Israel Guppy & Glofish Farm! Incredible!

Israel Guppy & Glofish Farm! Incredible!

first of all excuse me it's all primitive I told you know I don't worry what I want to see you look yeah if you look at fish fish are good and steady I am growing in 20 of the years it's impossible to grow fish for 28 years if you always grow red and also we don't have we don't have the we don't have big problems when we go to see their guppy I'll show you why I can stop everything and how I do how I manage and I and I utilize the fact that I have small a small container like this I now what else here we keep parents of the egg liars okay this is the way I make those are Odessa fish we have I had some I just show you I have a fight which I after I'll show you them in in aquariums that I think is the base of my success if I have some it's the possibility it's it's it's the the fact that they have small tanks what I achieved when I have small tanks when I have small towns I achieved I achieve many things first of all I transfer parents from one boy from one container to another one which has been a disinfected as I told you before cleaned and washed and all this and they and they I get a the levels out out of the out of this now something else I I can achieve I know exactly there there there genetics I mean I used the system that they this is this is a family number to the parents were family number to their parents were a MIDI file number two so I have if I want to make a backwards to to reduce a yeah deformities we don't have but they battled too I mean all the time we try to make selection to get the better fish but sometimes you can you can get to a point that you want to cross bred them together now you don't trust but with with another with another strain I can cross if I take the same number let's say 2 2 2 2 the distance between them it's like a 4 4 generation and they also here we do mass selection is not a resolution what I keep here is a mm1 made for a 10 female ok this is the way we feed them should be like this since baring the net we feed them inside this now they don't come because they are more intelligent what I said they should have have it better than us they should have 10 things not just one yeah and this is this is a you know you know population of Guppies if we speak about Guppies in the in the nature can change the ratio between males and females a female get pregnant at the beginning from one of the male which they choose there are many many many studies about how they choose the male but they choose the male so they as with us also our female choose the male so we say and they and then they keep this sperm packet inside the belly and and they if they get the new sperm they first used the new packet and then use the older but if they don't get enough they start to use to start to use let's say three packet a gold and and then the ratio of the male in this packet the Y the Y chromosome is is higher so if I keep a less say males than female I will get more males in the in the tank and we're not Javanese but people want to buy mail yeah mainly so this is say what I was telling at you and now this is the strain and this is the the tank the family was before after when I when I take them I write the family the tank which they go to ok so what I achieve with this I can I can I can see or I can judge they a family from the children I mean I can go back to reach 16 and then from there to another tank and I can choose the family which made me the better the better stock so my possibility of the improving is higher how many tanks do you have here like a thousand it's like you're far as the eye can see here I have 700 ok and down something more and know I look I start with the wind guppies okay many years ago and then the opposite thing the 12 totally how many I don't know I don't like millions probably I I'm crazy ok yeah you cut it up you can go life I find my family and so other people choose also no problem if we can't go live so so what what I'm telling when I'm crazy everything we do with this why I'm thing that is really yeah yeah everything everything that they were is red red red you name is father oh yeah happy now once something which is not happening too much today now you see if you see here that there are some blondes this is because I made a cross and they I keep the blonde I mean you can you can always get rid of a quality which is recessive but you can never get rid of a quality which is which is a dominant so there will always be some full red inside the red snake but this is what they give you a coloration when we when we start they should be almost like they're like this now they know there we are not taking we're not feeding them they they understand but and and after I start to take the biggest and so and so we get the thanks with less with less fish mascara bird hey but they they're very small now what you see here if you see if you come here you can see on the filter you see two of them they're stupid when they're yes I don't make reproduction here i buy the eggs from there now they are not coming but if I give them food egg and then what they will come up this is this is also Ramirez's which I'm making the same in the same way then at the after when I stopped to give them Artemia and I don't need to keep them more in the inn in the net I opened the net I give them their two chances go outside or stay where the water is more low if they prefer I as I told you I I let them I let them wait to make their surgeons yeah then at the end when I see that they're I'm really decides if you sit in there they're all outside so I can just take the the net out while I make parents here because there is you know a live birds get pregnant in in a young age and they I want to keep strange clean hmm and sometimes I make cross breathing but wow there's a lot of fish right here yeah they are hungry yeah that's a lot before a transport I put fish since there is also quantity of pyranometers and other let's say put which is growing there and I have professed them to fast them for two days before it depends of the length of the gap but more or less two days before so I transfer them in the industry I keep separate gap is lapis Wharton's and the other is the you pause this is your pulse yes but this in effect if I check the temperature in the winter or even in the summer between this and the the concrete yeah there are two degrees difference you know when you are dealing with the between being at 16 degree here I hit them okay I I have heaters yeah but but if you if you will deal with the 16 and 18 it's a complete different so this I before transport ie I don't call them but I don't need if I want if if we open here the climate is very it's very dry so if we eat we can take up the windows you'll have here very low humidity so evaporation will cool the water and then I can keep with let's say that a nine nine ten months away I can keep what temperature I want just hang with yeah so also even before you didn't you didn't maybe here I told that say that this is all double a you see here a volatile and on the outside also we have quality line on the upper side also we have it's like a greenhouse inside the greenhouse

24 thoughts on “Israel Guppy & Glofish Farm! Incredible!

  1. I have zero tolerance for politics, racism, and making fun of someone accommodating us by speaking English as second language as we came to film their livelihood. There are no second chances here. Permanent Ban. Those who let us into their lives to film, and show the rest of the world is a very special thing. I won't let people opinion's ruin that. Even if you don't agree, a youtube comment section is not the place to talk about it.

  2. I LOVE seeing the similarities and differences between fish keepers and farms across the world. It really gives a nice glimpse into another culture. I had no idea that other countries even cared about fish keeping before the coop started all these travels. Have def opened my eyes.

  3. NO, don't stop, keep filming! He said, "it's like a greenhouse inside a greenhouse" then the video stops. We need to see that bc there are terrestrial plants that drink fish water like the typical pothos and then other stuff. And you even said that you should use the old fishwater to water your favorite houseplant.

    Thank you, we love your videos!

  4. I think this is great. We are all here to enjoy fish. I wish I had his set up at home just for myself to enjoy. I cant speak a second language and I think he was fine. I hope you get to go to other countries and see and hear how they do things for there fish.

  5. Awesome video. I love learning how different farms do things. There is so much we can learn from others all around the world. This is the reason the internet exists, but unfortunately I think many people forget that sometimes. Thank you Corey for doing what you do to inspire responsible and educated fish keeping!

  6. This guys quality his passion shows of course hes a little crazy he wouldnt be doing all that if he wasnt, just seen Corys post about the idiots most who are intolerant and cant speak 2 languages im Scottish his accent is easier to understand than mine for most people in the US much respect to him

  7. Hey man! I made this list showing my tank plans. Is there any thing I should add or take away?

    Aquean 10 gallon tank kit
    50W – 70W heater
    Fake plants
    Moss ball
    Filter cartridges

    Betta (pellets & blood worms)
    Ember Tetra/Neon Tetra (flakes)
    Otocinelus Catfish (algae pellets)

  8. Like this comment if Cory should do a massive pea puffer tank set up OR red eye puffer tank! We rarely get to see tank set up vids these days!

  9. I am so sorry if this is kind of a dumb question but here in a few days I am going to restock my 20 gallon tank and I have a pleco in there already and since I wasn't up to date on my research I got the common kind that get big it is about maybe 6 inches will it harm any little fish? I plan on getting smaller fish like tetras and stuff or any recomendations

  10. Hey I'm having a problem with my sword plants there not making big leaves anymore but they are Stanley making smaller swords

  11. Why TF people are talking about his accent can't u see how talented he is- he uses 2 coats of plastic "greenhouse inside of greenhouse" that's genius idea, so please thank him Cory as that idea was priceless and his courage too, & please share more detailed tour of that greenhouse and his ideas , don't keep them to urself 😉

  12. I have one complaint, this video was too short I could have watched for hours. I love watching these videos of breeders and fish farms across the world, so much knowledge and information.

  13. These farm videos are gold! It's very interesting to see the different approaches people take to breed their fish. Keep em coming!

  14. I prefer when you are holding the camera as opposed to it being on your head. I feel like it is higher quality.

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