so we might just get a bunch of rain with that I’ll see you
next time

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  1. Downshifting is a good skill to get down,because if something happens where you need power,your in a good position to apply it. You don't have to go all the way to first ,but just riding it down in neutral is flat crazy! You need to have more control than that. Todd the retired trucker

  2. Like to see the nice weather so you guys can get started. Question: do you sell fitted hat with your logo on it. I saw the snap back ones and wasn’t sure if you had fitted ones. Thank you and keep the videos coming. I just finished watching all of your videos and now I’m starting Travis’s channel. God Bless You

  3. I am still waiting for you to say "Hey everybody it's Dr Nick" just to confuse people 😁

    Looks some lovely rich soils

  4. Glad to see the 4640 is finally going again! Always fun to see that tractor working the ground and such. We've got a lot of drying to do yet. Awesome video!!!

  5. Do you get problems with your fields flooding in the spring and turning into lakes? Happens a fair amount on some of the farms you drive around near Ottawa, ON Canada.
    One farmer last year cut trenches in his fields and installed drainage pipes. Seems to have really helped him this year.

  6. Would it be correct to say that chisel plowing is just enough shallower and more flexible that it does not bring an entire new crop of Rocks to the surface yet opens the ground and mixes in the waste? Also, is the alternating of crops in the contours not to alternate the varying root structures so that the run off encounters a more frequent change in obstacles to it's flow? sdh in CT

  7. Sometimes erotion can help out, just so no one starts screaming to farm hands plowing this spring. It can level out a field over time, and then eventually (if they're good at saving up) farmers can invest in wider sprayers and wider combines that leaves smaller footprints in several ways. At our family farm the edges of the field is more or less level, and it's really wavey with 30" from lowest to highest point. We found draining put down 300 years ago when a new one crossed the old, and it indicates it has leveled out 6" in places since then, so it takes time. 2" of that Is most likely happened the last 30 years, so it moves faster with better technology.

  8. Travis ma be chisel plowing, but I was snowplowing, wet heavy snow, waiting on some dry conditions for some equipment repair

  9. I respect your opinion of straight stacks but I personally still the 46 or any older turbocharged tractor sounds beautiful straight stacked

  10. Love the smell of a freshly worked field, cleaner than one might think it is.
    Yea, it sucks living around a flood plain area, can't get crops in or out, thank goodness I live in KS, don't really have that much to worry 'bout, 'cept tornado's. LOL Cheers 🙂

  11. great video on how farms work we are learning a lot we appreciate you sharing the information with us and that chisel plow is doing a great job my question is is why don't you have a bigger one so you don't take so long cover more ground? Be safe Ryan appreciate the video

  12. Hi Ryan you and your family are doing great job taking care of your farm and showing how farm work thank you for doing those videos

  13. john deere 2210 field cultivators work absolutely amazingly when it comes to braking everything up, couldn't recommend them enough, we have a 24 footer with bar spikes an the roll basket and there is nothing that beats it

  14. I believe the chisel plow was created shorty after the dust bowl. IMO, moldboard plowing is too destructive in most cases. Even a lot of university studies have shown that vertical tillage is a lot better for the soil as well.

  15. A friend who's a tech for Vaadastad sent images of guys sewing barley between Alberta and Saskatchewan and even a guy combining last years canola.

  16. Ryan don’t stress about your gear shifting it will come naturally with a bit of patience and heaps of practice, it all takes time the more you drive the better you will become it won’t happen overnight but it will, take care Ryan you’ll get there.

  17. Love your drone work! Great footage. I'm not an advocate but would love to hear your perspective on (pros and cons) "no till/zero till" farming methods and the results that it does/does not yield. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  18. From the uk, here. Didn't realise how easy we have it. But never hot enough in summer for beans or corn. Your chat on strips and preventing erosion should be a lesson to all. Lovely to see real farming around the globe!

  19. Growing up in PA just about everything was contour farming, but living in VA now its all basically big fields of single crops (atleast in this area). Y'all do a lot of work with animal manure, but what are your thoughts on biosolids (human manure lol) ? The use of them is growing in this area and is causing a great debate on if it should or shouldn't be used.

  20. Hey Ryan something new for u to look into. Its farming based< Thanks Ryan

  21. WTF?????tried to share on twofacebookand got"Your message couldn't be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Glad to see a 40 series still in the field. I learned to drive a tractor on the 4640 with two (approx) 600-ish or so bushel wagons in and out of the field here in Illinois when I was a kid I miss that sound along with our 44. Love the channel keep em coming!

  23. I grew up on a farm in the 1960-70s where mold-plowing was the only way. What is the difference between chisel-plowing and subsoling? When and how often do you do each?.

  24. Hey Ryan do you happen to have drone footage in youtube Google maps you can't go on someone elses land in Google maps

  25. Working it on the contour like that looks like its wasting a lot of time with short rows and triangles left. Does the soil improvements from that really cover the fuel, time and maintenance costs? Up here in Canada we just work it the longest way of the field, way to many hills and wet spots to make contour tillage practical at all.

  26. Little did we know the poor girl had a coolant leak, Bad batteries, Bad alternator because of bad batteries, and a worn out water pump causing the coolant leak.

  27. For me there is nothing more pleasing to the eye than contour farming and the drone footage in this video definitely proves this. That's exactly the same way we laid out our farmed back in the late 50's early 60's along with the necessary water ways to ease erosion also. Excellent video!

  28. Nice video! Great shots! Love watching that tractor work up the ground #WorldsOkayestFarmer

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